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The Fool Says, 'There is no God' : Stephen Hawking, M-Theory and Creation Comments

The Genesis account ascribes manifestation of this incomprehensibly complex and precisely honed universe to a benevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God who transcends time and space. This is, as it goes, the only way to account for a universe teeming with evidence of design, painstakingly engineered and clearly crafted by a superior intelligence that far exceeds man's finite ability to comprehend. Continue Reading

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  1. Moses & Me
    10 months ago

    Christian folk should let their religion speak for itself and those of you who believe it should simply follow what it says. When you attempt to defend it using your opinions, it only strengthens what Stephen Hawking suggests more which leads me to this. I think the biggest mistake that Christians make when trying to defend the idea of God is saying and doing the exact opposite of what their religion teaches. The problem with the Christian School of God is that it is never in agreement, one believes this and another that and on and on with a new movement every ten years. God is either one or not at all if the scripture that you all share is actually "God Breathed". Hawking is a non believer which allows him the leeway in formulating his ideas whereas Christians can have no other opinion other then what scripture provides.

  2. George
    11 months ago

    That's where we're different Mr Hawking , you choose to believe you evolved from an ape ... Your a baboon !
    Your disability isn't what bounds you to your's the darkness in your heart that's killing your spirit! Mr Hawking science is your topic of expertise , religion is mine.
    The theory of the Big Bang and evolution is always changing with new theories opposing the older ones. Albert Einstein quoted the more he learned the less he understood. He then also went on and foolishly said " that if you can't trust your government then who can you trust" that was when he split the atom.
    Mr Hawking undoubtably you have a brilliant mind . But don't fool yourself or others in thinking that your theory is the answer or salvation to man kind.

  3. John Schmidt
    11 months ago

    I read through the comments and it is my opinion that both theists and atheists are being moronic.

    First the theists:

    Do you really believe you can add a single faithful soul to your ranks by first calling the non-believer a fool and later telling them that what you are selling is wisdom? Those who do buy into your notion that they are fools lack any real ability to determine for themselves which nuggets of wisdom should be kept and which ones should be thrown out. Your cause will have gained nothing and the faith of that foolish soul will only be as steadfast as your ability to manipulate them; as soon as you stop telling them what to believe they will move on to the next ideological mastermind to do the thinking for them.

    Second the atheists:

    Last I checked this was a religious website whose focus is on the Christian god. What business do you have here? Has your philosophy become a religion also that you feel threatened and need to compete for followers? Atheists should look at this site in much the same way an adult views Dr. Seuss books unless there is a hidden agenda to force on everyone your beliefs. That being said you so called atheists have as much passion for your religion as do the Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

    BOTH groups are trying to force a belief system on the other with no real heartfelt love for the man, woman, or child caught in the middle and motivated only by the need to be right; if there was ever any real consideration for the masses then the argument would not be an egotistical and self-gratifying debate among the so called academics but in the everyday actions of human beings respecting other human beings.

    Last I checked the Christian god was big enough, wise enough, and masterful enough to leave the sword and the forked tongue out of his teachings; as well as the atheist being intelligent enough to do the same since after all this childish and backwards religious ideology is of no consequence.

    BUT if it is of any real consequence then calling people fools will gain nothing and lose everything.

  4. Ben
    11 months ago

    Things that I have gained from this article.
    - Stephen Hawking is, still, NOT A FOOL
    - God never has or never will exist
    - Creationists have stupid arguments
    - When creationists try to argue, all it does is make them more idiotic
    - The people in the comments that say that he doesn't believe in god because he has motor neuron disease should be slaughtered

  5. Courtney
    1 year ago

    I believe 100% in Christianity and God, but I love science. I think it's very interesting. But even with the thought of there being no God confuses me. Yes, I know that we (Christians) believe God has always existed coming from nothing or no one, but how can you think that out of the millions of universes that ours just so happened to be the one with perfect conditions for life. There has to be a reason or a purpose or a creator. I don't care if your Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or just believe in a higher power, at least you know and understand that someone put all this together for a reason.

  6. Paul
    1 year ago

    So much flawed, biased reasoning that is based on hubris. Very typical of a creationist publication that can't think outside of it's own hubris.

    Creationists say that the the universe itself is evidence of a creator but that is just flawed thinking because just because something is intricate doesn't mean it was created. It's the sake type of thinking that led to belief in a god in the first place- early humans saw somebody get struck by lightning in the middle of a field and assumed it was god punishing him because they didn't understand how electricity works. It's the same closed-minded thinking that caused everyone to just assume that the earth was the center of the universe.

