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Dr. Roy Spencer on Global Warming, 'No one knows' Comments

Many of our readers have urged Catholic Online to interview Dr. Roy Spencer as a leading, qualified skeptic on the issue of anthropogenic global warming. On Monday, Marshall Connolly interviewed Dr. Spencer to hear his expert opinions on the issue. Continue Reading

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  1. Peter Anderson
    1 year ago

    Regard again "Global Warming Alarm: Continued Cooling May Jeopardize Climate Science And Green Energy Funding!" {} :- "The past 17 years of flat global temperatures are creating a big chill for lots of global warming doom-premised industries. ..."
    No rapid warming can be found...the best effort finds 'flat' temperatures.
    Then please regard "US Headed For The Coldest Spring On Record" ( and "A Crisis in UK Energy Policy Looks Inevitable" ( and then "FROM RUSSIA - WITH COLD" (
    Notice also, please, "TEMPERATURE CHANGE IN A NUTSHELL" ( "The UK Met Office long term Central England Temperature record has kept a continuous and consistent data set since the 1660s. It appears to be reliable and to have maintained its quality. It has not been adjusted as have so many other official temperature records. Although the CET record covers only a small part of the northern hemisphere, it has shown a consistent rise since the end of the little ice age in 1850 at a rate of about +0.45°C / century or about +0.67°C in the last 150 years. This rise accords well with other temperature records. However since the year 2000, diminishing solar activity in solar cycle 24, moving back towards little ice age patterns, appears to be having an real effect. ...".
    Claims about some small number of summers being 'warm' according to a particular agency no longer can be considered as pointing to 'global (stealth) warming by CO2', such never really could, but in being seen made ...and then persistently so... is the lack of actual real-world warming only being accentuated! The activists claims via analogy or 'statistic' being made so as there is no real warming to 'point out'.

  2. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    Those inconvenient facts keep getting in the way of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW).

    Measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) - the deadly odorless, colorless gas that is essential for all life on planet Earth - was edging upward last week, approaching 400.0 parts per million (0.04% of the atmosphere).

    Then it stopped. Then it fell back - to 399.29 parts per million. Celebrations by Green fanatics had to be cancelled. Announcements that CO2 had never been so high in X million years were put on hold.

    Those who have looked at the plot of values know that the concentration of CO2 decreases in Northern Hemisphere Spring and Summer, as the biosphere greens up and starts taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

    Oh dear. Now CO2 may not reach 400 ppm for months. And global temperature has not warmed for 15 years. NOAA just announced a new record for fewest tornadoes in the US. And a major hurricane has not made US landfall for 7 and a half years - and counting.

    Armeggedon has been delayed again. No doubt some other harbinger of doom will be found.

  3. Mark Elliott
    1 year ago

    Have you noticed that nobody talks about a scientific "consensus" about Relativity or Quantum Mechanics? There is ample evidence for these scientific phenomena, so no discussion of "consensus" is required. Climate science is still deeply divided about the effects of CO2 and government conclusions rely on consensus among a group of scientists favoured by the highly politicised United Nations.

    We should remember to be humble and thank Dr Spencer for being honest about our ignorance.

  4. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    Marshall, you did stir up a hornets nest. Looks like this is one of the more popular threads

    I get a little different view, looking at the last 30+ years:


    Note: If you want to check, the prime source ref. they are also at:
    just go to the Global Temp. tab.

    For those interested in 1000 & million year proxy records Wander over to the Paleoclimate Page:

    & note how much climate has changed, per records in ice core, tree rings, etc.
    One of the interesting items was the temp & CO2 reconstructions, is how much they have changed witout human interference.

  5. Greg Comlish
    1 year ago

    Anybody paying attention to the evidence knows that the earth is rapidly warming. According to the data from NOAA, 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have come in the last 15 years. Last year there were 9 times as many record high temperatures as record low temperatures.

    Trolls have been posting misleading arguments, misinformation, and factually wrong statements into this thread. As a typical example, one person wrote "The past 17 years of flat global temperatures are creating a big chill for lots of global warming doom-premised industries." Statements like these couldn't be farther from the truth.

    The truth is that anybody with a working eye can look at the temperature record and see how temperature is not only going up, but doing so on rapid trajectory: .

