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Dr. Roy Spencer on Global Warming, 'No one knows' Comments

Many of our readers have urged Catholic Online to interview Dr. Roy Spencer as a leading, qualified skeptic on the issue of anthropogenic global warming. On Monday, Marshall Connolly interviewed Dr. Spencer to hear his expert opinions on the issue. Continue Reading

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  1. wilbert
    1 year ago

    What I find perplexing with the Believers, warmists ,etc, when it comes to AGW is this,… For 40 plus years we have been told that Warming was going to cause all kind of catastrophe on the planet and people will have to move because of sea level rising, The Himalaya’s will be gone by 2035, that our children will not know what snow is by the years 2000 and we must do everything we can to stop this warming or we are all going to die. All of this scare base on Computer models prediction and on a friendly trace gas CO2… remember a Computer Model output is only as good as its input. Now we have no warming since 2008 and one would think that the Warmists would wipe their brows and say Pheww! We are saved! we are not going to die the warming as stopped ,even if CO2 is still rising, our children will still knows what snow is and we Now Know that the Himalayas are not going to be gone by 2035.. We are saved!! ….. BUT not so fast! The reaction to this great news is? Anger, Insults, name calling and a complete denial /rejection of this Good News and they attack anyone who dare try to bring forward this new fact that Mother Nature does what it always did ,move along regardless what Computer Models predict it will do… Kind of like if you are stranded on a deserted Island for years and finally a ship shows up to save you and instead of being happy you get on board and scuttle the ship because you have convince yourself for so many years that you will never be rescued. . Logically they should all be happy ..Why are they not?

  2. robnbc
    1 year ago

    Temperatures and sea levels are rising faster than many models said they would. If anything, climate models underestimate future change.
    The last decade was the warmest on record and we have very accurate measures of ocean temperature, acidity and . We need to start finding practical alternatives to fossil fuels so our children will have a livalbe climate in their future.

  3. Magn Us Orn
    1 year ago

    No single climate model gives “the right answer” - they are not meant to be perfectly accurate forecasts for temperature rise. However they give an idea about the future, a scientifically supported idea. And all the models give the same warning of a hotter, more dangerous future if we keep adding carbon pollution to the air.

  4. gtb
    1 year ago

    No single climate model gives “the right answer.” But all the models give the same warning of a hotter, more dangerous future if we keep adding carbon pollution to the air.

  5. Bill Butler (website
    1 year ago

    Roy Spencer:
    “It is entirely possible that summer sea ice meltback now is no worse than it was back in the 1920's and 1930's, when ship explorers reported unprecedented warming and sea ice and glacier changes in the Arctic. Humans could not have been responsible for that event, so how can we know the extent to which we are responsible for the current melting event in the Arctic?”
    This statement is a speculative opinion as we do not have accurate measurements of Arctic Ice Pack trends before the satellite era. Roy should stick to what is known as opposed to inserting his opinions.

    Roy Spencer:
    “But sea levels were rising long before we could have been to blame, since well before 1900.”
    This statement is demonstrably false and Roy should know better.
    Sea level had been remarkably stable for 6,000 years before the late 1800s. Then, for the period from 1870 to 2004 the average rate of rise was 1.4 mm/yr.
    For the last few decades the rate of rise has been 2.9 mm/yr.
    The rate of rise has been accelerating with the current rate at 2.9 meters per 1,000 years. This is the steepest rate of rise in the last 7,000 years. (Please see the first Wikipedia link.)

    Roy Spencer:
    “Warming of the global average surface temperature seems to have stopped about 15 years ago”
    This statement is demonstrably false and Roy should know better.
    2005 saw a new record global warmth. This record was broken in 2010.
    Also, there was 4.3 trillion tons of net glacial melting from 2003 to 2010.
    If warming stopped 15 years ago, what melted 4.3 trillion tons of ice?

    Roy Spencer:
    “I have seen nothing yet to change my view built up over years of research which tells me that we really have no way of knowing how much of our current warmth is human-caused versus natural.”
    Roy Spencer should open his eyes to what can be seen.
    “Global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced.”

