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According to an earlier sports news report, the Boston marathon bombing suspects were devout Muslims, which could hint at a religious motive for terrorism. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was photographed during a sports interview. He was a boxer. Tamerlain was killed on Thursday night in a shootout. Continue Reading

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  1. JR
    1 year ago

    I don't think we should use the word "devout" here. He was hardly a practicing Muslim, in fact I would say he was an infatuated Muslim who developed extremist/jihadist views. So far from what I've seen in news reports, it's not like he went to his prayers every day, read the koran religiously since he was a child. No, he became radicalized from the internet and found hatred in America from the wars (Iraq/Afghanistan). He was influenced by other crazy extremist nutters and possibly received his bomb making skills from Russian extremists. This is the case of a man with deep mental issues. There was an article out there that was theorizing that the blows to his head sustained from boxing may have also contributed to his mental instability.

    Let's not forget that what happened to him could possibly happen to any of our brothers and sisters in the church. When a mentally unstable person believes that he is chosen by God to carry out his justice it's a recipe for disaster. And I don't believe these religious, extremist views can occur exclusively in Islam.

  2. Nancy J. Murphy
    1 year ago

    Thank you for a very informative article. There is an article in this morning's Wall Street Journal which has gone to extended lengths with the same theme ... with four authors ... so we are well served by both publications, straight out and straight on. I am interested in learning more on the official Vatican position of the entire Islam culture such as the Sharia Law and the Koran. Any chance you might present look into this?
    Thank you again.

  3. Lungo
    1 year ago

    This abused and dellusional girlfriend/wife/widow and tamerlan's family are muslims, LIARS, all protecting tamerlan and his jíhad..they should all be arrested and subject with 1.5 billion lost souls, to a program of de-islamization that will finally end jihad, terror, sharia, PURE ISLAMIC EVIL once and for all.we can finally have PEACE after islam, never during islam.

  4. kelly
    1 year ago

    How can any person with any notion of decency, humanism, truthfulness and honesty,deffend the indeffensible, deny the undeniable, reject the obvious?This is a ANOTHER jihadist terrorist attack, ONE amongst THOUSANDS of muslim attacks cummited to kill as many innocent people as possible, since 9-11 alone.make no mistake, these jihadist attacks are ongoing and will continue until our chruch, our pope,bishops, priests, faithful, .... our currupt politicians,our humanist intellectuals, right-wingers, leftwingers, all stick together and take a stand agaist islamic fundamentalism that is destroying humanity, as they fake and pretend everything is "fine".This kind of violence will not go or fade away with false , empty"dialogue", or wqith appeasing and funding of jihadists(obama's style) or with reasoning with them. they are devout muslims, dvout killers, devout terrorists, evout liars who will concela and protect each other in all circumstances..learn the lesson before it's too late and CONFRONT them. they cannot witstand our resolution if we all fight them back!United!

  5. Johannes
    1 year ago

    How can any rational human being consider EVER giving asylum to a guy called tamerlan whose very name pays tribute o a jihadist mass-murderer who butchered millions of non-muslims?!? Are the USA asuthorities insane?? Obviously they are!

  6. Jason G. Hull
    1 year ago

    The sad irony. He came to the U.S. to escape violence in his home country, but he caused violence in the U.S. As a Muslim he was concerned that the lack of morality would cause people to lose control, yet he lost control and committed morally evil acts.

  7. Greg
    1 year ago

    Is hell broken loose yet? Until us, Catholics, yes, us, restart praying for the world, for every injured person we see or meet on the street, at any sound of a police, ambulance, or fire truck, the world will be tumbling down deeper, and deeper. Christ purchased us through His sacrifice. Now the Church is purchasing peace through Her, eg your and mine sacrifice. Either we, out of love for Christ, sacrifice our time, and start praying for the world, or the world makes us sacrifice for satan. Choose! Choose wisely.

  8. David levack
    1 year ago

    thank God no one bombs people in the u.s. for being value less, like in regards to abortion.

  9. Rush Glick
    1 year ago

    More love from the Religion of Peace?

  10. JaKay
    1 year ago

    If these jihad acts are continued to flourish in the US, it may be time to round up all Americans associated with the Muslim doctrine, which is being interpreted many different ways, as the differing sects show. As a means of last resort, either these attacks stop now, or using this means of defense must be brought out of mothballs, to keep the US strong and safe.

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