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Stephen Hawking, great theory, but you're wrong! Comments

World-renown physicist and author, Stephen Hawking, gave a lecture last night at Pasadena's California Institute of Technology astoundingly claiming that God wasn't needed to create the universe, and that instead physical laws would cause the universe to spontaneously appear. Continue Reading

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  1. aditya singh
    1 year ago

    i have some questions thats answer i want their life after death time travel possible

    3.universe/time/nothingness what wants from us beginning when their is nothingness then where is the matter missing thats why this universe came in existence.

  2. Sharon Roth
    1 year ago

    Mr. Connolly, a theory is a speculation, a conjecture, an assumption, an opinion. An opinion is never wrong. Everyone in this country is allowed to have an opinion. Freedom of Speech. You can disagree with Mr Hawking's opinion. You have that right. Mr Hawking has not felt God in his Life even though he has received many miracles which he probably attributes to doctors and scientists. His eyes are shielded from seeing God's hand. We can rant against non-believers or we can Love One Another as Jesus directed us. We can choose fear or love. Love is Christ's way.

  3. Chat
    1 year ago

    Funny how such scientists always ask proof for GOD's existence before they believe HIM but they are comfortable to believe that "stuff" in the universe simply appeared out of nothing just because they have to appear. Science has proven time and again that everything has a source yet most "highly" educated humans are too full of themselves that they cannot believe Somebody is bigger than they are.

    "For everything that could have been known about GOD was clear to them; GOD Himself made it plain. For though we cannot see HIM, we can at least discover HIM through HIS works; For HE created the world and through HIS works we understand HIM to be eternal and powerful" (Romans1:19-20)

  4. Lady
    1 year ago

    Hawkings is like other scientists, they have theories. That is what science is about. He was not there at the beginning of the universe. If man is intelligent, how can he reason through science that man exists from nothing or a "bang" out in space? Sounds far fetched. Inte;ligence doesn't spring from matter!!! Hello? Understand yet? History has shown that the scribes have written wisdom that is timeless. I have looked and looked and I cannot see that done today by anyone. I dont believe in fairy tales & I dont believe in what man tells me. I believe in a force that is beyond scientific understanding. I have been shown miracles in my life that doctors said cannot be. I dont care to prove that to someone with a closed mind. I dont need to. I live everyday, thankful, awestruck to have been chosen to experience something beyond science and theories. So, NO, "thelooker" I don't have God telling me what to do, what to think etc. I am not controlled by God. We are allowed FREE WILL, duh. It's insane to think that human beings, animals, plants, etc. just popped out of thin air. That is not even plausible or as of yet, proven by science.

  5. S Goldfarb
    1 year ago

    Quantum Mechanics, Special and General Relativity are way too hard and would take forever to study and understand. Besides, I'd have to read lots and lots of books full of math and really big words. I find it much easier to just read one book and go with "God did it!".

  6. Steve Markus
    1 year ago

    It saddens me to see the type of IQ's are in here. All of your IQ's combined, it's still in the single digit. "God can do what he wants" CAN HE CREATE AN UNMOVABLE ROCK? If he can, he is not omnipotent since it is something he cannot move, but if he cant, then that demonstrates he is not omnipotent. so what then? just think about that.....

  7. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    It IS exciting the learning gathered as science propels forward. Such learning stands to benefit the world at best if mankind applies this learning in ways that are good. There is the thing … what is good?
    Religion instructs us on what is impeccably good, Godly. This then is the domain of the Church … to discern goodness as a guide for mankind (in all our inherent deficiencies such arrogant pride and ugly prejudices) to aptly use learning to benefit the world effectively. If we are not using learning in this way, the world is at risk of implosion or explosion.
    Thus, Science and Church should dialogue to benefit the world otherwise what’s the sense?

    The other thing is that I have God within. Science cannot tell me God is not within me.
    The most impressive presence of God I’ve personally had occurred at a time when I was furthest from God. To cut a long story short … during an accident involving a falling aquarium on my just-shy-of-two year old son I was struck immobile by God’s presence, heard (this is the closest sensory word to describe what happened) Him, and obeyed; my son as a result was rescued by my immobility; the aquarium’s wooden roof fell first over him in protection of the glass that fell afterward.
    All praises to God that He allowed me to feel His sweet sea of Mercy interlaced with Love in a real tangible way; and that He entered under my roof and that of my son. When you feel God, no one can tell you it is not God.
    Sadly, I was so far gone from God it would take 10 more years for me to walk into a Catholic Church.

    I have come to understand that we are on different points on the spiritual journey. Our varied responses to God and the one true Catholic and apostolic Church show this. For those further along the journey though, the response to atheism and agnosticism should always be love, prayer, humility, and Christian understanding.
    Thank You God for Your revelation to me. I am not worthy at all except that I be Your creation and ransomed for by Jesus Christ.
    I pray for Your Church in Its duties of spreading the Gospel.
    Please Lord help all of us sinners. I am sorry for the sin of the world. Help undo our unbelief of You and give us complete sincerity in all our work.

  8. Peter Wolczuk
    1 year ago

    I suspect that kdt makes a larger statement than he realizes when he says that, at best, Stephen Hawking didn't prove his point, since lack of proof shows a very incomplete conclusion in science. Is this a theory, as the article describes it or, is it a hypothesis?
    Hypothesis translates loosely as; less than a theory, and it uses thesis instead of theory. A theory has been subjected to a very challenging peer review and a thesis to a peer review which is somewhat informal. A hypothesis has not been so subjected but, is more like something that is left to each individual to do their own version of peer review in isolation. This could be based on pre-conceived notions, blind loyalty in an idolatry toward the one who submitted the hypothesis or worse.
    Has this been subjected to the scrutiny of a peer review by objective and diverse scientists? If not, then why not? Could there be a fear of such scrutiny and what that may reveal by uncomfortable questions being asked?
    If there was an imitation of peer review among fans of the originator then, it still seems (to me) like a hypothesis which is being protected from that which science uses to find the truth that can lead to freedom. John 8:32
    This quote; and the scientific experiment taught in the first book of Daniel when Thales of Miletus was looking for a logical explanation in Babylon (and other places) before he invented science and became known as the first scientific thinker; may well have led to the search for truth which Hawking seems to be using for achievement of a celebrity status.

  9. Vicki M
    1 year ago

    How very sad that Professor Hawking spends so much of his efforts and limited time remaining in this life railing against God, whom he claims doesn't even exist. I am puzzled as to why would anyone bother fighting something that's not there?! That'd be like me writing and speaking against ingnots on the planet Jathor- which I don't because they don't exist. Sad...perhaps it signifies that buried down deep in his conscience, Stephen knows God exists, and for whatever reason he is unable to accept Him into his heart. I wonder if God is enabling him to stay alive as long as he has despite his incredibly debilitating and difficult illness, to give him every possible chance to say "Yes, Lord" before it's too late. God freely gives us His gift of love and redemption, but it's up to us to receive and open it. Let us pray for Stephen, that God's grace heal his blindness.

  10. Dr. Celestine A. Raj Manohar MD.,/Pen-name:Dr John Celes
    1 year ago

    Many scientists refuse to believe in God, the Maker of everything, known, unknown and unseen.It is a pity he suffers a sad state of health and is still reluctant to acknowledge that it is by the special grace of the Almighty, he lives on at least, this well, compared to the so-many unfortunate similar to him! But, nevertheless, he is a miracle of the creator's mercy and prowess which he unknowingly disagrees with.

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