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Archbishop Gomez: A Time for Immigration Reform Comments

April 23 marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of César Chávez, the great Mexican-American civil rights leader. Chávez inspires me. He lived his Catholic faith with deep devotion and courage. And his love for God led him to struggle for justice and dignity for the poor. So let us pray this week for our leaders and for our country and for the millions of our neighbors who are waiting for true immigration reform. And let us try to live our ... Continue Reading

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  1. John
    1 year ago

    The problem with immigration is that there is no clear path. If you ever looked at how to legally become a citizen it is quota based and has about thirteen different stop signs that can stop the process depending on your situation. Mexican immigrants who are mostly targeted by the right say they come here to take welfare, our jobs and increase crime. All this is not true; they are hard working, devoted Christians, family orientated and want to be Americans in the waiting. Of course like every ethnic group there are a few bad apples. We have fellow parishioners who were brought to the US when they were one, two, etc (Very young) who attended our schools, pledged allegiance to our flag, serve in our military, pray and hold hands with us in our parish. They want to be Americans but there is no clear path for these fellow parishioners. We need immigration reform now.

  2. Joe
    1 year ago

    Archbishop Gomez says something needs to be done about immigration. I agree, 1st enforce the laws, 2nd do something about jobs in our country, millions are out of work, these people are illegal, that means they commited a crime. Making them legal so they can become voting block is wrong. Christ is everywhere not just in the USA. Teach them how to fish 1st, not just feed them.

  3. Martha
    1 year ago

    I'm a conservative Catholic who votes Republican 99%. I am praying wholeheartedly that this reform passes all of Congress. It should have passed under Bush, but no. These are our brothers and sisters. God, Family, Country. It really needs to be in that order. Family means the Catholic Church.

    You prior posters, put yourself in the position of a Mexican Dad, who can't make enough to bring his kids (who his Catholic Faith asked him to welcome) enough food, and who is scared to even send them to school thru the drug traffic gunfire that waits outside. It is your GOD GIVEN RESPONSIBILITY to provide. Food, shelter, warmth, Church. What would you do?

    If you can't stomach it from a pure humanitarian perspective, then please consider the other immigrants that the US lets in so easily. What makes them better "candidates" in your eyes? Is it the fear that our "politically correct" license get revoked, or for heaven sake the actual really great jobs for computer programmers or engineers go unused by Americans?

    Please don't throw our my neighbor, the good Catholic family , making authentic cilantro tacos, cutting hair, living with their kids above their little store, going to Church every Sunday. Ohl.....that happened six months ago....

    I never say this, but shame on you prior posters. These are real people. They are as much a child of God as you and I are.

    This is not a political issue. It is a Catholic concern.

  4. Spade
    1 year ago

    César Chávez opposed illegal immigration....

  5. Robert
    1 year ago

    More Democratic voters will lead to more debt, more abortion, gay marriage, and the list goes on and on. I feel for these families. Secure the board first. Until the border is secure this argument for reform is pointless. Sex trafficking is increasing through the open borders.
    Drug trafficking is happening through the open borders.

    1st secure the border and then let's talk about immigration reform.

    What about all of the welfare recipients who won't work. Do I need to keep paying for them also? What is our true unemployment in this country? How is Catholicisim doing in socialist countrys? I believe we should help the poor. Let's help the people of Mexico in Mexico.

    Hmm only the bad guys in Mexico have guns.. The average citizen can't own a gun. The families near the border don't feel safe. Hmm and now we are talking about gun control in the U.S. ??

    Dear Bishop,
    When you begin to speak of abortion, gay marriage, birth control, freedom of religion, stem cell research, euthanasia, heaven and hell from the pulpit, you will once again regain the respect of the faithful. You won't stand up against the democratic party and their evil platform but you want to push immigration reform down our throats when our economy is in the tank and our country is 17 trillion dollars in debt. Really?

  6. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Bishop Gomez your support and that of the American Catholic Bishops for immigration reform is extremely important. The economic factors that cause people to come to the United States illegally and the cruel policies that lead to so many deaths along the border need attention. I hope you and the other Bishops will help to promote a greater awareness of these injustices as you continue to support immigration reform. These are right to life issues!

  7. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    In light of the great sin and crime of abortion, there is no way in heaven that God will alleviate any other evil until we as Catholics unite under one banner of voting Prolife.

  8. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    There is a bitter pill wrapped in this immigration bill. There is a push for a Real ID/National ID. This is something no one in the US should want. I suggest you call your senators and your congressional representative and tell them to vote NO!! on this bill. Tell them you do NOT want a National ID!! I may be paranoid but that sounds like the Mark of the Beast to me. If it is not, it sure is a gradual "nudging into it." God bless.

  9. Larry
    1 year ago

    I don't think immigration reform has much to do with keepin families together or not. I've heard this argument before and if this was the case - making sure memebers of family stay together - then we should also condemn those who leave their families to live elsewhere or work elsewhere for long periods of time - men who leave families to work in another country - but I don't hear that condemnation so I don't think this is a serious issue for those using it.

    I have also heard that you can't force children back to a country that they don't kow much about - the language or culture (refering to making children return to the country of origin with parents who have to return to their country of origin). Well, if that were true, where's the condemnation of parents who bring their small or older children to the USA illegally since they are bringing them to a country that is not their own and the children do not know the culture or the language initially. Where are he voices against those actions? Of course children can adjust and learn language and culture - when they return to their parents' country of origin or any other country.

    It's for these reasons I don't take seriously those who briing up these issues when it comes to illegal immigration. If there are no condemnations of what people do when they leave their families behind or take their children with them away from what they know, then there should condemnation of people returning to their countries of origin with their children and families.

  10. Michael
    1 year ago

    First he claims that we refused to enforce the law for 20 years. But now that we want to do that, it's "cruel." Ridiculous. Once again the bishops are on the wrong side of the issue, like gun control.

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