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Why Pope Francis Doesn't Give Communion Comments

Because, he says, unrepentant public sinners could slip in among the faithful, and he does not want to back up their hypocrisy. The case of Catholic politicians who support abortion. Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    1 year ago

    Christ came to save sinners! All sin! Those who think they are without sin or do not sin,scripture condemns as liars. Not all including myself,confess sins easily. It is difficult to see yourself as God sees you. God sees me as an unbelievable sinner. On this point I agree with God. My sins are revealed to me as I am still alive. As I become more aware of them then I repent and confess them. It is impossible for me to know all of my sins. God is patient if I have the proper attitude,so that as I try to obey Church teaching on the matter and repent as soon as I become aware of my sins,present and past. Excavation is the discovery of old previously un-noticed sins these must become confessed as discovered. This is why confession must be frequent! The spiritual nature that wishes to please God must be cultivated as a garden is,as there must be no weeds in the garden. The Priest cultivates,or aids in the cultivation of human souls. The sacrement of reconciliation is and aid so that all may repent of their sins and become purified,so that all may attain eternal life. The true saints do this during their individual lifetimes. Purgatory is mercy for those ignorant sinners who must still be purified of all their sins after death. Hell is for the unrepentant that truly hate God. Communion is the desire to unite with Christ by living a pure and Holy life as in confirmation and conformation to the teachings of the word made flesh,the Incarnation of God,Jesus Christ,who came to save not the self righteous but the sinners,poor sinners,who hate their sins so much that they cannot live within themselves,with a good conscience,because they have sinned. These are the sinners worthy of Communion. They still are sinners but repentant sinners absolved by the Priest,Christ in Persona,as they try to overcome themselves as their own worst enemy,not God,not others,but themselves. We are all our own worst enemies. The repentant sinner is worthy of God's good Graces and the saving power of Jesus Christ. Ignorance of sin is not condemned until the individual become aware that it is sin. However preferred ignorance of sin is as bad as any grevious mortal sin. To support abortion,same sex marriage and such,knowing the church of Christ preaches against these things,for instance,is preferred ignorance of Church teaching,especially for politicians who use these issues for their own convenient political advantages,so they can get themselves elected. The Eucharist is Christ,body blood,soul and Divinity! The Eucharistic not a political weapon! No Priest or Pope is better than the Eucharist,or Christ himself. Christ imparts Mercy! Does Christ save all who come to Him in Holy Communion every Sunday,thinking they are worthy of Communion? No! We save our own souls by confessing our sins and repenting of them. To repent of sin is to change the toxic disposition that leads to sin in the first place. "All who are without sin cast the first stone"! All walked away from the woman caught in adultery. Christ said: "Who is left here to condemn you? So I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more"! We must all repent and go to sin no more! Sin is a "the problem of salvation for all people". Christ came to save all from sin. Sin kills the human soul and destroys every human relationship as well as the relationship with God! God cares,as in Christ,He has shown all the power to be free from sin,through obedience! Obedience to God,as Christ was obedient,even unto death on the Cross. On the Holy Cross is where we can all see sacrifice. Truth condemned by a a world already condemned for its disobedience and unwillingness to ever obey God. Christ obedient unto a death on the cross,draws every repentant sinner to himself,to save them from all of their sins. The Eucharist is the reminder of all that the liturgy teaches regarding the coming of the Messiah. The world is only glitter and fame at best,but it loves to sin. Christ is humble and pure obedient to a God that despises sin,but in Christ,forgives sin for all who believe in him,body,blood,soul and Divinity. "Jesus I trust in You"! To trust in Christ is to discover God is love and that love never dies as mercy leads all to God. Jesus and only Jesus saves. Jesus paid the price for sin. Jesus has beaten the devil,that demon that condemns the world through temptation to sin,venial sins,mortal sins and confirmed convenient,grievous sins. Christ is the warrior against all sin. The Christian soldier has no gun,only the sense that to be obedient to God is everything that means anything,because it is worth everything,to be of one mind in and through Christ. In Christ we can do all things,without Him we are as nothing,simply lost to sin. Lord help me to make a decent,true and worthy confession! I am a poor sinner! HELP! Help me,help us all,dear God,to love you is to obey you! Amen!

  2. Bob
    1 year ago

    The comment about George Washington leaving before communion was noteworthy. However, Washington was not a Catholic and as you know the Protestants do not treat the Holy Eucharist the same as we Catholics do. We, as Catholics, believe that the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. The Protestants on the other hand believe that the Eucharist is merely a symbol. Additionally, Washington was a freemason, and as we know, a rabid anti-Catholic.

