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Archbishop Gomez is Right on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Comments

We are not first political conservatives or political liberals, or any other permutation of the fluid contemporary political labels bandied about so freely these days. We are Catholics first, last and all in between. We need to approach all the issues associated with comprehensive immigration reform with the mind of the Lord as revealed to us through the teaching office of His Church. Continue Reading

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  1. Janine
    1 year ago

    I don't understand, she overstayed i get that..but she got married to a US Citizen, so why did she get deported even after the fact? It's quite puzzling to me., i know this because I know someone who was in the same situation and she never got deported when she married a US Citizen, she got her papers within 3 months.

    So for her to get deported after marrying a citizen hmm, weird...unless she has a criminal record or committed fraud then that's a deal breaker.

  2. lindangel
    1 year ago

    Our country CANNOT handle any more "illegals", we are broke, and one of the reasons is that our welfare system is already overloaded by all the illegals, milking our system. I am all about letting legal immigrants into our country, but not the illegals who just want all the "free
    stuff" that we tax payers have to provide. And they need to learn English!!!

  3. Arthur
    1 year ago

    I can't buy that. It all seems good until you take a second look. It is not only South Americans illegally coming into the United States but terrorist and people who give a care less about our country and want to destroy us. They or some of them want to destroy the Christian Judo religions. What are we supposed to do find catacombs to hide in?
    You should be talking from the altar about how to stop the destruction of our religion and country, the killing of babies, teaching family values.
    T sum it up illegal immigration has to stop no amnesty.

  4. Larry
    1 year ago

    I'm glad Bishop Gomez recognizes the American set of beliefs and principles - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I'm glad he recognizes that immigrants or would be immigrants need to respect and obey a nation's laws, rules and traditions. A nation has the right to decide for itself who it allows to come in or not, become citizens or not, be legal or not. A nation can also change what it deems is necessary to do for itself and its citizens and those here legally and change its rules, laws and traditions.

    But then he goes beyond these ideas and says that people have a natural right to 'emigrate". Because - in order for you and your family to live a life worthy of your God-given dignity, certain things are required. At minimum: food, shelter, clothing, and the means to make a decent living. If you and your family are unable to secure life's necessities in your home country - due to political instability, economic distress, religious persecution, or other conditions that offend basic human dignity - you must be free to seek these things in another country."

    That means that another country must abide by what is described as people's natural right to immigrate and get food, shelter, clothing, means to make a living no matter the rules of another country - you must be free to seek these in another country and that country has an obligation to give these to you because you seek them.

    The problem I have is that the implicaiton is any country must bow to the supposed needs of those who seek to emmigrate and by implication even if they are here illegally - illegal aliens so to speak - once they are in the country they get these rights. I don't agree at all. If that is what he really believes, then I want to see and hear him first fight for: immigrants in this country who are here legally - those who want to immigrate to this country LEGALLY and are waiting their turn according to this country's rules - those who are educated here who want to stay here upon graduation who can add so much more to this country's vibrancy and development for its citizens and those here legally. I don't hear any of this so I don't believe his heart is for IMMIGRANTS, just illegal immigrants and aliens. I don't accept that he means all this by implication when he speaks of immigrants. If you mainly speak of a certain group, then you must not mean others who you don't mention much.

    If he really believes in the American Vision of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then he must also believe in the ideas of self determination, individual's obligation to do for themselves, pursuite does not mean success or guarantee accomplishment. The guarantees of food, shelter, clothing and be able to make a living are more socialistic views where the obligation is not in the hands of the individual or family but in the government. At this point, Bishop Gomez is not talking about the American way but some other country's socialist dreams so his view of what rights people have from that view do not fit with the laws, rules and traditions of this country, even though sometimes they are practiced.

    A country has the right to regain its past traditions, make its own rules and focus on certain needs of its citizens and those here legally with less regard to those here illegally. If it cannot do this, then it has no self determinatioin and ability to govern itself. People may have a right to emegrate but no one has an obligation to take them in all things considered, not legally. Morally is another issue and morality colors our life but doesn't make the rules of how we live in the practical day to day. I as a Christian live my own morality which may or may not match the morality of the atheist, mormon, secular humanist, hindu, etc. A government is to protect the rights of its citizens and those here legally. It can adjust its actions to those here illegally. When I hear more about the responsibility of those here illegally of how to respect this country's laws and rules then I can take some of these immigration points of views more seriously.

