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Rhode Island Rejects Marriage, Bishop Thomas Tobin Speaks of a Post-Christian West Comments

We have a long struggle ahead of us. This is a new missionary age akin to what the early Church faced when it advanced into cultures which did not respect life and substituted license for authentic liberty. It will require Christian men and women of courage who are ready to be persecuted. Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island is such a man. He stands strong in his defense of the dignity of every human person from conception to ... Continue Reading

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  1. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    Hmmm...I saw the intro pic, in where a liberal had a sign saying that they were former catholics because they couldn't be hypocritical (protecting child molesters, intolerance, bigotry and H8)?

    But their tolerance for abortion which is child abuse in it's most infinite evil form and performed orders of magnitude dwarfing any alleged child abuse by Clergy is galaxial hypocrisy.

  2. SaraPalen
    1 year ago

    Today, in the house of representatives in the state of Minnesota, there is scheduled a vote on this. Pray for the state of Minnesota.

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    The "post Christian" era is now upon us because there has been a total war against a moral America for the last 40 to 50 years. Homosexuals for instance,are at war with moral America to defeat their moral common sense of everything that had any influence on common law and justice. This at one time was openly professed by them,so that the children of those in the early phase of these 50 years would be confused and on their side,these are children then that are now today's adults. Capitalism must die so that socialism will replace it,that is on going today,soon it will be the rule. Secular society is at war with religious,moral institutions so that they will be discriminated against as narrow minded,discriminatory,hateful and judge mental,sound familiar? Militant Muslim behavior is justified as more appropriate behavior than Roman Catholic moralisms and professions of the faith. America is being redesigned so that the individual is to serve the state and the state is designed to glean the individual of all of their individual wealth through taxes and penalties,frozen incomes and questionably available or affordable healthcare. Abortion and euthanasia are really designed to eliminate the weaker individuals from society. The value of the human person depends solely on how valuable they are to the state. If they are valueless they will be,to use an old term,liquidated. Moral values and the belief in the human soul as created by God,to be redeemed as an immortal soul,is now a well accepted fantasy or myth,as well as those who choose to act through faith and reason,they are now the unreasonable ones. The war has been on going so long now that what was totally unacceptable is now acceptable. If we were without morality in the days of the Civil Rights Movement like we are today,the blacks in our country and he poor might actually be made into slaves again,because human rights and dignity would be minimized,or even eliminated,so that to be a slave of the state would be acceptable and justified as appropriate. Martin Luther King would be a religious bigot today. This is the sad reality of these days. America without moral integrity,is dying and in short order,will be unrecognized as "On Nation under God,indivisible,with liberty and justice for All". The war on America is to make that phrase of no meaning anymore to any American. This has been deliberate and is currently on going. DANGER! A society without moral values or integrity is an oppressive one and not a liberating one at all. With every human "Right" is a "Responsibility",responsibility is the true measure of wether or not that proposed "Right"has any value at all. The human man,woman,child,family is a right and a responsibility,a vocation for a lifetime and that is why it is worth the efforts to protect it at all costs. A minority should not be able to change the moral integrity of a majority to suit itself and it's own self interests. When that happens frequently,America is dead. Without morals America is a defenseless nation. It is more vulnerable without morals than it is without nuclear weapons. The best way to destroy America was not with weapons of destruction but from within,to destroy the moral character and integrity of a God fearing Nation,a once,to be desired,truly just nation for all people. A heathen immoral and selfish nation is an easily manipulated one,easily indoctrinated to to evil and un just,causes that were once ones that were universally unacceptable. So bad is morality these days that a baby born accidently in an abortion clinic in AMERICA today,is a questionable viable life? Reference : Gosnell trial on going currently. Abortion is immoral horror sanctioned and justified by an immoral country,with immoral laws! A moral America is a free America.

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