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Archbishop Gomez is Right on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Comments

We are not first political conservatives or political liberals, or any other permutation of the fluid contemporary political labels bandied about so freely these days. We are Catholics first, last and all in between. We need to approach all the issues associated with comprehensive immigration reform with the mind of the Lord as revealed to us through the teaching office of His Church. Continue Reading

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  1. Phylllis Poole
    1 year ago

    There are vey few who want to close America off to everyone. There is a naturalization process however, that has statics on how much housing is available for new people, how many schools are available, how much medical services, jobs, etc.. It is inperative that people wanting to be citizens of our country, go through the dept of naturalization so this country is not flooded with more than it can handle.
    AGAIN how many of these people coming in are going to eventually be voting and who will they vote for?? If they are fleeing communism, they had better take a good long look at the political arena. We have many communists in our congress. Alan West pointed that out and he is right. So did a congressman years ago and was laughed out of congress - by people on his side!
    They also had better look at the moral of the person they might like to vote for. Do they think that voting for a person who thinks it's alright to kill babies in the womb is going to care a whit for a person who is 20,30, or an elderly who is handicapped because of age?? The democrat party's platform approves abortion. If they want a country that is against communism, they had better not vote for it in this country.

  2. Thoas
    1 year ago

    There once was a fisherman who's business was fishing along Lake Ontario. This fisherman made a living that supported him, his family and two workers, and their families. Now the fisherman descided he could make more money by paying his help less money. In order to do this he traveled to a country were people where very poor. He hired two very poor men who had nothing, gave them a wage half as much as the men he now employed, they were very happy. He went back home,fired his help at home, and was able to keep half the mens wage for himself.

    He went to his Bishop and said look Father at this great work of charity I have done, I have hired these poor men. His Bishop Blessed him and said you are a blessed man.

    Is this the end of this parable. No, because the two men fired now have no work and there families go without. The newly hired men have to live on half as much as the previous employees. The only one to prosper is the fisherman. The fisherman now is hailed as a very generious and caring man who now sets in the front pew of church, recognized for his generousity, not his greed. His Bishop declares to his flock, this man does the work of God, he hires the poor.

  3. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago


    My wife and her family if FROM Mexico, grew up in Mexico and spent the better portion of her youth in Mexico, so I believe she is more credible than you with regard to Mexico, it's culture, politics and history. There are Communists on American soil too, although not as high profile as Trotsky, but that does not make America Communist. It never ceases to amaze me how Americans (You included) are such know-it-alls. I do not care what the subject is, you know more about it than anybody else.

  4. vance
    1 year ago

    Jeff, Why did Leon Trotsky flee Stalin's Russia to Mexico in the 1920's? Why not Europe or the US? Because the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) is Communist. There is where Trotsky thought he had a home base until the Communists who were loyal to Stalin assassinated him. Who were persecuting and murdering Catholics and clergy? The Communist rulers. The PRI has ruled since Poncho Villa. Former President Vincente Fox was just a "Figure Head" opposition leader who did the PRI's bidding. I taught Mexican Nations English for 8 years and know many personally as we speak. Yes, Mexico is a corrupt socialist country that is ruled by Communists. Since Poncho Villa, all church buildings and property are owned by the government. Church services operate only by the government's permission. That permission can and maybe recalled at any time.

  5. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    I find it interesting that the same people who insist this is a "Christian Country" want to close it off to outsiders.
    We're going to close the door to Jesus?

  6. heirsinhope
    1 year ago

    "God could just as easily intend using the immigration issue is a means to test our love of neighbor, which, if that is the case, we are failing miserably. However, I do not presume to know what God intends."

    I am confused & have been for some time. Why do presume that those who come to this country illegally can only be loved in America? Why do we not see illegal immigration as a call to go to the countries of those who are fleeing & serve the citizens of those countries in their homelands? Why isn't it a call to become missionaries as some Protestants are? Why aren't we setting up many, many orphanages & homes for those in need? Why are we not evangelizing other countries as many Protestants are? Why are we not encouraging those who flee their homelands (for a variety of reasons & not always because they have no job) to work to change their governments? Why is there only one answer? Why does that answer ignore subsidiarity & solve problem far from every neighbourhood in which such problems originate?