  5. Sid
    1 year ago

    Interesting propaganda. Laws that are in place are not enforced and our USCCB is advocating comprehensive immigration reform with no specifics. Do we want more laws that will not be enforced or do we want to do away witht he laws and grant immunity? This is fluff and nothing more. It sounds wonderful and so Christian, yet there is nothing there.

    Yes we are to love our brothers and sisters. There are many that go through the proper channels to obtain citizenship and it is not easy. Then there are those that break the laws and come in illegally. The US could institute a migrant workers program with federal ID's that would allow those that are coming to work to be able to work if that's what they are here for. They could still go through the established channels to become citizens if they so desired. Butl they are pawns in a political arena that does not care for the individuals but only in their votes. This is a sad situation in our changing country as the good Cardinal calls it. We are the melting pot and those that come are to assimilate, yet those that are here illegally have no intention of assimilating but they want us to change to suit them. The USCCB should be more concerned with Planned Parenthood putting large abortion factories in largely hispanic areas like they are doing in Houston, than in offering broad flowery speeches on "comprehensive" reform with no details. There is a war going on and this is an issue that is to distract us from the war.

  6. Roger
    1 year ago

    Most of us Catholic or American Are Not Against immigration. We are against Illegal immigration. You write a 3 page article complaining about our lack of acceptance. These people came here Illegally and now Demand that we Give them citizenship. Well it does not work that way, it must be earned. You complain that we should respect the illegal immigrants right to be here,while that same Illegal immigrant has disrespected our laws by being here in the first place. You also do not say one word about the immigrants responsibility to Not be a burden upon the society that they are immigrating to. The immigrant must be able to support themselves financially, government handouts is Not the way charity works. Governments responsibility is to the American citizen, period. Don't give me this stuff about Americans not doing the jobs either, they don't do them because they are paid not to, two tears of unemployment checks keeps people from looking for work or taking jobs they feel are beneath them. Hunger is a heck of a motivator, case in point the Illegal Immigrant. I welcome immigrants, but it Must be done in an orderly legal fashion, with respect and responsibility on from both sides. As for those who are here Illegally, I would accept a work permit, that allows them to stay until a permanent solution is worked out. Under no circumstances should they be given government aid, that is where the Church, religion,and charity come in.

  7. Thomas
    1 year ago

    I'm a life long catholic I've worked with food for the poor, the elderly, I lived and seen the desruction of poverty, but what is going on in this country in regards to ILLegal Immigration is not only destructive to this country but sets the poor against the poor. 42% of the poor in this country without jobs. black unemployment at an all time high.

    Ronald Reagan started this mess in the mid 80 by giving amnesty to 3 million illegals without securing the border, and it has continued now to 12 million and expected to grow to as much as 33 million by the time this mess is storted through.

    WE have 12 million poor taking jobs from 12 million poor in this country. How is that charity on the part of this government and our church. 47million people now on food stamps, wages stagnet since the time of Reagan. inflation through the roof, sex trafficing, and drug trafficking rampant, slave labor for the greedy, just to name a few of the social ills brought allong with illegal immigration. The rich getting cheap or free labor under the cover of social activism. These are only a few of the problems associated with this mess. High crime, medical system out of control, schools over crowded.

    Lets do this right this time, this country will not survive another amnesty program without safe guards in place. I ask our bishop to ease the poverty here before taking on more.

  8. vance
    1 year ago

    Bishop Gomez makes his pitch for immigration using the old "Social Justice" theme. I agree that we need reform but not the reform he is referring to. First, our country needs to enforce the laws on the books. We do not need more laws. Second, our border needs to be shut tight with boots on the ground to ensure that no one comes across without permission. If Bishop Gomez truly wants Social Justice, he will join people like and demand that the border be immediately shut tight to stop the flow of tons of cocaine, marijuana, Mexican Black Tar heroine, and child sex slaves. The drugs that flow across the border find their way to the Mexican Youth in America. If he truly wants Social Justice for the Mexican people, then he would publicly stand up and demand that the corrupt Mexican government allow freedom for the people to have the same opportunities as Americans have. Mexico is not a poor country, it is a corrupt country. If he truly wants Social Justice, then he will "Lead" his people to renounce abortion and vote Pro-Life and he would Lead his people to embrace the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and stand against sodomy. Will he do that? I hope he reads my post.

  9. sue
    1 year ago

    What about what is legal and what is illegal. Right or wrong

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