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Mother of terrorist sons could herself be a terrorist. Made terror watchlist after Russian warning Comments

The mother of the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon has been designated by federal authorities as a "person of interest" in their investigation into the radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    1) Scripture is very clear: this world is NOT our home, and we're supposed to be spending our time leading souls out of it; not convincing ourselves that we're supposed to have some comfort and safe haven here in this life. I defy you to find scripture OR dogma that suggests otherwise.
    2) If you think this is a Christian country, my friend, you own neither a television nor a radio, and you haven't really been reading the articles on this site. Take a good look at what actually goes on on the news, then tell me how "Christian" the country is. We may have good Christian people living here, but we're nothing LIKE a majority, and we clearly lack the sort of influence on society or politics that we like to pretend we do. (But we'll all go ahead and vote for whatever con man, fraud or sham is foisted upon us, just because the GOP tells us they have our ideals in mind. It's a farce, man. Romney and Ryan?? Seriously??) We talk a good game and put up the right appearance, but let's be really HONEST. It's all image, no substance.

    I stand by my closing statement: this country has the form and appearance of "Christianity," but in actuality is no such thing, and never has been. You cannot point to a time in your lifetime or a period in history when Christian values were ever seriously embraced, or when the real god here wasn't fame, power or the almighty dollar. Idols all. False idols.
    Of course, that's only if we're going to be really honest about it.

  2. Jorge
    1 year ago sane person can ever say america is not a christian nation..just read the bill of rights, the constitution, ...every single american vaklue has and still is being shaped under christian values, in its best..the worst influence is comming from islam, moral relativism, false liberalism, leftist blindness and worshipping false gods..your favorite activity.

  3. vance
    1 year ago

    KarlVDH, you give a typical liberal response. It is shear insanity, what liberalism is, to allow people into our country who will not assimilate into our society and who are sworn enemies to our country. Yes we are a Christian country. Muslims see us as just that and that is why they hate us. Yes, I agree that the Marxist Democrat Party and their Marxist Media Complex have worked diligently for decades to undermine and destroy our Christian culture ie. Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, Sexual Revolution, Drug Legalization, and the removal of all Christian symbols from the public square. Because your Dear Leader Obama had declared America as not a Christian nation does not make it so. So, if we don't allow anymore Muslims into our country, who's next? Hispanics? and everybody and their uncle? Hispanics are "Christians". No problem. How about Hindus and Buddhists, etc? These religions don't declare people of other religions as "Worthy of Death". No Problem. Karl, you need to somehow step out of your Liberal PC world and smell the coffee. I would rather be alive and well than PC. This is not about giving up constitutional rights for safety. That is what Gun Control is all about. Muslims can hate America but they can hate America in their own country not here.

  4. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Vance... since when is this a "Christian country?" This website runs articles DAILY that prove it isn't. It never was. And where's the line? We expel Muslims today, then who? Hispanics? Who else? timothy McVeigh was of Irish descent... maybe they don't belong here, either. The kid from Aurora... well, perhaps it's time to close state borders as well... let's let individual states and towns keep their loons to themselves. How about Christian wingnuts? We have them too. Perhaps all expression of religion in this country ought to be shut down for "security."
    Start with the Muslims, Vance, and you know what you're giving the Far Left? The excuse to push religion out of the US once and for all. Err on the side of caution? Vance, that's precisely what I AM advocating.
    Don't trade your freedom for "security." Safety is and always has been an illusion; a myth. Oklahoma City, Aurora, VT, Newtown, Waco, Ruby Ridge... these incidents all proved beyond a shadow that it doesn't matter if it's foreign or domestic; the idea that you can be "safe" from crazies is naïve and completely false.
    and the idea of this being a nation for Christians, a nation OF Christians, or worse... a "Christian Nation" is laughable and ridiculous. It isn't and has NEVER been one. Not really. It had the image, but NEVER the reality.

