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Is global warming a hoax? Catholic Online interviews a skeptic Comments

Over the past two weeks, Catholic Online had the opportunity to interview Global Warming skeptic and author, Dr. Mark Hendrickson who is an adjunct faculty member, economist, and fellow for economic and social policy with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. Continue Reading

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  1. john byatt
    1 year ago

    This whole article is pure nonsense,

    "The science is settled in that there is NO WARMING! Even the CRU's Phil Jones admitted three years ago that there has been no warming since 1995!"

    Then one year later, giving the full fifteen years, needed to determine the significance Phil Jones confirmed the warming since 1995 significant at the 95% certainty level.

    Three of the four Antarctic ice sheets have a net loss of ice, Antarctica contributes to Sea level rise.

    The loss of the summer Arctic sea ice has huge implications for the NH winters which are already unfolding .

    Marsh you have not presented the other side of the debate, you have presented pure drivel from this Hendricks

  2. Richard C. Savage
    1 year ago

    I am skeptical that Marshall Connolly was acting in good faith, when he enticed this poor fellow Hendrickson into the arena of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). No one who knows anything about this fiercely partisan argument goes into battle without some academic credentials.

    I'm suspicious that Mr. Connolly merely set up this well-meaning but totally unqualified naif to be insulted and mocked - by the way, what happened to the caveat that "comments submitted must be civil"?

    I have a Ph.D. in meteorology (Wisconsin-Madison, 1976), with a graduate minor in electrical engineering. My dissertation research was on the propagation of microwave energy through hydrometeors (rain, hail); this is the field of radiative transfer, and covers the hypothesis of greenhouse gas (GHG) warming. After school, I wrote the specifications for a microwave imager that flies on the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) birds. It is widely used for operational detection of tropical storms and polar ice coverage; it has been very successful and is still in wide use today - for example, at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). I'm not bragging, just saying I'm qualified to comment on this topic (I'm skeptical about AGW).

    However, to be frank, I'm not sure Mr. Connolly wants honest comments on AGW from someone like me - or Roy Spencer or Richard Lindzen or Freeman Dyson or Roger Pielke or Ross McKitrick or Steve McIntyre......the only person you could find to present an argument against AGW was someone who knows nothing about it?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Is it worth my time to explain to your readers why I doubt AGW? and, more importantly, why the misguided attempt to limit CO2 emissions is hurting the poor, that Pope Francis wish to help? Playing fair, Mr. Connolly?

  3. Kirk
    1 year ago

    I have to ask, how many of you climate change folks also believe in population control? That my friend is the end goal that Satan is seeking with this lie of man made climate change.

  4. Kirk
    1 year ago

    So you people don't like his answers so you attack him.

    CO2 is not the cause of our weather patterns. The son has more to do with it than anything we could ever do.

    When will people stop idolizing false gods and look to God. God made this planet to sustain life and It will be here till His Son returns.

    YES we have to keep it clean but not cause people to die to stop CO2 (which give life).

  5. Steve Elfelt
    1 year ago

    (1) You should also host Professor Lonnie Thompson, who co-authored a report commissioned for the Vatican Science Academy

    (2) Also, since intellectual integrity is a key part of being an "honest and moral person", I would very much like to hear Mr. Hendrickson explain why he uses the flat readings of surface temperatures to conclude that global warming stopped but simply ignores other readings that refute that claim because these other readings show the OCEANIC part of the climate system is where the heat has been going. Is he willing to explain why he says "no warming" by refuting the paper discussed in this blog post? ( And how about his rebuttal to Prof Thompson's ":clear and present danger to civilization" paper?

    One can not be considered an "honest and moral person" when one only repeats other people's talking points.

  6. Jeremy
    1 year ago

    The science is settled in that there is NO WARMING! Even the CRU's Phil Jones admitted three years ago that there has been no warming since 1995!

    Alarmist the world over are all baffled at how it is that there has been a nearly 20 year hiatus of warming. NONE, not a single computer model has predicted the patterns correctly and yet we are to believe them?

    The creator of the infamous hockey stick is so stupid that he claims that Coal power plants in the United States is the cause of MMGW. Yet, now he is claiming that Coal power plants in China are the cause for the hiatus! Which is it? Are Coal Power plants bad or good? They can't be both.

    Here is your one truth you should now about Climate Alarmist. They will always so and do anything they can to get money from both Governments and the private sector. Follow the $$$ and more importantly look at the power grab they continue to pursue. Money is not the root of all evil, power is! And in today's society the easiest way to obtain power is with money.

  7. mgm.
    1 year ago

    This hoax has been around now for 30 years with I presume thousands of people involved over the last three decades perpetrating the hoax I would think by now there would be a few death bed confessions or people just wanting to clear their conscience by the originators and perpetrators of this hoax to TV networks or newspapers ?Men and women knowing that they cause worry and concern to tens of millions of people over climate change and now want to clear their conscience before man before they meet God.Curious I think how no widow ,children or friends ever comes forward and says " Joe "or Dad always said it was a big put on but the grant money bought that lake property and put us kids through collage so we kept our mouths shut !No outfitters that took and take these hoaxers perpetrators on their expeditions to locations to study climate change ever come forward and testify that they overheard the hoax perpetrators in the ship's galley on a plane or at a campfire say it's all a big hoax?and the jokes on everybody Ha..Ha.. If your low enough to hoax nations and people for grant money would not some hoaxers now be ready to turn on the other climate hoaxers and sell for really big money names ,dates,locations of where and when this hoax came into being by now !where are they ?

  8. Chuck
    1 year ago

    I found just one statement in his befuddled narrative that carries any information...."Other scientific data show that the Antarctic ice cap is adding 27,000,000,000 tons of ice per year." And, it is very misleading. I'm not sure of the number, but I would expect the Antarctic to be adding a lot of frozen water each year because it so far below freezing. You have to look at what's happening to temperature boundary areas - those areas where the temperature is close to the freezing point - like Greenland, to observe significant change. But, that wouldn't suit his purpose, now would it?

  9. Jeill
    1 year ago

    Lets see, a high school teacher with an Economics degree and bad tie.....

  10. Oliver
    1 year ago

    Not surprising that the perpetrators of the greatest hoax in history want us to believe that science, that thorn in the side of of the Vatican, is the actual hoax.

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