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Editorial: Is the Scandal Ridden Obama Administration Becoming a House of Cards? Comments

The President of the United States regularly referred to the fact that he was a constitutional lawyer during both of his political campaigns. He was quite fond of references to the fact that he taught constitutional law. What is clear is that either this President was absent from his own classes when he addressed the First Amendment's Freedoms of Press, Association, Speech and the Free Exercise of Religion, or he simply has no respect for ... Continue Reading

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  1. Vietnamese Catholic
    1 year ago

    For those wanting to compare Bush to Obama, let's look at the facts:

    Bush is a God fearing man who is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom, whereas Obama is a moral relativist who embraces and promotes intrinsic evil such as abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research, gay "marriage", and violation of religious liberty and freedom via the HHS mandate. Obama is the champion and face of the culture of death.

    The question is 'how can anyone with a properly formed conscience support this man known as Obama, without doing violence to his conscience?'

    I will leave you with this quote from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki from the Diocese of
    Springfield, Illinois: "A vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy."

  2. Johnny Laguna
    1 year ago

    Did you express similar "outrage" over the Bush administration's warrantless wiretaps? I'm guessing you just counted it as a fair exchange of liberty for security by an administration you agreed with (never mind that they lied the nation into a disastrous war). But when the Obama Justice Dept justifies similar infringements on liberty for the sake of national security, it's an unconstitutional power play, the tactic of a burgeoning police state. The Bible teaches us that God raises up our leaders and that they deserve our prayers. Your distortions and half-truths do not reflect the words of a follower of Christ. Shame on you. You should be praying for the President instead of trying to tear him down.

  3. Rob
    1 year ago

    Debbie, well said! You are exactly right. Rose, weapons of mass destruction was one and you are right, both sides of the aisle agreed, but that doesn't excuse the trumped up evidence used to convince the decision makers. Nor does it excuse the manner in which the two wars were waged. We had the whole Valerie Plume deal where a high level official ended his career as a convicted felon, we had that lobbyist deal, Enron (Bush had connections) and the whole waste, fraud and abuse issues with Halliburton who was awareded the largest no-bid contract in US history, never mind the fact that this was the company Cheney led right before assuming office.

    My point is not to throw Bush under the bus. It's merely to point out that this nonsense just keeps happening, only the players change. And we seem much more tolerable of a guy like Bush's misdeeds than we do Obama. Our charge lacks integrity because it lacks consistancy. It's becoming more and more obvious what we turn a blind eye to when our team is at the helm, but then scream and yell when it's the other guy.

    It isn't working.

  4. vance
    1 year ago

    Obama will get away with his crimes the same way as Bill Clinton got away with his. They are getting away with it because they have a Mass Media that defends and justifies what they did or they 'Down Play" what they did as "Everyone else does it" or they offer a hollow apology and say, "Now let's move on". The other side of the equation is the Marxist Democrat hardcore robotic following. According to their programmed robots they can do no wrong. Even if they see wrong doing, they justify the wrong doing in their sociopathic minds. They will never admit that their Dear Leader did anything wrong or that they made a mistake voting for this corrupt Marxist.

  5. abey
    1 year ago

    His IRS 'Blackmails" are but cheap tactics used by third world countries, even the so called democratic ones.

  6. Chris
    1 year ago

    I'm with "Bill Sr." I believe these events and those associated w/ Mr. Gosnell have become a clarion call for ... truth. It's not tissue, it's a baby. Similarly, the events in Benghazi were not happenstance; they were premeditated by very well trained individuals that had been casing the area for awhile. Maybe this is event that shows that the 'battle of the narrative' really isn't; lies eventually become undone.

    I pray that as these events occur the Holy Spirit will move among the faithful and give them the ability to 'see' and understand the meaning and significance of these events.

  7. Debbie
    1 year ago

    While the State Department, Justice Department and IRS are feeling uncomfortable due to the latest events, I have to wonder if this is much to do about nothing? We get the government we deserve. I know many people, good Catholics and Christians that blindly vote for a candidate based on the, "R" or "D", after their name, and nothing else. If we want to fix our government then we have to fix ourselves first.

  8. Rose
    1 year ago

    Rob, please give examples of what "happened repeatedly during the Bush administration." If the example is only weapons of mass destruction, both sides of the aisle agreed on that one, at least before the war started. I believe there is no comparison to the corrupt administration that we are now enduring. I also believe that Obama will get away with all the evil he's doing, at least in this world. My condolences on your loss, I also buried a family member because of the Iraq war.

  9. mjgt
    1 year ago

    Excellent article! Thank you.

    I believe the Obama administration is thoroughly corrupt.

    I would like to know, is this the America that our First Lady, Michelle Obama, is so proud of?

  10. Joe
    1 year ago

    One can only hope this culture of death comes to an end.

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