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Theology of the Body and Homosexual 'Marriage' Comments

The Church's "yes" to authentic human marriage and its incalculable value to the spouses, to family life, and to the common good, compels her to say "no" to cheap imitations.  All that glisters is not gold, especially if it already shows signs of rust and tarnish.  The Church knows the gold of human sexuality that is open to the gift of children expressed between a man and woman within marriage, and can therefore recognize the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Brian
    1 year ago

    We cannot allow the Catholic Church's position on any sexual issues (contraception, gay marriage, etc.) to be treated in isolation. As this article points out, the church has a complete and all encompassing vision for human sexuality that is in line with God's plan and natural law.

    Our critics don't have such a vision. Or at least not one that is beautiful and in line with God's plan.

  2. Steven Crain
    1 year ago

    I came to this site because I'm not sure what to do to be a good Christian. I just found out that a friend of mine - who I know attends church regularly is getting married but he told me that he doesn't want to have children. I asked him if he was worried about accidentally getting his wife pregnant, and he said that he was going to have a vastectomy so it wouldn't be a problem. I feel as if he's sort of cheepening marriage by not wanting to have children and taking steps to not have them. My wife and I have to abstain many times from sharing ourselves. Otherwise I think he is a good guy. Should I say something about it to the priest who will be marrying them? Thanks, this is hard for me.

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    Your kids will have to get used to those disgusting pictures as to be Gay and a professional basketball player is honorable,as well as a noble admission,in the eyes of our President and First Lady. A professional Basketball player has received the admiration from Barack Obama and wife. It is all over the news 4/30/2013. It is a glorious day today,to them,because this guy is gay. Gay people,whatever they proclaim themselves to be,all over the world should be outraged. I think it is a high form of discrimination to look ar another person distinguishing their sexual preference as more important than their basic humanity. My point is that when I look at someone it is their character that matters,not their sexual preference. Sexual preference means nothing as far as I am concerned as I will never have sex with people of the same sex. I won't have meaningless sex with people of the opposite sex. Here's one for all of you. Write a letter to the President to announce that you are a virgin! See how he responds to that! I am willing to bet no comment,no response! Why? Virginity is no a divisive politically correct issue worthy of his intensely political embrace! He would probably even think virginity to be the tragic alternative to being "sexually active"and wonderfully GAY,Lesbian or bi-sexual. Bob Dylan's song was prophetic,"the times they are a changing". Pathetically and politically that is quite correct,more so each and every day! The art of the convincing sinner is like that of a magician it is in how well the deception is disguised!

  4. vance
    1 year ago

    Even though some were put off by the picture on the front of this article, I thought the substance of the article was spot on. Today, we were treated by the announcement of a professional basketball player publicly announce that he is a homosexual. The Marxist Media Complex were covering this like he is a national hero. But there will not be a word about it from the pulpit.

  5. Gaylene Rankin
    1 year ago

    The article was wonderful, a beautiful explanation on the beliefs of the Catholic Church but do we need the disgusting pictures? I think not. I enjoy Catholic media because I get so sick of the trash we have to put up with in the secular media. You can't watch TV, read magazines , view on line news or even check out the billboards along the roadside without being bombarded with sexual images. Could you please refrain from all of the offensive images that are seeping into Catholic media for whatever the reason is? I am quite sure that the audience that you are addressing does not need your offensive pictures to attract us to your articles.

  6. Joselyn
    1 year ago

    Eleni I totally agree. I don't want to look at homosexual men in inappropriate situations let alone on a Catholic website. Great article though.

  7. Pedro Alvarado
    1 year ago

    Modern man has missunderstood the real essense of mankind going on a wrong path that can lead him to the abyss of sin, tryng to justify what is wrong and comdemn what is right. The relativism that is surrounding in our heads nowadays has done a real damage to our perception of what we have to admit as morally correct and we have confused and inclusively changed our standpoints of what the society has to be. God gave us His eternal an inmutable law and its natural acceptable ways of conducting our lives. Man-man sexual relationships are not acceptable because the sexuality has in my perception two main reasons of being: to be a complementary union (I mean two diffrent halves joining together and forming a unit) and procreation (giving life to new beings). Analyzing the sexual relationships between two men I only find one reason: Lust. There is no other reason.

  8. andrew
    1 year ago

    A rapist would like an ideology of his sex without responsibility be legalised. The Holy Bible consoles the victim of rape through just action by man.

  9. Audrie
    1 year ago

    My children view this homepage. Are these types of images really necessary? Bad taste. Shame on you.

  10. DLL
    1 year ago

    Eleni: the pictures are objectionable because they do make the point. Two men acting as if they were in a romantic embrace kissing and fondling each other is offensive because to picture is all wrong. Oddly when 2 women are embracing similarly it makes for good pornography,the picture is still not right. A man and a woman look right together. Trust me! Trust your own senses that is quite correct. The purer the relationship between the man and woman the more we embrace their embrace,we pray they are happy,happily married! If they are adulterous and in a romantic embrace and we know this,with the wrong partner while cheating on their loved one,the picture becomes extremely objectionable,disturbing. We at least from our senses to some degree determine right from wrong. That is a blessing from God. This is how we sense God is right,blessing marriage saying," Be fruitful and multiply"! Another well written article Mr Greenwell.

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