  6. Peter Anderson
    1 year ago

    But then the real 'climate' reason behind the activist angst can be seen with "The past 17 years of flat global temperatures are creating a big chill for lots of global warming doom-premised industries. Those experiencing cold sweats must certainly include legions of climate scientists who have come to depend upon the many tens of billions of taxpayer bucks for studies that would have little demand without a big crisis for the public to worry about...."
    That whilst its been seen more widely admitted that 'no one knows', note Dr. Judith Curry for instance: "... If all other things remain equal, it is clear that adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will warm the planet. However the real difficulty is that nothing remains equal, and reliable prediction of the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate requires that we understand natural climate variability properly. Until we understand natural climate variability better, we cannot reliably infer sensitivity to greenhouse gas forcing or understand its role in influencing extreme weather events. ..."
    Heating has not increased significantly, let alone at all depths, within the Oceans nor is sea level rising beyond previous rates...such rises might be considered flat in many places also. There is been no increase in 'storm energy' or even storm frequency. This planet is not a good object for Stefan-Boltzmann's equations, and the activists still confuse Energy that exists as Photons with the measurement of kinetic Temperature...doing so via the Theory of Uniform Blackbodies and the notion of a Colour Temperature, such a notion widely used within photography.

    More recent science is suggesting a return to the 'mini-iceage' conditions of a few hundred years ago! No amount of spluttering can overcome the lack of suitable warming that might support a warmist crusade against CO2! That the crusade was failing in a known manner led it to nominate Carbon Dioxide to be Carbon and dusting the hubris with notions of 'carbon equivalence'...Colour Temperature became 'a temperature' and such word games (made by themselves) of 'climate politics' has only left the warmist supporter dumbfounded and vexed.
    The CO2 process the warmist demands is dangerous thus, in reality, is itself unable to actually exist without the word-plays the warmists persist in perpetuating. The word-play will not alter the physical properties of the actual environment whilst the computer models made of the warmists wordplay don't...and weren't made to be, only to seem to be... model this planet's climate system or even the actual materials properties contained in it!

  7. Terry Dunleavy
    1 year ago

    In the true spirit of scientific search for truth, I hope that the critics of Dr Spencer will do him the justice of reading this defense of his position by Viscount Christopher Monckton:

  8. Peter Anderson
    1 year ago

    Seeing mention of the activist produced 'skeptical science' site, that site being neither a display of science or skepticism, it needs be noted that the warmists 'cause' is support solely by computer models and then opinions derived from such and presented into the media.
    Warming is being there 'sold' as anthropogenic, not shown to be so by solid and firm science, so the AGW issue is one of politics attempting to seem scientific and so is political effort to deceive.
    Many of the supposed institutions mentioned, e.g. the American Geophysical Union (in various others comments seen) have had opinions expressed not by the greater membership but by committee making broad statements often out-of-step with the actual broader memberships opinions {}...and there remains no indication of this planets climate system being 'out of balance'!
    The fact is that CO2 has a cooling influence: {}, a process that can be demonstrated even in first principles (no numbers required) whilst the atmosphere's volume is not fixed...the presumption by the warmist that PV=nRT is applicable, regardless of the form that equation is used in, must be undone {}...the atmosphere will alter its volume so further limiting heating.

  9. Greg Comlish
    1 year ago

    I was saddened by this article.

    The Catholic church distinguished itself from other Christian faiths with its intellectual traditional. During the Dark Ages the church and its monasteries and universities were centers where science and inquiry lived on. And in the modern era when Evangelicals attack evolution, the Catholic church demonstrates its openness to evolution, cosmology, and other disciplines.

    Which is why it breaks my heart to see a Catholic forum give the microphone to somebody like Roy Spencer.

    Roy Spencer is like one of those "scientists" who denounce evolution and promote creationism. His job isn't to give a fair assessment of scientific research, but to provide a dead argument with the veneer of science for people who haven't dug into the details. Spencer produces arguments that sound plausible to outsiders, but that have been repeatedly debunked by the scientific community at large. This article is no different.

    Several other comments have already delineated the ways in which Spencer's remarks are misleading, and I won't repeat those her. But I will reiterate my disappointment with Catholic Online for allowing this man access to their audience.

  10. Martin Lack
    1 year ago

    It is very hard to put into proper context all the palaeoclimatic evidence that underpins current concern regarding anthropogenic climate disruption - such as the fact that atmospheric CO2 levels are now higher than they have been for 3 million years - if you think the Earth is only 6000 yrs old (and you think God has promised not to allow sea level to rise [i.e. Genesis 8:22]).

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