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Atheists to have their books placed atop Gideon Bibles Comments

A national atheist group is planning to put its literature into a hotel room near you, if given the chance. the atheists are already moving with plans to put their literature into Georgia lodgings. Continue Reading

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  1. Raven
    1 year ago

    Hi, just curious why you're lying about the "atop" and "supplanting" part? That implies that the atheist literature would *replace* the Bible, which isn't what's happening. Christians are not being persecuted, just having some of their incredibly entrenched privilege to exclusively force their religion on people rescinded. I do think that American Christianity has the vitality to survive in the marketplace of free ideas without being coddled, but to do that it needs to actually be honest.

  2. Tom Mills
    1 year ago

    Very poor show. As you are well aware there is no demand to place other literature "atop" Gideon bibles nor to "supplant" them. It is simply a request for similar access or no access for either. Why would you feel the need to mislead about such an easily checkable situation?

    As a Catholic I feel you do our religion no service when using such shoddy tactics to misrepresent those who hold a different view.

  3. Renard
    1 year ago

    The article's title is dishonest at worst and misleading at best. The Bibles referred to were in state park (government property.) In order to maintain the Constitutionality for the Bible in government establishments, ALL literature of a religious nature must be allowed or NONE of it. Whether their lit is atop the Gideon's version or not really just depends on who stacked the books up last. This has NOTHING to do with privately run hotels like the first paragraph deceitfully suggests.

    What Deal said was a tactical error only to a theocratic zealot. He upheld the Constitution by allowing ALL literature or NONE, Anyone who thinks the Bible should be the only book in there isn't very American and really isn't very secure in their faith. So, go ahead and be dishonest; take that literature of Silverman's home and "enjoy" it as the underhanded sentence says in the article. Taking it for the sake of not having it there for others says a lot more about those who take it.

  4. Greg Enright
    1 year ago

    The intellectual dishonesty displayed here, both in the article and in the comments, is astonishing.

    Inform? Yeah, right.
    Inspire? Sort of.
    Ignite? That's about right, actually!

    You religionists are not victims. You are members of a free society with a marketplace of ideas. Quit your whining and bleating and accept that you're not the only game in town. I swear if Christians had nothing to complain about they'd go crazy... and here it is, in print!

  5. Mick
    1 year ago

    In that last sentence you appear to be telling Christians to remove the atheist literature so that the unbelievers will go broke trying to replace it. That seems so petty.

  6. BabyRaptor
    1 year ago

    Let's have a little honesty here, yeah? That can't be too hard for people who follow a God that commands you not to lie.

    Nobody is trying to get the Gideon bibles hidden. Your use of "atop" is highly misleading.

    Further, getting other literature in there alongside your bibles is in no way "supplanting" them. Supplanting them would be removing or banning them. You said yourself that the governor supports bibles being there, and that the bibles were returned. So how is anything being supplanted?

    And, really? The "tactical error"? So you're openly espousing that only you should be able to spread your views? How is that in any way fair, or adherent to religious freedom? Need you be reminded that everyone in this country has that, not just Catholics?

    Lastly, you seem to be telling people to take this literature and trash or otherwise destroy it. Nice; really classy. You would be utterly outraged if someone encouraged this for your literature, so it's blatant hypocrisy for you to do it to anyone elses'. And last I recall, the bible didn't speak highly of hypocrites.

    What are you so worried about? If your religion is as true as you believe it is, seeing words from someone that doesn't believe in your god isn't going to harm people. God will speak to them anyway. If you have to go to such great lengths to hide and demonize opposing views, that just shows how little faith you have in your own.

  7. Nancy Coleman
    1 year ago

    Nothing has the power of the Word of God! I imagine several wastebasket bins will be a bit fuller as guests discover the tracts that are counter to the real thing.

  8. DLL
    1 year ago

    This is Proof that atheism and secular humanism is an organized religious,anti religious,religion. Why a religion you ask? It is Because they teach vehemently against any religions that advocate the existence of God. If god based faith teachings must be banned from schools,than so must secular humanist as well as atheist instructions to the contrary. Let students learn about such things on the Internet independant of classroom instructions.The classroom must teach math and science,no humanities! History? Maybe teaching of that is speculation and inaccurate even offensive. The liberal arts education that was supposed to make a person well rounded in the way they are exposed to many arts and ideas,as a matter of how they were historically introduced at any given period of time,is too controversial and offensive these days! Religion and anti religion,is a political heckling of two groups and two opposed viewpoints. It is nothing more than a politicalized snowball fight and public school students are caught in the middle of it all. Isn't it all a matter of debate? The vote for or against faith in God is a matter of individual preference. It always has been. Pro and anti religious forces shouldn't try to smother each other,as in a liberal arts education both perspectives should be respected and taught for what they are,not as a matter of forcing a belief system one way or the other because to do that is childish bickering. The kids see through it all and they are in the end laughing at both groups because they become immature in their fighting of each other all of the time. Propaganda is not education one way or the other. That is what kids see and that is what they laugh at. Faith is never influenced by propaganda it is destroyed by such things without a reasonable catechism because propaganda is the enemy of the entire educational faith based process. Anti religion leans toward teaching propaganda for politically advancing it's own causes,motives,as well as it's own political agendas. Forcing issues as absolute truth in matters of faith or anti faith perspectives,negate each other as reasonable because the debate is unreasonable. As a matter of a fair educational approach religious arts and ideas should be taught as well as anti-religious ideas as opposed to religion. That respects both opposing points of view. Many folks believe many different things these days for many different reasons and as we encounter each other we should be able to understand the reasons why this is so. A true liberal arts education teaches one why this is so and to respect each others human dignity,even if we can not agree with one another's philosophy or religious,or anti religious perspectives and firm beliefs. A well rounded education is considerate of all ideas as there are reasons behind all of them. Silent meditation is both prayer and reflection. In a moment of silence we can remember those unfortunate victims of tornado devastated places yesterday. That kind of respect is what faith and the teaching of the humanities is really all about,as it is a matter of community and love that unites all folks everywhere.

  9. DarthJ
    1 year ago

    Moral decay.

  10. Mark Moore
    1 year ago

    Turnabout is fair play - unless you are Christian of course.

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