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False gods: Obama Proclaims, 'Thank you, Planned Parenthood. god bless you' Comments

Whatever god Obama invoked when he "blessed" Planned Parenthood, which is apparently the god he knows and feels comfortable invoking (assuming "god" is more than just a word for him or a matter of political expediency), we can be assured that it is not the living God of the living, the God of life, which is to say, it is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Continue Reading

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  1. Arthur Seaton
    1 year ago

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  2. Benjamin Hugh John Bosco Gillmore
    1 year ago

    I am a Catholic. This means I am highly against murder. This includes any unnatural death after conception. It does matter how the child was conceived. They have a soul, and a life. This makes us able to love others. Thank you very much for letting other people now that planned parenthood is a corporation of Nazis camps.I have always fought for life. This started when my family did not enter McDonald's when it was supporting March of dimes. I have written Essays, letters, e-mails, signed petitions, a poem, and even composed a video to fight for the many lives that stand here. I have also been to several local Life chains. I have also donated to the National Prolife alliances. I am 14 years old, and I am one of thirteen children. I have a seven year old sister praying for us from heaven. She died naturally before she was born.
    I don't think you included the fact that more than 55,000,000 (fifty-five million) United State children have been legally ripped to shreds between conception and birth since the year 1973. I also might note that the Roe vs. Wade bill did not compromise abortion to be legal in any case, but it was a bill that accompanied it that made it legal. This is probably not necessarily for anyone except for a lawyer, or someone who may put this on there sign for a life chain.
    May God bless you and all of those who defend life,
    Ben Gillmore

  3. MarcyC
    1 year ago

    God NEVER blesses EVIL. God PUNISHES EVIL!!! Abortion kills 40% of all babies in New York City. Now the FDA approved "the morning after pill" for "women" age 15 and up.without parental consent as long as she has proof of age! Since when is a 15 year old a woman? If she were a woman she could buy cigarettes, she could vote, in most states she could marry without parental consent. But here we are calling a 15 year old a woman! She can not receive as much as a Tylenol from a school nurse without parental consent. She cannot use a tanning bed at a tanning salon without parental consent. America has gone down the slippery slope and I really fear for her. As one priest so aptly said, "Don't think God is a disinterested spectator; He's not! He's going to reach down and slap us silly!"

  4. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    In my wildest dreams, I never thought we Catholics would assist in the reelection of a man with so little character and so desirous to make into law all the evils he can imagine. We all must pray for the success of the Pope's catechesis of marginal Catholics and pray for the conversion of Obama.

  5. Dennis Fromholzer
    1 year ago

    Thought I would share a letter I sent to President Obama about this:

    President Obama,
    It was with great sadness that I heard the news this week about your address to Planned Parenthood. I think it is a tragic day in American history when the President of the United States so prominently embraces an organization that is creating a culture of death in our society.

    I am further saddened that you have so little respect for those who value life dearly that you describe their efforts to protect life as “turning women’s health back to the 1950s,” and an “assault on women’s rights.”

    In December, you eloquently made a point, after the shooting of the children in Connecticut, that:

    “This is our first task, caring for our children. It’s our first job. If we don’t get that right, we don’t get anything right. That’s how, as a society, we will be judged…..Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm?”

    Science has shown unequivocally that, from the moment of conception, the life in the women’s womb is a genetically unique human being, capable of directing its own development and growth – with no direction from the mother beyond sustenance and nourishment and love.

    It doesn’t matter what fancy words you use to describe it – women’s rights, women’s health, decisions best made between a woman and her doctor, the right to choose – the words don’t change the fact that abortion is the killing of a unique, defenseless, innocent human being. It is an act of deliberate violence against another human being, in the name of “choice” or “rights” or “freedom.”

    The only differences between the human being in the womb and you or me are that he or she is a lot smaller, he or she has not matured or developed fully yet, he or she is dependent on the mother for his or her survival (just like elderly parents are frequently dependent on their children at the later stages of life), and the baby is still in the womb.

    The culture of the United States has never been a culture that embraces the slaying of innocent human beings, yet that is exactly what you did with your speech to Planned Parenthood. There is no logical way around that conclusion. By calling it women’s health or right to choose, all you have done is to embrace a philosophy that a woman’s right of short-term self-interest and convenience supersedes the rights of the baby in her womb. In no other situation in our society do we condone the killing of innocent human beings. Yet you call it progress.

    I pray every day that God will open your eyes to what you are saying, and to the devastating impacts it has. You asked that God Bless Planned Parenthood. God is a God of life, not death. The only way I can see that God would bless Planned Parenthood is that He would wake the people up who work there so they could see the true harm they do every day – just as He did for Abby Johnson (a former Planned Parenthood leader) and dozens of others already.


    Dennis Fromholzer, Ph.D

  6. john
    1 year ago

    Lets remember that this "man"who would be governing this country using the ways written in Rules for Radicals..a book dedicated to Satan..that obama..has even used quotes from this book in some of his speeches.remember how he purposely flubbed his swearing in ceremony during his first inaugeration and did it in private later on?On what?Was it the bible?Do we know that?This man goes against the very God he claims to follow on every turn.The silence from the pulpits of Catholic churches for the past 40yrs is the fruits of this.Who needs or wants nice popular priests?give us priests who fear God and of offending Him over all things over soft priests who just want to keep things nice lest they ruffle someones feathers..let them take our buildings and statues and everything else if they want..let them even tax the church..I'd like to see the Church militant rise up..start shaking the people in the pews from their 40 yr sleep..and start calling the ones that woke up and left..back..this nation is falling fast and hard..the enemy is already in power.

  7. vance
    1 year ago

    "God Bless Planned Parenthood for butchering millions of babies". What a piece of work Obama is. It galls me to know that a majority of Catholics think this man is god-like. They will follow him wherever he goes.

  8. Sandy Kramer
    1 year ago

    "God" (?) bless Planned Parenthood. Yes Barak, Molech is smiling. He has reserved your space in the Inferno, next to Margaret Sanger and Kermit Gosnell.

  9. John
    1 year ago

    Just a question::: Mr. Obama and all Parenthood workers, did you ever realized that if you had been aborted, you will not be around ro decide who should live and who should die ? The world would have been much better without your disrespect for LIFE.

  10. Edward Guerrero
    1 year ago

    Does the POTUS consider himself a man made god or an emperor? It seems he thinks he is...for he thinks he has a better plan for making the world a better place. He and others, including some Christians tell us a Christian moral code without Christ is to the solution to the woes of the world. Poor maligned souls that they are...are being lied to just like our first parents were. Lack of complacency of those catholics (in name only), that voted for him have aided and/or abetted for some serious offense(s) against the only Triune God. Isaiah 55:8-9, For my thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not my ways, declares Yahweh. For the heavens are as high above earth as my ways are above your ways, my thoughts above your thoughts. I'm a optimist, I read and affirm my belief when I read these passages from Psalm 5:9-10, Not a word from their lips can be trusted, through and through they are destruction, their throats are wide -- open graves, their tongues seductive. Lay the guilt on them, God, make their intrigues their own downfall; for their countless offences, thrust them from you, since they have rebelled against you. God Bless You for Your insight on these matters of greatest importance to all of mankind, Mr. Andrew M. Greenwell, Esq.!

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