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Melissa Harris-Perry, Collectivism, Parents and the Presidential Election of 2016 Comments

The real key to understanding Ms Harris-Perry is her use of the word "collectively." She argues that children belong collectively to the State. Thus, she is a collectivist. Since her views are of the leftist variety, she is being accused by some of her interlocutors being a socialist. However, collectivism, whether of the right or the left, must be completely rejected. It is a grave threat to authentic human freedom. Continue Reading

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  1. GW
    1 year ago

    "We have never invested as much in public education as we should have. We haven't had a very collective notion of, these are our children. We have to break through our private idea that children belong to their parents, or children belong to their families, and recognize that children belong to whole communities. Once it's everybody's responsibility and not just the household's, we start making better investments."

    I read the very same words, and I have very different impressions. I have two daughters who are growing up in the public school system in Georgia, and I've witnessed the lack of resources, the ancient facilities, and the woefully underpaid teachers. I've also witnessed the corruption and incompetence on the part of school administrators.

    Public school systems should be funded to a much, much greater degree; and, along with the increased funding should come much greater innovation and accountability. In other words, spend a lot more money on your children’s education, and expect and demand new ideas and results!

    Mr. Matzinger talks about Ms. Harris-Perry believing that it’s “govt's responsibility to take care of everyone! And she has always believed it is the govt's reponsibility to ensure the well being and proper up bringing of children. And of course this is all paid for by those that actually pay taxes.”

    I don’t know Mr. Matzinger, but 30 years in business has taught me the necessity of investment. School systems need two things badly: much more resources and much more reform. It’s a simple thing, albeit irresponsible, to spout political rhetoric about taxes and schools. Give them much more money and get involved with them and help figure out how to teach kids to think and reason (and how to enjoy it).

    Teachers and their too-often inept administrators cannot educate children alone. Politicians and those who publish polemical essays on web sites do not have the answers. We have to get involved and help all of the children grow and learn. We might just save ourselves in doing so; we surely doom ourselves if we don’t.

  2. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago


    You mentioned that Ms. Harris-Perry and Ms. Clinton do not espouse "Christian concern for one's neighbor". Do you know this to be fact or are you, and others at this site, so biased against these two ladies that you consider them the devil's spawn incapable of doing anything good?

    I have no feelings about these two women one way or the other, but I do not summarily reject an idea simply because I hate (Actually, I do not hate anybody as that is against God) the messenger. Nor do I assume the worst in somebody simply because I do not agree with them politically or philosophically.

  3. Rush Glick
    1 year ago

    Rob, yes, that earliest Christian community did, indeed, practice a form of socialism in its purest form. I say "purest," in that God was at the center of that community and not the god-government that too many profess today. As we can note historically, the practices of that early Christian community didn't continue beyond the book of Acts. Why? It probably served God's purpose at that earliest beginning to have as many Christians available to freely spread the Gospel as possible and not be burdened by the more confining realities of day-to-day life. (Today, that position of full-time evangelization is filled by the community of priests and nuns.) However, such a system relies on a continuous influx of new members (producers) and cannot for long sustain itself. What was so for a small community will soon prove so, as it always has, for a much larger population that relies more and more on the producers to contribute to "the common good."

  4. Tracey Caldwell
    1 year ago

    I'm thinking that you're misinterpreting this. There is no gain in making a bigger government in this respect. I am not sure why some people seem to think that this is the end goal for progressives and liberals as it makes no sense. The end goal may be to try and benefit all by using the resources that the government does have but it is not some overall view of expanding the government simply for the sake of having it be bigger.

    "Please note, they are not espousing a Christian concern for one's neighbor"
    Why is that? The only reason one would believe this is because you are already biased towards her.

    As has been said, no one is going to reprogram your kids. They may chip in to their nearest charity and make sure that if you lose your job you can get food for a while and not go hungry. They may ring you up and let you know if they hear through the grapevine that may be something that they shouldn't. They may demand that a school that their kid does not attend get some help in buying new books and make the voices of those parents be heard when they are often ignored. All of this is a bad thing? How odd.

  5. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    Ms Perry has always been a believer and an advocate that it is the govt's responsibility to take care of everyone! And she has always believed it is the govt's reponsibility to ensure the well being and proper up bringing of children. And of course this is all paid for by those that actually pay taxes.

    These are just some of the basic tenets of communism where everything and everybody belongs to the state..And that's Melissa Harris-Perry.

  6. Rob
    1 year ago

    I took her comments to mean that we should all take responsibility for the people in our community.....sort of if we all excel, we all benefit. We live in a socieity where so many are being left behind and it's dragging us all down.

    So the recent reading in Acts where everyone shared what they had and no one went without? Is that considered socialist?

    Personally I think this is a huge over reaction to someone pretty insignificant.

  7. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    Be afraid my friends, be very afraid. The government already has our children and they did it right under our noses. The stimulis package Washington passed when BO first got into office was the "machine." I was hoping America would catch on from the beginning but their party biases and lack of getting themselves informed has now come to fruition. Our children have been in a government produced education sytem that is totally foreign to what we have been used to. It is a mock up of the educational system used in Nazi Germany. "Give me your children for 3 years and they will be mine." Adolph Hitler. This system is called CSCOPE OR COMMON CORE, depending on which state you live in. It is in at least 44 of our states and if you are a parent, you need to be extremely frightened. This system is evil to the core (pardon the pun) Private schools and Catholic schools are NOT immune to this garbage. Everyone who has children in school, yes, it includes pre-school, needs to examine their children's books. If you find anything in them that has CScope or Common Core, you need to talk to your children, look at some of their tests papers and homework. If you find anything like that, you need to get to your childs school and tell them you do not want your child in this program. Better yet, take your children out of schools and home school them. They are teaching our children that WE are occupiers in America. That it's better to give up our freedoms for security, that we were the cause of 9/11 and so much Marxist propaganda it isn't funny This all ties into the United Nations, Obama and the Marxist. I know some of you have seen me post to read the United Nations report AGENDA 21: SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT. Our govenment is indoctrinating our children to the Marxist way of life. If Common Core is in your state. FIGHT IT! for the sake of our country and our children. Pull up to the Top and get all the information you can on this program. Good luck.and God bless.

  8. CesarFSToll
    1 year ago

    We must remove ourselves from allowing collectivists position themselves as 'opposite' to individualism. Individualism is a by product of collectivism, because collectivism, be it from the government or be it from the corporate world, does motivates the selfishness of individualism into people. Not because collectively people acts, means people is not expecting individual reward. That is how collectivism systems tend to grow spiraling exponentially in a never ending explosion of misery.
    Individuality is the right term to counter collectivism and it is what makes of the individual that person whom created to God's image and likeness, finds a need to love his/her neighbor in order to make society virtuous.
    As individuals we can be selfish but it is not what or how we've been created, because we've create to love and from that idea, not ideal, idea; grow into making everyone in society prosperous and fruitful to God.
    Collectivism with individualism are opposites of individuality, identity and human dignity. That is the idea.

  9. Jennifer
    1 year ago

    This is the same woman who calls the child in the womb a "thing" and bemoans the enormous financial cost of allowing the "thing" to "turn into a human." She clearly has no respect for the humanity of the child, or for the obligations and rights of parenthood. We need to run like the wind in the opposite direction of this woman's thinking. SCARY.

  10. Joe
    1 year ago

    Lets turn this around, can you imagine how the left would react if a bishop or cardinal would have made these comments? I thought tv hosts job were to report the news. I wish they would all do their job and do actual reseach. This is like the famous comment that " you didn't make that ".

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