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Archbishop Gomez is Right on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Comments

We are not first political conservatives or political liberals, or any other permutation of the fluid contemporary political labels bandied about so freely these days. We are Catholics first, last and all in between. We need to approach all the issues associated with comprehensive immigration reform with the mind of the Lord as revealed to us through the teaching office of His Church. Continue Reading

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  1. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago


    As the author of 16 books, I can tell you unequivocally this IS Marxist multiculturalism. It is fully documented in hundreds of responsible sources. And America was created and found strongly as a Christian Republic despite what propagandists and liberals and socialists say to the contrary. One has no problem with assisting foreigners to develop in their countries... But for their illegal overpopulating to ultimately destroy American infrastructure is simply unacceptable....

  2. Arthur
    1 year ago

    I cannot believe what you are saying. You are preaching the destruction of the United States. If things are done legally it might work. What you are saying is nuts. What makes you think it will only be South Americans coming here? It seems you don't believe in law and order
    Now tell me what is the difference of NAZISM.COMMUNISN,FACISISM???? I am old enough to know the difference NO DIFFERENCE..... I lived in Europe in the 50s 60s. They represent the anti god and want subjugate the people. But as they say the MASSES
    I am considered a right wing and that means anti socialism anti Communism.

  3. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago

    Steven Volk,

    We presume much when we presume to say what God intends or does not intend. God could just as easily intend using the immigration issue is a means to test our love of neighbor, which, if that is the case, we are failing miserably. However, I do not presume to know what God intends.

    Neither is multiculturalism Marxist. It is simply the presence of diverse people. It is not necessarily Marxist simply because a white conservative does not like it.

    And, finally, your statement that America is a Christian nation is a stretch, but, even if it were in concept, it is atheist in practice, and I include the nosiest of Christians in this.

  4. avantibev
    1 year ago

    I would be a lot more inclinded to believe Bishop Gomez and his brother bishops' Catholic concern for social justice if they were working JUST as hard to get legal status for well-educated Scandinavian women who have been raped and beaten on their own streets by Muslim "youths" since they dare to dress without draperies. I would like to see them champion the Chinese Christian Evangelical engineers and entrepreneurs who also would like to breathe freely. How about some concern about Egypt's Coptic Christians whose shops, homes and churches have been attacked and burned?

    Nope, it seems that Bishop Gomez's concerns lie only with migrants from his own culture. And I call them "migrants" because my own Nonno and Nonna showed me the sacrifices one must make to actually IMMIGRATE. That word means a change not only in one's physical placement but also one's mind and heart. It means changing one's outlook, one's language and submitting to the laws and customs of the land to which you seek LEGAL entry. My dear grandparents loved bella Italia but they gave themselves over to learning about and loving the USA for their children and grandchildren's benefit.

  5. Joe
    1 year ago

    Brian, I couldn't agree more. These bishops need to go to their country and preach the gospel. Shame they have no idea about the real world. I hate to say it, they sound like our gov't. leaders always willing to send good people to do the dirty work. I pray for your safety.

  6. Brian
    1 year ago

    As a U.S. Border Patrol agent for over 28 years, I can tell you with confidence that 90% of those we arrest have significant criminal records in our country and theirs. Our current immigration laws and policy are fine, they just need to be enforced.

    If the Bishops are so concerned for these peoples rights, and well being then I suggest they insist the home countries of the migrants change and work to make life better for their citizens.

  7. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    YOU CAN'T BRING THE WHOLE WORLD INTO AMERICA! God never intended this. Catholicism oversteps its bounds when it sanctions atheist Marxist multiculturalism and the workers agenda of the Fourth International. The result will be the ultimate destruction of American infrastructure nearly ready to crumble now. Rather, Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum (The Magna Carta for the Working Man) reiterated by Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno, is the answer for each of these struggling Third World countries. The amoral multinational corporations permanently send hundreds of manufacturers away from each state, leaving intrinsic Americans unemployed, then allow in tens of millions of illegals. This is madness. The goal of the de-populating globalists is to make America "just one more colony" and reduce the greatest Christian country ever to ashes and ruins.... Truly, the infrastructure can't take much more.

  8. ManassasGrandma
    1 year ago

    Sorry. The country just can't handle 33 million more welfare recipients. My husband and I worked all of our lives, raised our 7 kids on working class pay and we're being eaten alive by inflation. Morever, I was out a many a clinic demonstration and saw remarkably few clergy. So this social justice stuff does not play as well with me as it would have if catholic clergy had been there for the pre-born. It seems to me the bishops only stand with the politically correct.

  9. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    "America has always been a nation of justice and law. But as Americans we have also always been a people of generosity, mercy and forgiveness."
    Not true! Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Genocide against the native population all these were legal and showed the generosity, mercy and forgiveness of a people? Some confusion about American history.

    Cardinal Gomez's arguments for comprehensive immigration policy make sense as far as it goes. What he does not say or critique is the economic factors, in part created by U.S. economic policy, that lead to the necessity to migrate in the first place.

    As is indicated from the comments so far, we have along way to go before we love our neighbor as God loves us.

  10. Spade
    1 year ago

    "For decades, the U.S. Catholic bishops have advocated for a just and humane reform of our nation's immigration system."

    Well, I guess they had to be doing something besides taking a strong stand on liturgical abuses, letting pro-abortion 'catholic' politicians spout their opinions without consequence, etc. etc. etc.

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