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Atheists to have their books placed atop Gideon Bibles Comments

A national atheist group is planning to put its literature into a hotel room near you, if given the chance. the atheists are already moving with plans to put their literature into Georgia lodgings. Continue Reading

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  1. Peg Huson
    1 year ago

    The governor said other "religions" may leave literature. Atheism is not a religion. It is an individual opinion. Other religions would be Hindu,Buddhism ,Jewish,etc. Placing bibles in hotel rooms is an ongoing practice of spreading the faith in many churches, thus they are always replenished and the practice is ongoing for the common good. I do not believe atheists have the discipline ,focus or commitment ,much less the resources to keep a supply of literature at hand for any period of time. I think the practice will extinguish itself.

  2. Paul Anderson
    1 year ago

    I think this discussion is missing the point.

    The Gideon Bible may be there to promote their religion--but its primary purpose is to comfort people. I have no problem with other faiths or groups contributing similar material (although the drawers could easily become quite full). The motivation of this move on this particular aetheist group (but not all aetheists) is definitely not to comfort. The books in question have do not have such a goal in mind--but the main goal is to attack. If they could produce materials with the motivation of providing comfort to lonely travelers that doesn't mention religion, I'd have no problem with that. But that isn't the motivation here.

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    Atheists come in many forms but secular humanists are particularly organized to destroy Christianity and other Ancient Faith based belief systems. See their website. Atheist groups are organized so they have a loyal following and the writers of many of these comments sound organized just by the comments alone. Atheism is a religion. It is organized. Huffington post is a news Internet organization that caters to atheist perspectives and rhetoric,they are very anti Christian. The Bible or any other publication finds its way into motel,and hotel rooms across the country as well as pornography on their televisions if one wants to pay for it. It is all right or wrong in the name of "free speech"isn't it? The above article is informative. It seeks to inform of an organized atheist movement in this country that is specifically anti-Christian and I agree! Who cares who's book is on top,of who's as it is a mute point.

  4. Marco
    1 year ago

    Any reason why free books left in public places should be exclusively Gideon Bibles?
    Would Muslims be able to leave their Quran (actually, I once stayed in a middle eastern managed hotel in San Francisco and they had Qurans instead of the Bible).

    How about Hindus? Can they? Any reason why atheists would not be able to?

    By the way, I don't understand the fixation of wanting to classify atheism as a religion. It's not, but I really don't see the point of applying the label of "religion" to it as if the word "religion" was an insult. Is it or is it not an insult?
    I am sure for some it takes the place that religion has in believers lives, for others it doesn't. Trying to discredit atheism by spouting "It's a RELIGION!" as if it was something disgusting and corrupt, really doesn't say much about whatever it is you follows. For while atheism in cases can be classified as religion, but in many cases it isn't, Christianity surely is.

    Anyway, I also wanted to comment on the inability for the article writer to consult a good thesaurus.
    Whatever books will be added, won;t be "atop". That's an obvious inflammatory headline so the troops get nice and outraged. The atheist book could indeed be atop the bible, but it could also be beside, below, etc.

    In fact, the entire tone of the article is designed to outrage readers, to the point where clear lies are said, such as using the word "Supplanting the bible" when in fact no one has agreed to supplant the bible. That's a fabrication. Being intentional, it's a lie. I was under the impression there was a commandment covering that. Is it still valid?
    If it is I suggest the writer stops doing it. Who knows, even if infinitesimal, the possibility that the God of the Bible is really going to judge us all one day, it's not out of the question. It would be a bummer for the writer to go to hell for lying in an article about atheists.

    And in general, relax. If your God is so powerful and your religion so true, how can a mere book stir so much fear? Why so touchy? Is it maybe that all those revelations and conversations with Jesus were actually fabricated in your own minds? Because that would explain it....

  5. Kimmy
    1 year ago

    Nothing indicates that atheist literature will be placed "atop" of Bibles.

    Nor have the Bibles been "supplanted".

    All that has changed is that Christians no longer have the exclusive privilege to promote their religion in state facilities.

    In short, the author of this article has borne false witness and ought to be ashamed.

  6. Jerome
    1 year ago

    So the only group that should be able to put literature related to religion in government state parks and lodges are Christians? Wow, if so, why are so many Christians scared off competition? As an atheist I commonly see bibles in motel rooms. Religion is everywhere but atheism must be suppressed?

  7. lorimakesquilts
    1 year ago

    Why lie? Your headline is simply not true; there is no effort to place atheist literature "atop" Gideon bibles. Nor is anyone trying to "supplant" them. If the state of Georgia wishes to allow placement of bibles in their public facilities then they must allow all proponents of religion/no religion to place literature in the same places.

    This is a Constitutional issue that has been quite well established and has plenty of precedent to support it. The only controversy here is one manufactured by the christian majority fighting to retain it's place of high and illegal privilege.

    Your thinly veiled advice to throw away atheist literature is particularly troubling. A group that purports to be the moral authority for it's members completely undermines it's position by not only lying but encouraging their members to steal. While the literature may be free for the taking, taking it for the purpose of throwing it away is nothing less than theft.

    Shame on you.

  8. John Daugherty
    1 year ago

    Except this isn't true, we just want to be alongside the bibles. People can choose for themselves which they wish to peruse.

  9. Keef
    1 year ago

    This 'article' is poor journalism, the author should be ashamed.

    If you have to resort to making stuff up in order to “prove” that secular Americans are out to attack Christianity, your case is probably pretty weak.

    By using the preposition atop in that headline, Catholic Online childishly stokes the Christian-persecution narrative, implying that the atheists are trying to literally cover up the Bible. The word alongside would have been fine, thank you very much.

    The dishonesty continues in the article:
    "Since the atheists are enjoying success in supplanting the Bible in Georgia, there is some concern they could attempt to replicate it elsewhere."

    To supplant means “to supersede and replace”; or more specifically, according to the dictionary definition, “to usurp the place of, especially through intrigue or underhanded tactics.” American Atheists doesn’t seek to supplant; the group just wants equal access, literature-wise (per the First Amendment as well as per Governor Deal’s invitation). Catholic Online knows this full well

    The atheist literature will be placed with, NOT instead of the Bible, alongside, NOT on top.

    Is your faith so weak you resort to lies and falsehoods? Does that not go against the very tenets of Christianity?

  10. John Whiteside
    1 year ago

    If you want to read a bible, bring your own! This is a nation built on the foundation of freedom of religion. Not all Americans share the belief in a Christian God. Leave all religious literature out of hotel rooms, this is not right to favor one group that is shrinking in both influence and membership. I wish I could quit the Catholic church but I am told I cannot. Nothing burns me up more than deceit, which is what the church is doing claiming millions that were baptized Catholics are active members of the church.

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