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Rhode Island Rejects Marriage, Bishop Thomas Tobin Speaks of a Post-Christian West Comments

We have a long struggle ahead of us. This is a new missionary age akin to what the early Church faced when it advanced into cultures which did not respect life and substituted license for authentic liberty. It will require Christian men and women of courage who are ready to be persecuted. Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island is such a man. He stands strong in his defense of the dignity of every human person from conception to ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    1 year ago

    I rarely agree with vance's rhetoric, but I to wonder the same thing.

    At some point our church will begin to really invest in marriage. Why is it that if I want to attend a Christian program designed to strenghten my marriage, the only options are protestant churches? Nothing offered in the Catholic church but programs to save failing marriages. Society is only going to take marriage as seriously as we do. Maybe we can stop all the nonsense with pedophile priest, politics etc and focus on where people actually are? Maybe we can actually help people live their faith where they know in marriages, at work and in their social lives? Maybe we can actually talk about being a disciple?

  2. jh
    1 year ago

    Bishop Tobin's comments are clear and charitable. He is the shepherd guiding the sheep. May God bless him, and strengthen all His shepherds.

  3. Roy Thomas
    1 year ago

    You have a point about living in prechristian times! Unholy Sex, adulteration of the act has been a part of Baal worship for centuries. The sodomites today have not come up with anything new. Getting 2 men putting sperms in a fecal conduit will never produce ONE human being....worse still if placed in a test tube. All the E coli bacteria will produce death in the tube. Even if 2 men put their haploid sperms into a cell without a nucleus, that cell moves on a path towards death and cancer. Dear God, Why are we so willing to persist in non productive acts?. God set up man to have a wife and enjoy sex and produce offspring. Two cohabiting men can never have that luxury. What kind of productive marriage can they make?
    "For we are all as an unclean thing" in the language of the prophet Isaiah. Only God in Christ can change us!

  4. Clinton C. Somerton
    1 year ago

    Homosexual "marriage" now becomes the pretext for robbing children -- by design -- of their right to know, love, and be raised by both natural parents, or a least by families that mirror that natural family structure. This made-up form of "marriage" uses children to affirm someone else's unnatural sexual partnership. This is anti-human as much as it is pre- or anti-Christian.

    As we pray for all involved in this attack, we must speak the truth in love -- otherwise, our "love" is meaningless.

    The Peace of Christ to all.


  5. robertburford
    1 year ago

    This is in fact a new missionary age. Some things may be legal but not right. Taking the Lord's name in vain may be legal "free speech" but not right. Adultery may be legal but not right. Abortion may be legal and same sex marriage may be legal but not right. I agree totally we are in a new missionary age. Our society is pagan but we as the Catholic Church in America are the voice of reason. We must speak out and be persecuted for it as Saint Paul in today's epistle. We are the exception to legal malaise because we know where to find and keep the ten commandments. It is not enough for bishops to speak out. We must speak out even at the cost of being called prejudiced and yes to be legally persecuted for infringing on the rights of sinners.

  6. abey
    1 year ago

    Not surprising, Rhode Island has off time been infected with "Freemasony"

  7. vance
    1 year ago

    Blessings and strength to Bishop Tobin. I wonder how much was said at the pulpits to the faithful who vote for the politicians who passed this heinous law. Nothing about this issue or abortion is said at the pulpits of my dioceses. The 52% Catholics who attend mass who voted to re-elect Obama think all is OK.

  8. Mike
    1 year ago

    Deacon Keith, as always, a great analysis. I would submit for everyone's consideration though that the equivalency activists are not RE-DEFINING marriage, but UN-DEFINING marriage. If they undefine marriage then marriage of any kind means nothing. Then anyone can get married to anything or anyone with no questions asked. Want a plural marriage? No problem. Want to marry your cinder-block wall? No problem. Okay that may be a bit too far. In other consideration, if the states cannot define what marriage is, then they by definition cannot define what constitutes grounds for divorce. We will end up with the Sharia example of people saying I divorce you three time in front of a witness and that's it. The darkness is closing in on this world and the prince of this world is getting stronger. Scary times, but Christ reminds us that our place is not here. This is a learning ground that separates the chaff from the wheat. I hope the faithful are found worthy wheat. God bless.

