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Scientist figures out why global warming is falling short of predictions Comments

Global warming is happening, or at least it should be. According to climate researchers, there are plenty of greenhouse gasses in the air, and the planet is warming. The problem is, the planet isn't keeping pace with previous, alarming predictions. Why not? One scientist now thinks he's found the answer. Continue Reading

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  1. Steve Elfelt
    1 year ago

    Marshall, I couldn't tell if you posted someone else's article or not but regardless I share Richard's dismay that you left out the scale of this effect.... the study says it might counter a measly 1 percent of increased warming, overall!

    And it doesn't appear catholic online consulted any scientists to get their interpretations... You folks in the business of making stuff up when you're out of your ken, or doing meaningful journalism?

    As for your premise you are dead wrong.... the place IS warming..... the heat is just going into the deep ocean, as though somehow the lid to the ice chest has been opened up. See (This is a blog post by the author and contains a link to the peer reviewed science paper...but its behind a paywall.)

    About "the poor"....

    Richard, as that heat mixes into the depths it immediately does two things that hurt the poor you mentioned. (A) Part of sea level rise is due to thermal expansion, and sea level rise will hit coastal rich and poor in measure to their ability to migrate or defend against it; (B) warmer waters take in more carbon dioxide, which undergoes chemical reactions to become carbonic acid... resulting in lower ocean ph. As this gets worse with warmer waters the carbonate shells of sea creatures will begin to dissolve. That's all demonstrable chemistry in the lab. It's expected to cause collapse of the phytoplankton and the rest of the food web will go with it. Beast me what you expect coastal "poor" to eat down the road.

    Still, I'm with ya on getting appropriate power to these folks. But coal/oil/gas ain't the way.

    For that matter, why are we still looking for more coal/oil/gas when we already know that we have to leave around 2/3 of what we've found in the ground to have a 50-50 chance of avoiding the worst impacts of 2C? If we *really* want to help the poor, we must stop stranding capital investments looking for "unburnable" fossil fuel resources we have to leave in the ground, and instead redirect those assets to bringing efficient technology, buildings, and infrastructure to the developing world, and help them build their own renewable, hydro and maybe nuclear power to run it.

    MARSHALL please consider an article on the recent report
    "Unburnable carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets"
    press release
    pdf report

  2. Gordo
    1 year ago

    The last decade was the warmest since records have been taken. Projections have been on the conservative side. Read the IPCC reports if you want to know the facts on AGW.
    The fact that CO2 is a greenhouse gas is not in dispute by any scientist. The present warming is mainly because of man's activity and is the consensus of 98% of climatologists.

    The article is written to cast doubt on science. What models is he referring to when he says they are off? Why this sentence "Even if the warming trend is natural rather than man-made, it is still happening".. Wait who says it is natural? The coal industry would like you to believe it, because they will be regulated. If you continue to publish articles about AGW please filter out obvious attempts to cast doubt on science .I am sure that Dr. Mann or Dr. Hansen can give you anything you want to know about AGW.

  3. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    I agree with Mr. Connolly that "... a proper discussion of how we should confront this issue is always timely."

    Environmentalists Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus writing at the Breakthrough Institute website, April 29: (quoted in WSJ)

    "Once upon a time, social justice was synonymous with equal access to modern amenities—electric lighting so poor children could read at night, refrigerators so milk could be kept on hand, and washing machines to save the hands and backs of women. Malthus was rightly denounced by generations of socialists as a cruel aristocrat who cloaked his elitism in pseudo-science, and claimed that Nature couldn't possibly feed any more hungry mouths.

    Now, at the very moment modern energy arrives for global poor—something a prior generation of socialists would have celebrated and, indeed, demanded—today's leading left-wing leaders advocate a return to energy penury. The loudest advocates of cheap energy for the poor are on the libertarian Right, while The Nation dresses up neo-Malthusianism as revolutionary socialism. Left-wing politics was once about destabilizing power relations between the West and the Rest. Now, under the sign of climate justice, it's about sustaining them."

    I agree - and have previously so written - that the best help for the poor is inexpensive energy - mostly electricity. So why does the USCCB continue to oppose it? Ordinary Catholics ought to be asking that question - in spite of the Pontifical Academy of Pseudoscience.

    What do we, or the USCCB, have in common with "leading left-wing leaders"? - of whom Obama is foremost? ObamaCare? Unrestricted abortion? Massive un/deremployment? Arrogant assertions that he will slow the oceans' rise? Sequesters that harm children while Obama and Michelle travel the world?

    Sorry to bring up explicit political positions, Mr. Connolly, and NOT to argue "guilt by association." But there is an obvious ideology, associated with the political Left, that is incompatible with Christianity. "Climate change" is just part of it.

  4. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    Mr. Connolly neglected to quote the magnitude of this plant-aerosol effect:

    "Reuters Newsagency reports while the effect of plant gas [sic] emissions is small on a global scale, the findings will help scientists refine climate models.

    “It’s a small effect, one per cent is not much,” says lead author Dr Pauli Paasonen from the University of Helsinki and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria.

    “If temperatures were to increase by one degree without this effect, they’d rise 0.99 degrees with it,” he said."

    I've heard of grasping at straws. This is grasping at....aerosols?

  5. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    "According to climate researchers, there are plenty of greenhouse gasses in the air..."

    warmer cult definition of "plenty": 370 ppm or 0.037%

    ", and the planet is warming."

    warmer cult definition of "warming": a condition that results in mean temperature measurements that do not increase significantly over a span of 10 years or more.

    "It requires a response that demonstrates...blah, blah, blah..."

    warmer cult statement of belief: Something is not happening, but no one can figure out why it is not happening, so it requires a response, but no one can figure out what that response should be, but we know we must do something because we are smarter than anyone who does not agree with us.

  6. Jn Cng
    1 year ago

    >it could moderate the impact of global warming.

    So, even if global warming isn't happening, it's still happening. Wow. You just invented a new way of doing systems analysis.

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