  3. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    A true Shepherd! I will always follow someone like our Holy Father Francis because no words are necessary to explain his behavior. he lives what he preaches - and so should we, all of us.
    We cannot ask for a better shepherd, can we? God is with him, and he follows the promptings of the Holy Spirit - " their fruits you know them..." and the fruits of this Holy father are good.
    One cannot but love this holy man! Thank you, Lord, for giving us Pope Francis!

  4. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    Gee whiz! You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. I can just imagine how many complaints there would be if our Holy Father DID give communion to Biden and Pelosi and the pictures were all over the world . Stop and think people. Can you imagine what message would be sent to all the APOSTATE Catholics? who voted for this present administration. Our Holy Father is guided by the Holy Spirit, REMEMBER! That's all the apostates had to see. I admire this holy man immensely. We finally get a pope to set a good example to all of the clergy and people complain. I don't get it. Go bless.

  5. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    This is a huge loss for the entire Church.

    Papa, you make me ponder on the state of my soul. Is it ready for the Lord/Eucharist? Do I prevent you from performing your priestly feeding at Mass? What should I do to make myself ready? How is my daily living with ordinary persons - the lowest - in my life? How can I help to convert others about the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist? I want you to feed me, Papa...feed all of us. I don't want priests to sit out the Holy Communion distribution.
    Papa, I am sorry for you that at home there are persons who you know have not recollected themselves sufficiently concerning their sin, mortal sin even, before eating Jesus' Flesh and drinking His Cup; that there are wolves that want to destroy you and the Church. What sorrow for you!
    May it please the Lord that you will eventually be able to freely give His Most Precious Sacrament at all the Masses you are supposed to. If not, may God use your suffering during these times to draw us closer to Him, especially those that do not believe, hope, adore, or love You.
    Papa, we are supposed to make your work a JOY! But alas, we cause you so much grief. Forgive us.
    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you in protecting the Church whilst showing loving gentleness to all.

  6. AJ
    1 year ago

    I don’t know how to make sense of it, the reality is, is that he the pope has the primary responsibility to ensure that the Host/God is not abused. He seems to act as if he can consecrate the Hosts but take no responsibility for their distribution. Far beyond doing all he can to stop Them being mal-distributed under his personal control, he chooses to withdraw altogether and take no part. Furthermore, he would seem more concerned about a photo taken of him causing scandal as opposed to the ill act itself, which of course is primary. What people think of you is far less important than your committing or not the evil acts themselves.

    You would think that the Church, at least some in it, would be well aware of who people like Biden were and so therefore were capable of preventing him receiving Holy Communion! Seems in the least that the pope needs to reprimand those priests who mal-distributed! It’s not as if Biden was a random individual who turned up to Mass, he came as an official invited by the Vatican. It baffles the mind as to how someone like Biden could be invited by the Vatican in the first place! Maybe the pope of the day would have invited Henry the 8th or Luther as ‘dignitaries’. Maybe the considered con-celebration for the Lutheran Reformation 500th Anniversary does well to give example to what a pope would do

    The idiotic media, probably don’t realise that the reason mal-distrubition of the host is not only wrong because it’s an abuse against God, but it’s also for the priest to be an accomplice to the further destruction of the person receiving (naturally also an abuse against God). Any priest who does this knowingly objectively speaking hates the person they are giving communion to.

    Needn’t we go into the details of the New Code of Cannon Law that now allows for the administering of Communion to non-Catholics under the guise of ‘Eucharistic charity’.

  7. MotherSuperior
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis has indeed made a clear distinction between the hardened sinners and true repentants. It is all about one's conscience before God. Thanks Be To God.

  8. Edward Guerrero
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis', in his decision in not giving communion personally speaks highly of his solid convictions. Here is a true God's 266th vicar [successor] on earth. He is a man of definite dedication to His assigned responsibilities - - -JESUS said,"Simon [Francis] FEED MY SHEEP". I pray that most of us will live long enough to see his complete removal of the chaff (quasi Catholics) from the wheat (harvest)! I had a very disturbing night-mare early this week; men cloaked in black were attacking the Mass Celebrants before the Holy Eucharist at the Altar. I have an affirmed belief that Pope Francis has God's promised strength to prevent that terrible actuality; of the visions I had in my bad dream! Pope Francis is a seasoned spiritual warrior [guerrero espiritual] in Argentina's secular theater war front!

  9. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    Bill Sr. A BIG AMEN to that. From your lips to God's ears. God bless.

  10. abey
    1 year ago

    It is said that George Washington while attending Church services used to leave the Church at Communion time. Strange indeed.. Worshiping God is to have communion with Him & it is only right that one be repentant of the sins when approaching God. Many a preachers today in their eagerness to sound positive(to itching ears) avoid mentioning sin, thinking that by so doing, sin will some how run away. For if it was so easy, the Son of God did not have to be born on earth as man to be crucified, but would suffice to listen to the likes of them sitting cross legged & chanting "Love & Fresh air"& waving of hands.

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