  9. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    Heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (esp. Christian) doctrine.
    Of or relating to heathens: "heathen gods" is how we are now treated by our government in the uS, even though we know better...
    Infant death rate in the uS has increased until the uS is around 62nd among other developed Nations.
    There is numerous external events that are causing us all to be sick.The emotions are challenged by a totalitarian type government.(Theoretical) We, if protesting are finding non-acknowlegment everywhere and due to the two politcial parties in Washington DC ; watching the events as if they know if they can get away with stopping the protests, then they can torture children and lock them in solitary confinement in the uS too.
    School teachers are being trained to carry guns in schools...the ratio of teachers to students has been reduced to an unfavorable level.Schools are being closed all over the place...and the homeland security is training hackers for thwem to use in the public schools.
    I know...I am rambling on...but expect it...the "but, how about this"...when dealing with just one subject.
    Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians...said a lot and quick.Not only do we have to hold fast and be individuals, but not end seperated from everyone else's Earth we all live on...beathing the same two distinct political get their permission.
    Everyone must learn to practice something that remedies and resolves. I'll not take my hat off and they not know what is inside that head it was on...but the uS does not own the intellectual property in that head of mine...the Church does and always we may know the difference and still remained mannered. There should never be a reason for them to be in the Catholic Church...acting like Hitler.
    Everyone have a good day...

  10. Edward Guerrero
    1 year ago

    The tsunami of cultures that chokes our morality strength caused by the infiltration of evil can be stopped on its tracks only if we want so. Simply if we are determined to seek a cure. However, I find people don't want to strengthen their failing weakness. I becoming aware that there is a comparable behavior between that of a hypochondriac and that of a avid anti-moral benefactor. A hypochondriac doesn't want the cure because of loss of social benefits (sympathy) and the anti-moral benefactor feels good to be one, even if it destroys civilization as we know it now! Below is the copy of the e-mail I sent to Teresa Tomeo, a Ave Maria radio program host this morning. I sent my testimony to cite our success in staving off evil intrusions to our family. Perhaps wearing this spiritual 'God Suit of Armor' may deter the wave of evil deeds that invade God's world this epoch; that's hurting a lot of moral and innocent people!
    Good Morning Tresesa, I'm a new listener to your radio program. This morning I heard part of your segment when you mentioned your Italian DNA drive to encounter our maligned faith detractors. In 1990, at age 55, I re-lit that fire in the belly to fight back when my family and I faced a dangerous intruder that wanted to do some physical harm. For about 6 months we lived a virtual hell here on earth. Bad enough that I had to arm myself with a gun as a deterrent. Even so, this crazed person was not fazed even when he found out that I carried a weapon. I had to do so because the local police didn't offer protection: their claim was that they "would only offer help if there was a casualty". Diplomacy (I had a face to face talk with him) nor the weapon deterrent lessen the crises. But, thanks to our merciful God, He sent his counter part, the Holy Spirit, it seems, when a family friend had the discernment to become aware of my dilemma. She was a true Christian when she suggested to me to read the Holy Scriptures. In her Bible she turned to Ephesians 6 verses 10-19 and explained how these passages became known as "God's Suit of Armor". As a tepid cradle Catholic, I started to read about this 'Suit of Armor' and within days of rereading the inspired passages I saw the evaporation of our impending threats. This individual disappeared like the morning fog - never to been seen again. The Suit of Armor awareness has made us affirmed believers of our faith because of its veracity. Like you said trying to steer people into reading about these types of testimonies is a hard sell, but I'll continue reading and continue doing what verse 18 instructs us to do "In all your prayer and entreaty keep praying in the Spirit on every possible occasion. Never get tired of staying awake to pray for all God's holy people," BTW, the Suit of Armor daily meditation read has been going on for the past 22 years. The awareness of its content has never failed to keep evil away at all times regardless of circumstances. God Bless You and Your efforts to expand and strengthen our Catholic faith!
    Ephesians 6:10 Finally, grow strong in the Lord, with the strength of his power.

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