  5. vance
    1 year ago

    KarlVDH, I'd rather err on the side of saving lives and limbs of you, your family, me, my family, and for all those innocent American citizens. When I saw the picture of a bomber victim with his legs blown off being pushed in a wheel chair, it was enough to convince me that this country needs to get a grip on our immigration and welfare system. That man with his legs blown off didn't deserve that. Muslims are at war with the world. That is in their Koran. These people are an antithesis to Christianity and our way of life. They don't need to be here.

  6. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Vance, a cpouple things trouble me here... mainly, the idea that singling out one religion for exclusion makes us "safer." Vance... prior to Boston, the atrocities committed on US soil have been carried out by Americans. Statistically, if you're going to be a terror victim, you have a far, far greater likelihood of being harmed by a non-Muslim that was born right here in the U.S.
    So... clearly, blocking Muslims from entering the US doesn't solve a thing. So now what?

  7. Sr Rose Kuzma
    1 year ago

    I don't like to open up and find pictures of guys kissing each other or two women getting married. It is awful thanks

  8. vance
    1 year ago

    KarlVDH, The Russians had this family under close scrutiny including wiretaps of conversations among jihadists. They contacted the FBI numerous times about these monsters but the FBI looked the other way the same as they looked the other way with Benghazi, The underwear Bomber, and the Fort Hood mass murderer. There was plenty of "Heads-Up" info on these two Muslim Terrorists. On the immigration issue, this country needs to place a moratorium on allowing any Muslims into this country for any reason until we have a grip on who is already here. The borders need to be closed tight so no illegal alien Muslim Terrorists enters this country to detonate a car bomb that blows yours and my life away while we are out shopping with our friends and family.

  9. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    But Vance... HOW? Everyone who knew these people says they were great folks... warm, friendly, generous, outgoing. This wasn't like other times, when natural born Americans did terrible things and people said "Oh, he was a weird guy... kept to himself, seemed agitated, angry all the time..." and so on. No... these guys were well liked, popular. the locals who knew them are STILL freaked out and in disbelief.
    My point is, if we can't even manage to spot the threats within our own native born American community, like, the shooters from Aurora, CO, or Newtown, CT... when there are practically "red flags" flying over their heads, and if we can't manage to spot disgruntled nutbars like Timothy McVeigh, or religious whack jobs like David Koresh... ALL people born right here in the USA who were FREAKS from the get-go... if we can't manage to do something ahead of time with THEM, then how in the world can we expect to filter out a couple of normal, outgoing, seemingly happy people with no discernible history of violence before they enter the country?
    This isn't about where they came from, or what religion they adhere to... it's about people, plain and simple. based on recent events, Vance, I'm much more worried about natural born Americans doing off the wall things than I am foreign terrorists... and anyone who's not hasn't been paying attention.

  10. DLL
    1 year ago

    Muhammad : the same question could be applied to your faith based system. To answer your question,the Catholic faith is based on love as demonstrated by the life of the Messiah,Jesus Christ,never is it based on hate and murder. When innocent people are targeted to be murdered and disfigured by a dirty bomb by hateful extremists,it is only right ,normal even,to be very angry about it. God is never served by any willfully violent person. There is no "religion" in any of that! It is against the law in America to treat a prisoner as a human piece of excrement. This woman's boy will get a fair trial. The mother is deluded,no one cut the vocal cords deliberately so that the surviving son could not speak for himself. We do not cut tongues out in America. The other son would still be alive if he did not resist arrest. Being arrested in America is not the same as being convicted. Only a convict is called guilty of a crime. "Alleged" is the term used to describe someone implicated in a crime. Even if it seems certain that someone is guilty of a crime they are the alleged,not a convicted killer,as in the case of her boys,until they are tried then convicted in a court of law. Taxpayers complain about this because to be just prior to a conviction of anyone costs a lot of money. In many countries authorities put a bullet in the head of a supposed criminal,no questions asked! America is not like that. I pray it never ever becomes a country like those others. Our religion wants fair and equitable justice to be done for this woman's son,preferably without resorting to a death penalty. Fair and equitable justice is a basic human right for everyone in America,the Catholic Church approves of this as well,in that Divine and Civil law agree without any conflict.

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