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Guest Opinion: Religious Freedom & 'Gay Marriage' Cannot Coexist Comments

If you are a Christian in today's America, you too will almost certainly find yourself with a similar decision to make. When man's law violates God's law, you will have to choose which to obey. Choosing God can mean persecution. I've made my choice. How will you choose? Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    1 year ago

    JR: No one worships God to be a god and a judge of others. God is our judge. God is a Divine Mind that is all knowing and creates and in the case of a people of faith,they are re-created so that the naturally sinful nature that they were born with,may fade to take on a nature that is in obedience to a God. To be obedient to God is to learn to love and serve one another and to be patient and kind as well. Order is the rule rather than the exception. Faith is to,learn how to be of one mind in Christ as Christ reveals the nature of God. Much of the Bible reveals the struggles of the faith in ordinary people living ordinary lives. It also demonstrates how men worship God in vain and for strictly selfish and self serving reasons. The old and new testaments are about faith and how to serve God and each other properly as Christ did. The Messiah has taught us how in serving God we serve one another. There is a right and wrong way to do most everything. Mommy told me about a lot of those ways,she died at 89 years old 7 years ago. So now what do I do? Am I helpless without my Mommy? Really! Why chastise those who know that there is a right and wrong and have the guts to say so. Everyone teaches me about the right and wrong way to do most anything everyday. They are mostly helping me because if they let me do something wrong day after day,knowing it is wrong,than they certainly do not care for me or those that are affected by my incorrect ways. Homosexual Marriage is WRONG. I write that out of love not hate. To be disillusioned is to be wrong insisting you are right. Is the Bible or the Church wrong? Yes is is I suppose. To anyone in denial truth is hard to accept. The Bible is the inspired word of God and it reveals Divine Truth,as a result it will not confirm us in sin,but will encourage us all to turn away from sin. Christ shows us how to be obedient to God. The Messianic message is to"love The Lord your God with all your heart,soul mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself". Sin is self serving and ultimately self destructive. Who suffers from sin? The sinner! God bless you!

  2. Adrian
    1 year ago

    Well done Emma, keep it up. Brilliant explanation and very down to earth! Straight down the line. hard-hitting. After your opinion, I really find there is nothing for me to say but, keep at it Emma.

  3. robertburford
    1 year ago

    Let us extend Mrs Stuzman's basic disagreement. Does that mean as a car salesman I can not sell a car to a homosexual? I do not disagree the deviant sexual behavior is in our society but I disagree with the way she did it. She should have said that she does not agree with his choice but she should have sold him the flowers out of love. We as a people of faith know that homosexuality is evil and is wrong, wrong and more wrong. She was not making a choice to support him simply doing business. I've worked with homosexuals and treated them with respect, never ridiculed them and yes loved them but never approved of their behavior. They in turn knew that I am a staunch Catholic whose faith does not support their lifestyle. Does that mean I should have quit my job? In my present employment there are at least 4 openly gay people. What would Christ do? Hopefully, I can do as Christ did and say go and sin no more.

  4. vance
    1 year ago

    Many of us saw this coming back in the Clinton administration. He made it abundantly clear what his agenda was. To his credit he did sign the Defense of Marriage Act that Obama refuses to enforce. Pope John Paul II made it abundantly clear that Gay Marriage is against God's natural Law and is not acceptable in the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the American Catholic Church was and is silent on Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage. They wouldn't stand up and support our Holy Father the Pope. Shame on them. The church will suffer for it.

  5. Emma
    1 year ago

    Let's please, take off the kid gloves here for a minute and stop with the political correctness! I 've wondered what I would say to my own son and what I would say is not pretty and may be a little "too much " for this venue. I'll leave that to the moderators to decide. "Teo, I love you. Nothing that you do in this world will ever ever change that! It's :because I love you that I'm going to be open and honest about these impulses that you say you're experiencing. What you feel is not love. Love doesn't harm you or the object of that emotion. Love shows itself in loving action. So, when a man takes a part of his body that men in general protect, a part of his body which has an opening into an area that is designed to be sterile (your bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs and puts that part of his body into that of another which is laden with bacteria, he exposes himself to major infections many of which there are no treatments for. Do you want that for yourself? I don't, because I love you. What about this other that you say you love? The rectal muscles are designed to work in only one direction. Out. Stool is soft and passes out easily if the person is healthy. Forcing something into the rectum that does not belong, harms that muscle. It tears and bleeds, over time it weakens. The rectal sphincter also over time weakens resulting in a loss of control. Will you or the other still be sexually attracted to each other when one is incontinent of bowel? Please think about what you're doing. Love doesn't inflict physical harm on the object of devotion. Love doesn't ask that of you. Throat cancer is on the rise in young men also because they've now passed on the HPv virus orally. I love your voice, the sound of your laughter. I don't want that silenced by a tracheostomy tube. Please think about the jeopardy that you are placing yourself in. I will go to the ends of the earth to keep you from this and any other harm, even when it requires that I be graphic and honest to the point of hurting your feelings. Be safe. Love yourself please. Love yourself enough to turn away from this. I couldn't bear to see you taken advantage of and manipulated in this way by a world gone mad! "

  6. Thomas
    1 year ago

    To JR: I'm glad to read you believe in God, you have made the first step in knowning his love. A suggestion in reading material for you Matt: 7 v7. It's a great start to your journey of Love. God Bless you.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    What I question is why it is socially acceptable to counsel a loved one who is physiologically predisposed to alcoholism away from alcohol, yet bigotry to counsel a loved one predisposed to same sex attraction away from that? Both physiologically predisposed. In the case of an alcoholic, we're codependents and enablers if we support the behavior. In the case of homosexuality, bigots if we don't support the behavior. Which is it?

  8. Proteios1
    1 year ago

    Did everyone see the article from the gay activist. I wish I could remember the link. She basically stated in clear English that the goal was to destroy traditional marriage. Her agenda was not to destroy religion or get back at us per se, but rather to destroy the concept that one man and one woman should be together for life in the service of the family unit. She has three kids and five parents in her...I hesitate to say family, but her mini collective. Her agenda is that should be just fine to have a loosely affiliated...not as such. To normalize this you must remove an obstacle in the social order. Marriage.
    And yes. We have to look at marriage as more than a right, but a responsibility. It's tough, but one man. One woman. Lets not remove the other key part....FOR LIFE.

  9. Chris
    1 year ago

    Very good article, written with a lot of truth. My only say on the matter is the persecution will be here sooner than we know it.

  10. Bob
    1 year ago

    The First Amendment of the Constituion's Bill of Rights protects citizens from government intrusion into their religious beliefs. It is not only a right to free speech but a right to practice one's religion, freedom of conscience, free of harassment from government intervention. Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed charges against Ms. Stutzman, seeking both a monetary judgment and an injunction to physically force her to violate her own conscience. When the culture changes, the Church remains eternal. Biblical history is replete with kings of pagan lands demanding Jews, Christians, etc. to bow to their demands only to see obedience to God take precedence over man resulting in martyrdom. One grave example would be an attempt by the Department of Health and Human Services to prevent orthodox Jews from performing circumcisions on their newborn male children. Is this where we are going as a country?

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