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The Fool Says, 'There is no God' : Stephen Hawking, M-Theory and Creation Comments

The Genesis account ascribes manifestation of this incomprehensibly complex and precisely honed universe to a benevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God who transcends time and space. This is, as it goes, the only way to account for a universe teeming with evidence of design, painstakingly engineered and clearly crafted by a superior intelligence that far exceeds man's finite ability to comprehend. Continue Reading

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  1. Debbie
    1 year ago

    I feel very sorry for this man Stephen Hawkins because the Bible does say did the fool have said in his heart that there is no GOD God is very real God is real realer you then you in that disease that is your your body jesus loves you with an everlasting love mr hawkins you may be angry about the disease that is in your body but that does not mean that GOD is not real you are believing a lie the devil wants to take you to burn in hell may you wake up and find Jesus before it's too late heaven is real and so is hell it is no fariytale the only thing that is a fairytale is that lie that your believing may GOD have mercy on your soul

  2. P Myska
    1 year ago

    I watched The Origin of the Universe on TV this past week (Jyly 5, 2013) and thought that Hawking for some reason, is perhaps a little too much a media guru and too obsessed or politically focused on proving that God doesn't exist rather than doing real science - and that this perhaps ends up colouring his views, because in reality, that is all his thoughts are, theories.

    For example, he argues that time slows down and perhaps stops inside a black hole, but yet a black hole is obviously a full participant within the real or current space-time continuum - it wasn't a black hole at one point, had matter and energy added to it to create the black hole and grows in size as more matter and energy is constantly added to it. I would call that being a full participant in the real space-time continuum.

    In any event, assuming he is correct and that time actually does stop inside a black hole rendering it a non-participant in the real space-time continuum this then appears to contract his main premise that nothing existed before time was founded at the Big Bang. Amazing how the real time-space continuum actually does co-exist outside of stopped time within a black hole.

    Hmmmm...starts to suggest that there could be parallel universes co-existing side by side, the ones parallel to ours which we just might be incapable of ever experiencing or understanding because in simple terms, we cannot understand anything outside of that within which we exist.

    I personally think that he also fails on the notion that nothing could have initiated the Big Bang, because time did not yet exist. Sorry, but this seems like a huge and easy cop-out from Hawking. There had to be an initiator.

    Anyway, Hawking has become too much of a media guru with many groupie supporters and real science will obviously have to be left with younger smarter physicists and mathematicians.

  3. Dan McDonald
    1 year ago

    Calling Hawkings a fool is a bit rich coming from someone who believes in a invisible omnipotent being. If anything you are the fool and if believing in fairytales makes you happy then you just carry on.

  4. Vincent
    1 year ago

    God creating the universe is not the only "way" that it came to being. Now there is the theory of the multiverse. If we back up into history, people always thought of a "greater being" that created them because they lacked knowledge. Religion was always a way of explaining the unexplainable only because back then we didn't know any better. But what if there were multiple universes out there that were made from points of singularity (single points containing massive amounts of matter with tremendous gravitational pulls) that pulled each other in with such force, that an immediate and incredible "bang" occurred, spreading the matter in the point of singularity all around thus making the universe. Of course this big bang only applies to us. What if there were MORE than just one big bang. What if more universes were being made right now. More points of singularity could be coming together and creating more universes. Back then, to think that the world was believed by all until it was proven wrong. Later people also thought that the earth was the center of the universe, until it was proven wrong. It's highly likely that the fact that we are the only universe out there is wrong as well, it's just that we haven't reached the point of realization. It would be wrong for us to be close-minded and think that we are the only universe. The "beginning of time" would not be the beginning of all time. It would just be the beginning of time for our universe after its birth.

  5. Allison Ford
    1 year ago

    My youngest son Alex died of leukemia Apr2,1997. After the numbness wore off I felt rage. I thought I lost all faith and for the first time I felt alone and lost. Oneday I heard an atheist voice an opinion and it made less sense than anything I heard before. There was an underlying anger. I thought how can you be so angry at something that doesn't exist? The answer is you can't. While so much of our universe cannot be explained, it's order is undeniable and is no accident. All cultures spanning back to drawings on cave walls throughout the world have one thing in common, looking up for a higher being. Call it what you may, celebrate it or not how you will. Rationalize from A to Z. In the end I call it God and I'm glad we're not alone.
    The big bang is interesting enough, but moreso to me is to look at eachother, celebrate and accept our differences and in that respect for eachother we can find world peace

  6. wtf
    1 year ago

    This article is dangerous propaganda and you are a plague, and the nonsense you have spewed as proof of god is an embarrassment ...... please stop writing

  7. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    When God looked into the vast nothing and said, "Let there be light," what did it sound like?
    I have no problem imagining a tremendous "bang."

    And since time has no meaning for God (nor for a world with neither day nor night yet,) the fossil record isn't a threat; it's confirmation. EVERY living thing, one way or another, is based on the carbon molecule, and requires the exchange of O2 and Co2 to exist. Everthing. If I look at a Picasso, even unsigned, I recognize it as a Picasso, because the artist's hand cannot lie. Looking at all creation, who could deny the obvious suggestion of the same artist... the same Creator?
    If evolution is the means by which God chose to create, all praise to Him, for we may be able to imitate everything in a lab including the creation of life.... but EVOLUTION... God's manner of creation... we can never duplicate in any circumstance.
    If we embrace evolution for the miraculous method of creation that it clearly is... no dichotomy between us and those who'd deny a creator's hand even need exist.

  8. Rita Biesemans
    1 year ago

    In the early 1960's Hawking came to visit my boss Mr. Maurice D'hont the director-general of the Atomic Center in Belgium, I was in those days a translator-interpreter at the Atomic Center and was working out of his office. My boss was also a Professor in Chemistry at the Catholic University in Louvain in those days. I had no clue who that Stephen Hawking in a wheelchair in miserable condition, was. My boss did NOT talk about it, he just said : "he's a scientist"
    I couldn't believe what I heard and saw. (being young and greens as grass in those days). Only now I realize and I'm wondering what did they talk about at that Atomic Center. They didn't need me to interpret because English is well known and spoken in Belgium.

  9. DLL
    1 year ago

    Celeste: uncountable physics law? Infinite! right? Hawking's has an infinite number physical laws to support all his theories!? God is infinite,immortal,Divine Mind,omnipotent,supreme being,creator of the world with infinite physics laws at his disposal to make creation a reality. God is immortal,Hawkins is only mortal. Hawkins is not God. Infinite physics laws? Hawking's might support that idea! If so Hawking's believes in God and does not realize it and so do you. Read the Bible and do a Bible study in a RCIA class in a Catholic Church. You don't have to join the church but you will come to understand scripture much better than you do now. God bless you!

  10. Celeste
    1 year ago

    On the other side of the matter, Hawking's theory has uncountable physics law to support while your theory has a book written in a extinct language and by who knows who and talks about people who kills their sons " for God" and get eaten by whales but don't get digested and don't need oxygen and get out alive.

    and people wonder why no one believes in religion anymore?

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