  6. scottr
    1 year ago

    I am impressed and surprised by your willingness to be fair and balanced. I agree with Dr. Spencer most of the way. So many of the warmer's models haven't predicted anything with any degree of accuracy. We haven't seen the 10' sea level increases anywhere. One pole is melting on the edges but accumulating in thickness and the other growing overall. temperatures have stalled in changing. What is so sad is that water vapor is 10x more impactful to the green house effect than carbon dioxide but we don't see people rushing out to curb that. The comment about the politics is dead on. It is a way to scare people into the progressive mindset that we must all go back to the stoneage except the top "thinkers" who rule us all. It is all part and parcel to that end. I do believe in responsible stewardship. Make it as efficient as possible to drive to make power to do whatever that burns fossil fuels. Buckminster Fuller had a vehicle larger and heavier than a suburban that could do over 125 mph and get over 35 mpg. Why don't we have that on the road today. So many questions like that. but is the warming we used to have man made, we can't know. we haven't had the instrumentation to look at global changes long enough to know. We don't have the technology to know. But we do have a mandate to subdue the earth and take care of it.

  7. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Dr Spencer meets all of Marshall Connolly's stated narrow and strict criteria for who can claim to be an "expert" on this subject and he meets it in spades. In addition, he meets my rather dubious approval as someone who is qualified to comment knowledgeably on this topic because he has access to and has conducted detailed analysis upon the most accurate and applicable data that there is, i.e. the NASA satellite data.

    "Warming of the global average surface temperature seems to have stopped about 15 years ago, although there is some evidence that the deep ocean has continued to warm by hundredths of a degree. "--Dr. Spencer

    hundredths of a degree is statistically insignificant in the extreme on a planet that has a standard deviation of 8 deg in its mean temperature on a daily basis.--my own "non-expert" observation

    "It is entirely possible that summer sea ice meltback now is no worse than it was back in the 1920's and 1930's..."--Dr. Spencer

    "Also, since 1979, sea ice around Antarctica has gradually increased, not decreased,..."--Dr. Spencer

    "There has been no increase in "superstorms" or tornadoes..."--Dr. Spencer

    "Current solar and wind technologies are too expensive, unreliable, and can only replace a small fraction of our energy needs...."--Dr. Spencer

    "Most climate researchers simply assume recent warming is manmade..."--Dr. Spencer

    And most of them are full of leftist, socialist BS, but bereft of any factual knowledge of the actual science involved.-- my own "non-expert" opinion

    "we really have no way of knowing how much of our current warmth is human-caused versus natural."--Dr. Spencer

    Bingo!-- my own "non-expert" opinion

    And that would be the same "warmth" which has not changed by any significant amount in the last 15 years according to the guy with the best measurements available...-- my own "non-expert" opinion

    Dr Spencer basically agrees with what I have been stating in my comments on this issue from day one. These are the data- and evidence-based scientific facts, not the socialist propaganda-based garbage that the media spews out on this almost daily. I rest my case.

  8. Jim S
    1 year ago

    Real scientists who know anything about the history of temperature changes know that what Dr. Spencer is saying is absolutely correct. With the type of measurements we have it is impossible to know enough to pin current temperature changes, whatever they are (since even our data collection methods are suspect for a variety of reasons) on humans or anything else, and there are other possibilities besides human activity that are rarely publicized but which could make significant differences as well. One thing for certain is that the various climate models used on computers can't even predict current data from past data, so how can we possibly put any faith in them to predict the future? There's a reason why the U.S. has far fewer pollution problems than the third world and most of the "second" world, too, and that is because our economy has produced enough wealth to have excess which we can use on minimizing pollution while many parts of the world must use all their productivity simply to stay alive. So Dr. Spencer's statement that the worst thing we could do would be to cripple our economy with draconian regulations limiting the use of fossil fuels is also absolutely correct. Progress cannot be made while reducing productivity. It's not rocket science.

  9. mike
    1 year ago

    in the 1920's and 1930's HUMANS could very possibly been the cause of the Arctic sea ice melt. Ever hear of the Industrial Revolution? Talk about carbon pollution! The air was much more polluted with soot. Earth's rotation has the effect of drawing airborne pollutants into a spiral and depositing them at the poles. Soot will increase the absorption of sunlight on snow causing ice melt. But, if, like this author, you don't want the Earth to show warming you will discount information that indicates counter-wise.

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