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Melissa Harris-Perry, Collectivism, Parents and the Presidential Election of 2016 Comments

The real key to understanding Ms Harris-Perry is her use of the word "collectively." She argues that children belong collectively to the State. Thus, she is a collectivist. Since her views are of the leftist variety, she is being accused by some of her interlocutors being a socialist. However, collectivism, whether of the right or the left, must be completely rejected. It is a grave threat to authentic human freedom. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    1 year ago

    Since Obama's re-election, the Marxists are coming out of the woodwork. Melissa Harris-Perry was being open and honest about her Marxist point of view. She reflects Obama and the Marxist Democrat Party's philosophy which is no different from the old Soviet Union and Communist China. I hope that people with a brain and a soul will wake up and vote these Marxists out of office while we can.

  2. mjgt
    1 year ago

    Brian A. Cook:
    If you really are "simply a seeker of truth who really does care . . .", then you need to study the issues more thoroughly. Based on both your comments, it seems like your comprehension and reasoning need work. Good luck.

    Jeffrey Caperton:
    You said you fail to see a problem with some of Melissa Harris-Perry and Hillary Clinton's statements. Please note, they are not espousing a Christian concern for one's neighbor. They are espousing a collectivist-socialist ideology. The people in their "village" have a very different view of human nature, family, children, morality, government, and education. They have already caused great harm to our children and our society. We must not let them cause more!

  3. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    Those in charge of our path to a secular progressive Utopia have used political correctness, a willing media and character assassination to stifle any attempt to have the goal of their agenda publicly revealed for decades. Their success has emboldened them to the point that they no longer feel the need to disguise their intentions.

    Liberalism, like Humanism, stops short of denying the existence of God least they lose the basis for the goodness of man which provides them some footing to espouse their false philosophy of life. This is the same as the satanic Temptation of Christ when he was asked to forsake his divine nature and simply be human and follow the commands of one who would provide him with all he would ever need. The lord of lies also has hope; hope that we do not recognize him among those who have unknowingly followed him and wish to control us.

    The world witnessed recently the liberal dominated democratic national convention purposely attempting to remove all mention of God from their platform to proudly but foolishly proclaim what could be called a doctrine of cultural death. However, they reasoned prior to the election was not good timing for exposing the under belly of their agenda and leaders hastily overruled the mobs there present shouting for its approval.

    The election is over and victory is in sight. The stage has been set for their velvet steamroller to crush the remnants of resistance. There is now a rush to complete the desired transformation by 2016. They simply feel it is time to unmask the plan and implement the controls to operate the social programs required to establish an America able to take its proper place in the new world order our very own Joe Biden is now so willing to openly speak of and which the administration has been preparing for us.

    We will not have to wonder any longer where we are being led. There is so little political resistance in Washington and all fear of the old moral majority has been erased so look for a rapid fire series of both political and moral adjustments to our society for the sake of the COLLECTIVE.

  4. Josephine Boone
    1 year ago

    Thank you Brian A. Cook.

  5. mjgt
    1 year ago

    Brian A. Cook, I checked out your link to Media Matter's article titled, "How The Right Is Distorting Melissa Harris-Perry's "Lean Forward" Ad." It states, "In reality, Perry's comments were simply a call for society to rethink the way it values children in order to "start making better investments" in things like public education."

    Her comments were not simply a call to rethink anything for the sake of better investments. Media Matter's characterization of her comments is false. It appears manipulative, and it may even be a boldfaced lie.

    Melissa Harris-Perry said, "We haven't had a very collective notion of, these are our children. We have to break through our private idea that children belong to their parents, or children belong to their families, and recognize that children belong to whole communities."

    She is wrong. We do not need to "break through our private idea that children belong to their parents, or children belong to their families." We need to strengthen that idea and defend it! We need to keep people far away from our children who think like Melissa Harris-Perry.

    I believe that her comments are perverse and dangerous. Why she said it does not change what she said. Most of us care about our children, their education, and making good social investments. However, I believe that liberals have abused our children, ruined education and wasted our money on their collectivist-socialist schemes.

  6. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago

    I fail to see the problem with Ms. Harris-Perry's statement "Once it's everybody's responsibility and not just the household's, we start making better investments". Neither do I have a problem with Ms. Clinton's concept "it takes a village". I can see where Ms. Harris-Perry's statement, combined with the other statements, could frighten conservatives. However, I still fail to see the problem with "it takes a village".