    The problem of illegal aliens is more complex than we realize. My own experience showed me that: a woman cleaned for my roommates & me in NYC. She came twice a month & was paid far less than the minimum to require work documents. As I came to know her, I learned she was in America because she wanted to go back to school. In Brazil, she had been a well-paid school administrator but couldn't study outside her field for free. She felt she had the best chance to study as she pleased in America & gain the grants & loans needed to pay for it. Afterwards, she might return to Brazil & might not. The important thing is that she could go to school for "free." Then there was the woman who eventually revealed she had been a highly paid oncology nurse in another South American country. She overstayed her visa because she wanted to make a new life for herself in America. During 20 years in NYC, I met illegal alien after illegal alien who left good jobs because America seemed to offer better prospects. (Many were/are axi drivers.) Right & wrong didn't matter. Working to save & go back to school didn't matter. All that mattered was the desire to come to America & be what they thought Americans are.

    As Catholics, we must care for those who can't care for themselves but why must we do it here? Why don't we see that ignoring laws teaches others they can break those laws with impunity? Why should America be the country that encourages the citizens of the world to be dishonest? To be morally lax? To be corrupt? Ought we not fight corruption? Be virtuous? These are the questions that come up in my prayers. Why can't we teach virtue & help those in need?

    @Jeffery Capperton: with all due respect to your wife, Marxism has controlled Mexico since the time of the Cristeros. That it is no longer recognized as Marxism but seen as capitalism because multinational companies are welcome & some individuals are able to earn a decent living only means it has taken on the more attractive image of Socialism which is Marxism-lite - a/k/a: Marxism in a more attractive package.

  7. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago


    As a postscript, I asked my wife (A Mexican Immigrant) if Communism, in any way, shape or form, controlled Mexico. Her response was no, Communisim does not control Mexico; corrupt government and the drug markets control Mexico. It does not get any more capitalist than that. Actually, it is not much different from the United States.

  8. vance
    1 year ago

    Jeff, Marxist describes the Democrat Party to a tee. As this relates to immigration, the Communist Democrat Party are propagandizing the issue to gain more voters. This has paid off for them in California. I've talked to many Mexican nationals and they all consistently say the same thing. The Mexican media is left wing and they are told that America stole California, Arizona, and New Mexico from them. They are coming here for the Free Ride. They think we are fools. They are also fed 24/7 propaganda that Republicans hate Mexicans and told to vote the Democrat Party who "Cares" for them. The Communist Party has had control of Mexico since Poncho Villa. 25 years ago, Mexicans told me that if the borders were closed and no one could come to the USA, there would be revolution against the Mexican government.

  9. Thomas
    1 year ago

    When the Bishops advocate flooding this country with illegal immigrants they become part of the problem, low wages, high unemployment sex trafficking, slave labor, high crime, over crowded jails, over burden schools just to name a few social problems created by condoning and encouraging this mess.
    Please let me hear them address these issue, not a bunch of pladitudes, that encourage more suffering. If you want to work with the disadvantage, which is a great thing, you have no frther ro look then our own getto's as Mother Tersea called it a poverty of spirit, 47 % unemployed. Please Bishop Gomez write a position paper on these ills.

  10. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago

    Steven Volk,

    I am neither liberal, conservative, propagandist, nor socialist. I believe that Christianity should be the religion of the realm, but I fear that, except for clergy and religious, we would all be in jail if that was the case because I have found that American Christians (With the exception of Hawaii where I found Christianity far exceeds the mainland) while noisy about Christianity are generally atheist in practice. But where in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution is Christianity set up as the religion of the realm? I ask this because it has been years since I read either of these documents and you could save me some time. But, even if you are correct, as a nation we pay lip service to Christianity but are, as I have said, atheist in practice. As a nation, we are more interested in rationalizing avarice than loving our enemies.

    And finally, simply because multiculturalism is Marxist in print does not necessary make it Marxist, particularly today when the word is so over-used by the right-wing community that the word has actually lost it's sting. The right-wing fascist (I write that with tongue-in-cheek) community needs to come up with a new word that has a sting to it.

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