    The truth is, even though something can't come from nothing within the universe itself, there is nothing to suggest that that applies to tye universe as a whole and no reason, other than creations bias, to believe that it does.

    The truth is, human society is still relatively young and it's to be expected that many of us are still held in the grips of deity-mythology that the early humans all believed in.

  7. shubham kumar sourav
    1 year ago

    i think that god is present in the universe because there is a lot much thing which is happen by the use of science in the earth but it is not possible to happen all the things taken at a time.all the things for example born of human beings his needs like plant water etc. are all present in earth.and in no any,through this prove we can think about the presence of super natural thing.we cant understand about the theory of god the nama of god ''GOD'' is given by us .i thing that god is nothing bua a super natural thing which we can feel only in our daily life by performing all the job . which cannot be possible only by the science,also scientists can make the robot but i challange that scientist cannot made the robot like humans.

  8. John
    1 year ago

    How can any of you people claim Hawkings is a fool because he is actually using his brain and thinking outside your bronze age myths? How do you know you are correct? And how can you say the Universe is fine tuned and ordered when there's millions of stars and planets billions of miles away with no purpose whatsoever? Maybe if you put your Bible down for a minute, you would open up to facts. I feel sorry for you people that sacrifice your lives for a book that is filled with contradictions, lies and ridiculous claims that have never been proven!

  9. Morgan
    1 year ago

    So, I have watched many programs on the science, discovery, and other channels about how the universe was created. These programs are very interesting and do reveal a lot of scientific data regarding how things may have come about in making the universe. What bothers me is scientist getting away from science. As I watched one particular program with Steven Hawkins featured, I had to wonder why a scientist would need to make the statement “there is no God”. Hawkins talks about the big bang theory and even with all of his so-called science didn’t really know how the earth was created. On a couple of occasions there is mention of “we go lucky” in the creation of our planet. Now using the word lucky tells me there is no science known to prove anything from that point forward. Then to use this platform to openly state “there is no God” is simply the most appalling thing I think a scientist can do. Why did he bring religion into this without any scientific evidence?
    These kinds of people are the core of the destruction of morality in the United States. We have kids running around killing kids over drugs all over the country. We have disrespectful kids in our schools that teachers struggle to maintain in some semblance of order while they are trying to educate them so they may have a good future. We have drug use rising at an exponential rate, such that kids are using and getting further and further away from reality by the minute. Do adults (ahem.. older people) in Colorado, California, Oregon, and other states that have some form of legal use of pot or other drugs, really think that kids are unaffected by their use of these drugs on a daily basis? My guess is that they know it but don’t want to admit it. Crime, lies, lack of family and family values, and on and on are just abound in our country. Some losing faith in a higher being; letting thugs and self-serving morons drive their decisions.
    Then we have a social ignorant come on a “science education” program and declare “there is no God”. That really helps our science education (really)? I have not seen one piece of evidence in any of the programs talking about the creation of the universe discuss the very minute of our initial creation (including the source of the void that the big bang used as the home of the universe). And, we have to have certain elements to create our form of earth life; there is no mention of how the source “gases” came about. I don’t see anything that can refute the existence of a higher power and I wish so-called smart scientist would quit using terms like “we got lucky” in their explanation of creation of things, especially when they are talking about things on earth.
    Now, I am just a person writing in response to this article, not trying to use science as means of determining what people should believe, but I do think scientist should stick to the topic and only state the facts as they know them. Hawkins showed me no facts to prove his statement, so I still believe “there is a God”.

  10. Truebeing
    1 year ago

    Myska.. You're ignorant. So I guess you are smarter than Hawkins. Please, do try the price that there was no time before the Big Bang. I do wish you the best of luck to prove that by science instead of reading it in a book CREATED by regular humans like us. Here's a question to keep you occupied from calling other people frauds. "If God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent, why does evil exist?" You are a guru of evil which needs to be banished. May god have mercy on your soul deer brother/sister. I hope he goes easy because I wouldn't. You bash on a creation from god who was given the intellect of no one else in the entire would. I hope you read this and reflect on this message. Science and religion are 2 different things under the same categories. Science is another part of god, I mean, why else would he let us have the power of self choosing and the brain to function like no other. Because he may have wanted it that way and someone, not god, wrote in the bit, those who don't believe in god are foolish, are people who push religion too hard and only want it that way because they are greedy. There is not one god but many gods.. Anyways. May all gods have mercy on your soul and all that shabam. GG

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