    In many ways, I was lucky to grow up in a small town. While I had my parents, parenting did not end when I left home. My friend's parents were also my parents when I was under there charge and they would not hesitate to bring me in line if I misbehaved and they took an active role in providing guidance. In many respects, I had parents everywhere in that small town, some who scolded me harshly during my more mischievous moments (Does the name Tom Sawyer ring any bells?), some whose names I never knew, but I do not see it as a bad thing because everybody demonstrated that they had a vested interest in my life and how I turned out. In a manner of speaking, I was raised by a village.

    Conversely, without going into endless details, my travels and experiences has taught me that parental rights should not be absolute. I find it odd that we are required to have a license to drive an automobile or fly a plane, but any "jerk" (For lack of a better term at the moment) has parental "rights". I am not advocating a Brady or Huxtable model of the family because they do not exist, but we need families committed to the care of the children God has charged them and, in the absence of minimum standards of care, society has a vested interest in taking an active role in assuring minimum standards of care are provided. The extent of the role society takes and what constitutes minimum standards of care is a matter of debate, but we all must take a role.

    Rather than summarily rejecting Mr. Harris-Perry or Ms. Clinton, perhaps we should consider the possibility that raising a child in the bubble of the nuclear family is not sufficient; that parents need backup, particularly at a time when many parents are working incredibly long hours in demanding jobs. Children need their parents, but the parents are dealing with a very daunting task and need help. Children need an entire society motivated to invest into their well-being and how they will turn out. It is written, "wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be too". I would think that our children are our treasure and all have an interest in their well-being; not just the parents. And I see nothing collectivist about this.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    My gut reaction : if they truly desire to parent children, stop using birth control, stop aborting them and have their own!! Pretend to "care "? Thank you, but my husband and I will care for and teach our own children! That is, unless she would like to come over for a bit. Someone has a diaper that needs changing!

  8. Brian A. Cook.
    1 year ago

    Okay, let me clarify and then I'll go away.

    I am not making the charges against the Church. I was simply calling attention to what others have said and asked you to take them seriously. When Christians boast of having special access to the Way, the Truth, and the Light, is not the onus on them to prove that they really do show the Way, the Truth, and the Light? Should they not take serious criticisms seriously, no matter how seemingly outrageous? I seriously could have posted many, many more snarky comments, but I have struggled to exercise restraint. I just felt a need to add something here before I disappear.

    I have a complicated history of seeking truth in Jesus Christ. I have been taking a long, hard look at the difficult and troubled history of the Church. Why shouldn't I if I am looking for truth? I have tried to increasingly moderate my tone as I have publicly asked questions and sounded alarms, but clearly I have failed and my efforts have been futile.

    The reason why I link to "a tool of the Left" is because the Left is comprised of human beings made in the image and likeness of God. Doesn't the word "pontifex" mean "builder of bridges," including bridges between groups of humans? If even half of the stories on Media Matters is true, surely that should call traditionalist conservatism into question.

    I see that you are trying to wrest "hate speech" from my source, and point it at a man who does not identify with the Left or the Right. The reason why "the Left" vehemently opposes the Church is because those human beings sincerely, if perhaps mistakenly, see her as an archaic institution trying to drag the planet back into the Bronze Age. How can Mother Church prove them wrong?

    I am simply a seeker of truth who really does care for the Church's witness to the Prince of Peace. If I have indeed failed in trying to spark discussions and searching for truth, may God give me a lenient sentence in Purgatory. May God bring renewal to the Church.

  9. John
    1 year ago

    Chtristians wake up!!! It's about time for all who beleive and hold the Christian-Judeo Principles to join forces and save our families and our country. To quote the prophet Jeremia, " our inheritance is being taken by others" who do not respect the Commandments of God . We are to stand for what is Right and Just. America . wake up before it is too late.!!!

  10. J. Dickinson
    1 year ago

    Ms. Harris-Perry would fit right into ancient Sparta, where male children were turned over to the state at seven for 10 years of basic training, or in 1930s Germany, where children were molded into compliant little national socialists. No one is distorting her position, i.e., even liberals are gnashing their teeth and shaking their heads at her choice of words.

    And as for her assertion that we have not invested enough in public education, I believe that the capital we have invested has been a miserable failure. I was employed by a national retailer for almost 16 years, and I could not fathom the number of high school graduates working there who could not write a coherent paragraph in any language, who could not master math basics, and whose knowledge of history and current events was limited to the sports page and network television. Ditto for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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