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Dr. Roy Spencer on Global Warming, 'No one knows' Comments

Many of our readers have urged Catholic Online to interview Dr. Roy Spencer as a leading, qualified skeptic on the issue of anthropogenic global warming. On Monday, Marshall Connolly interviewed Dr. Spencer to hear his expert opinions on the issue. Continue Reading

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  1. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    "The lack of strong El Ninos since 1997/98 masks the atmospheric changes in temperature."

    How can a LACK of El Ninos - i.e., something that didn't happen - mask changes in temperature?

    Apparently, one must have a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management, like David Turton, to believe something like that.

    Incidentally, Dr. Turton, 2010 was an El Nino year. You can see for yourself at Roy Spencer's website, showing satellite-measured temperatures

    Not that it matters; the ENSO variation has nothing to do with "anthropogenic global warming" and is not part of the AGW models.

  2. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    A couple of weeks ago, I pointed out to Mr. Connolly and readers here how the misguided fear of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hurts the poor - especially the poor in Africa and South America.

    It is unfortunate that the Catholic Church, led by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), continues to support policies to reduce greenhouse gas, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). The Church, believing it is helping the poor, is part of the green campaign to keep the poor in poverty.

    A more complete description can be found at the WUWT website:

    "The Equator Principles are ten principles for lending by international banks that work to the detriment of poor nations. Under pressure from environmental groups, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and 76 other banks in 32 countries adopted the Principles. These principles demand that banks lend in an “environmentally and socially responsible manner,” which sounds good. But a top objective of the Equator Principles is “to promote the reduction of emissions that contribute to climate change.” Lending capital is restricted for coal mines, oil refineries, and other hydrocarbon projects desperately needed to build the economies of developing nations."

  3. layzej
    1 year ago

    Hi David,

    No need to forsake the church based on one article. The Catholic church recognizes the need to live within our means rather than borrow from our children's future.

    Benedict XVI said "If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation" - On Nov. 25, 2011 he urged that “all members of the international community might reach agreement on a responsible, credible response,” to the phenomenon of climate change, -

    The Pontifical Academy of Sciences issued a report calling, "on all people and nations to recognize the serious and potentially irreversible impacts of global warming caused by the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases."

  4. John
    1 year ago

    @ David - This is why you are leaving the Church because you disagree with a non-clerical figure speaking on a non-faith/moral issue???

    Wow, I'm sure you have other reasons for your decision, but if this is what breaks your faith please don't blame the church for your leaving. Instead acknowledge that you probably didn't have a very strong faith to begin with.

  5. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    perhaps you should read a response to Skeptic Science (?) blurb, by the "heretics" over at WUWT:

    The SS people are not in the same league of Dr. Spencer. In case you haven't noticed, SS also dumps comments not in accordance to their true "gospel", so that only the "faithful" can comment.

    If you have ever worked with scientists & engineers, one would know it is a sign of wisdom, not ignorance or stupidity to say "We don't know". To often, preconcieved ideas turn out to be wrong, & cloud the discovery of the truth.

    like most things in climate analysis, there is only very limited time period, & in many cases inaccurate instrumentation.You say ocean content has increased significantly? Here are a couple of items you might read & ponder.

  6. ObserverPA
    1 year ago

    Nothing but ad hominem attacks on Dr. Spencer, citing desperate slanders by warming alarmists. His statements are well-supported, measured in tone, and admit the possibility that the alarmist positions could be correct, though most of the data indicates otherwise, and the projections of doom and gloom are not well founded. Here is a detailed comparison of Dr. Spencer's statements vs. an attack on him by vituperative alarmist Dana Nuccitelli at the "Skeptical Science" website. Yes, I know the Watts Up site and Christopher Monkton will evoke even more mouth-foaming from the chicken lttle crowd; but try sticking to the information presented, and accept the fact that this is a robust debate, not a "settled" issue. I've seen pretty much all the citations posters are claiming as "debunking deniers," and am not impressed by the content or tone

  7. Kjell Arne
    1 year ago

    It is to bad - that Spencer is simply repeating long debunked climate myths in this interview. Please take your time to see here what he made wrong:

    Spencer has a bad reputation for misinforming the community about global warming. Here is a compilation of some of those:

  8. David
    1 year ago

    This is why I am leaving the Catholic church. Nearly every scientific real mind asserts that Global Warming is taking place. I was raised Catholic, but this politically conservative doctrine is absolute crock.

  9. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    Marshall, noticed today, your blog made the big leagues at Anthony Watts,


    P.S. I put in a good word for you.

    But one warning, the "slings & arrows" of the "true believers" will not cease to shower you with scorn. .

  10. Stephen M Turton, PhD
    1 year ago

    Heating has increased significantly in the oceans at all depths during this time. The lack of strong El Ninos since 1997/98 masks the atmospheric changes in temperature. This is 8th grade science so why bother with this? As the world's largest not for profit corporation, please get behind the credible science.

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