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Stephen Hawking, great theory, but you're wrong! Comments

World-renown physicist and author, Stephen Hawking, gave a lecture last night at Pasadena's California Institute of Technology astoundingly claiming that God wasn't needed to create the universe, and that instead physical laws would cause the universe to spontaneously appear. Continue Reading

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  1. Thad
    1 year ago

    You say Mr. Hawking is wrong, yet you offer no evidence to contradict his position. The scientific evidence indicates that no supernatural force is needed to explain the universe we see. Furthermore, there is no evidence that a supernatural force has ever intervened in this universe. As David Hume said 'any evidence of a miracle must be so robust that its being falsified would be more of a miracle than that which it seeks to confirm'. This level of evidence has never been attained for any supernatural phenomenon.

  2. Joshua
    1 year ago

    You failed to demonstrate that he's wrong.

  3. Chris R
    1 year ago

    I request that you refrain from writing op-eds in a section that would imply journalistic integrity (of which there is only very little here), ie, technology and not opinion, denouncing the opinions of a brilliant scientist who has done more for explaining the origins of the universe in his short lifetime than religion has done in the last thousands of years, and making spurious claims about him being wrong and offering no evidence to support it.

  4. Michael
    1 year ago

    Even if you are able to ignore the virtual mountain of evidence pointing to the non-existence of ALL of humanity's gods and godesses throughout our history, all you have to do is look at the historical origin of the god you worship and you will find that it has a specific origin in a specific geographic region (the Middle East) at a specific time in history. The idea that the primitive people who first worshipped your god sometime around the second millennium BCE were able to determine the the origin of all that exists today is beyond preposterous and just a little sad.

  5. Roeltjuh
    1 year ago

    No offense, but you didn't provide any arguments as to why there is a need for God to create the universe. Just because you say Hawking is wrong doesn't mean that he is wrong. And just because you say that God must have created the universe, doesn't mean that that is true either. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Hawking based his speech on experiments and other evidence.

  6. Pete
    1 year ago

    The Big Bang was the moment God uttered, "Let there be light".

    There is no explanation in the entire world of physics that explains how a universe full of matter and energy can spontaneously come into existence from nothing. A 5-year old understands that you can't take something from nothing.

    I understand agnostics' and atheists' trying to explain the unexplainable by coming up with theories of multiple universes because it's the only thing available to their rational minds, but let's examine:

    What's more probable:
    - Something came from nothing, despite our understanding of physics saying that it's an impossiblity. Within that universe, gasses, rocks, and energy formed in sheer luck to produce ONE single-cell organism, a self-replicating system that eventually became every living thing known to man. All this despite any possible evidence.

    -An intelligent creator imagined the universe in its intricacies and infinite nature, and that he created all things in an evolving manner, including life, so that these creatures can adapt (not evolve) to changing surroundings, proving His infinite wisdom. That man was created apart, unique, and that all other species were created unique as well, although both Man and all the creatures of the world, were born to ADAPT, to excel, to be fruitful, and to successfully reproduce.

    What's more probable? A quadrillion to one chance that life sprung into existence from gas, and energy, and then a hundred quadrillion to one that it mysteriously sprang into existence with the ability to adapt, reproduce, and a billion years later become MAN?

    Give me a break.

  7. Chris
    1 year ago

    Hawking isn't wrong. That's pretty much all I'll say because I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and I have no right to tell you if your religion is or isn't wrong.

  8. Sam
    1 year ago

    Penultimate means "next to last." I do not think that is what the author meant.

  9. Julie
    1 year ago

    I am a lapsed Catholic, and this article illustrates one of the reasons why.

    There is no room in this author's worldview for alternate explanations, and there is no humility about his own ability to discern truth.

    Science is humble, although many scientists are not. Science seeks repeatable results, draws theories, and tests them over and over. Theology goes by different rules, but it seems to me the minimum we must do is be humble about our ideas, and question all received wisdom.

  10. Anon E Mouse
    1 year ago

    Humans create the "why" in our minds, just like we made up the bible and "God" and religion. They might have started with good intent, but they've always served as a means to control the masses. Those on top still get all the cheese, but they're clever enough to make up a "God" to validate it.

    Nature has no "why."

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