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Ignore the Tiny Corpses: America's Powerful Conceal the Monster Comments

Taking a cue from Edmund Burke, all that's necessary for the unthinkable to be accepted is for people to find candor and confrontation of evil more unthinkable. I'm not talking about pronouncing judgment on anyone's soul or limiting God's mercy, but about tolerating evil. Not just tolerating it, but disguising it, concealing it, feeding it. Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    1 year ago

    One other thing Pagan priest ......educate yourself about those gods and goddesses and be very careful who you call on. They're not all cutesy, kind and loving. One of them just might turn and bite you in the arse! You think you're in control, you're not and you sound very immature and unformed in either faith. Get a good spell of protection! You're gonna need it!! BTW ...the only one that works, the Name of Jesus!

  2. Emma
    1 year ago

    @pagan priest Wiccan friends that I studied with and am still friends with would hope that by calling yourself pagan, you're not misrepresenting their faith! They have a great great reverance for life and Motherhood especially! As for cruel Christian practices of the ancient past, it would behoove you to remember that it was the Roman Pagans who perfected the art of human torch building....burning the early Christians, under Nero. Please, take the time to inform yourself of the teachings and history of your own faith and you will see all fall short, because they are made up of human beings. As for when does life begin? In Scripture, tbe baby leapt in Elizabeth's womb when Mary shared the news of the coming of Christ. That pretty much tells us that those in the womb have a level of consciousness and are alive. I suggest that you take some time speaking with your High Priestess and learn about the teachings of the faith you "claim " to embrace and you'll see that it teaches the same. Ever mind the law of three ............(Emma aka reformed Wiccan)

  3. Ale Mendez
    1 year ago

    I get sad when people take about abortion because all those babies who are being killed have no say so, so they cannot defend themselves. And it's annoying when I hear what pro-choice people have to say, they are pathetic.

  4. ERROL
    1 year ago

    He's an abortionist, NOT A DOCTOR... doctor cares for peoples health, not kill people.

  5. Jo
    1 year ago

    First off I'm a Protestant Christian. I appreciate the cold hard truth.
    To the pagan on this page: Babies were sacraficed by the pagans to Mammon. Of course this pagan on this page would have no problem with baby killings: defending them with accusations. The old saying is 2 wrongs does not make a right. Sin is sin. It is more heartless in these matters killing children. If a person is capable of this evil what more evil is he capable of. He had already reached the top. Sad to say he'll be kept around like the Nazi doctors did.
    All of these things will come to an end by God, Himself. I can't wait til ALL of US sees Jesus' second coming. Every knee will bow , every mouth will confess Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phillipians 2:10,11)

  6. Archaon
    1 year ago

    @ Pagan Priest
    Isn't comparing victims of religious wars and Crusades past to the hell that Gosnell committed is a bit much? I have not read Bill Sr.'s comment but when did the killing that Gosnell has done become equivalent to the killing of non-Christians by Christians over many, many (many) conflicts, wars, etc.? War is war, death is death, but you seem to be insinuating that a Christian (Catholic this case) cannot judge what is unjust because others of the same faith made unjust acts in the past. As for the child molestation, you could go on forever about that, and although I am not all too familiar with it I do not believe that a Catholic's opinion is invalid, obsolete, etc. because what others have done. I understand, there have been a lot of questionable things done by the Catholic Church, things that were/are unmoral, unethical, corrupt, hypocritical,. But the misdeeds of others should not be foisted on one member of a faith.
    Also, I notice that you wrote that abortion clinics have committed "supposed murders, as in not proven (I think). This article is the first I've read of Gosnell, so I may not be entirely aware of everything in his case. He is a monster, but the whole argument against or for abortion will be debated for a long time.

  7. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Pagan Priest, it's quite simple. 'Thou shalt not kill." Is that clear enough for you?
    There are a great many sins that have no specific mention in Scripture. That does not mean they are not sins. It is ludicrous to even suppose that God doesn't mind that we butcher our babies in, and now out, of the womb.

  8. Isabelle101
    1 year ago

    Thank you for keeping the human slaughter before the public. It is probably the most important issue of all time. The infinite lack of compassion, loss of love and humanity shown to these children by Americans is appalling. I pity them, I pity us all. I am certain we will reap what we have sown. To these and all the children so horribly murdered in the Abortion holocaust, I am so very very sorry to each of you. Please pray for us.

  9. Pagan Priest
    1 year ago

    @ Bill Sr...
    I found your views on how this all happened to be beyond humorous and a completely inept attempt to bring your personal views on faith and religion back into the public mainstream. First of all, before you begin judging me as a "heathen" as I've been called by a particular Cardinal about 8 years ago, let me point out that I was raised in a Catholic home. I had a father, and a mother, and they are very devout to the point my father actually has a savings put aside for the collection plate. Now, onto my points.
    The idea that all of this is due to God and prayer no longer being part of the curriculum in school is ludicrous. There has been massive changes in the school systems, I don't agree with all of them, but the idea that the decline of Western Society is due to "God" not being praised in classrooms? Spare me. If it is perfectly acceptable to subject children of other nationalities, cultures, and faiths to YOUR view on Christianity, then I don't want to hear you crying when some kid says "Alla Humana" to your kid in school. But we will, because you think that your way is the only way simply because it was written in a book. It wasn't even written by the man you worship, it was written by his disciples, translated 8 times from Aramaic to English, and then split between what an English King wanted to keep and what he thought was irrelevent. So please, spare the "we need God in school's routine".
    Secondly, as I said in a different post, you cannot compare the blood Christianity has on it's hands with the supposed murder that abortion clinics supposedly have. Millions of Jews, Muslims, and Pagans died at Christian hands in a "Holy Cause". How many children have been molested by the preachers of your faith? How is it that the Catholic Church has billions upon billions of dollars in CASH AND ASSETS yet they do nothing to help the poor? If you want to equate your so-called morality with the truth behind Christian philosophies, you might want to look at the own hypocrisy of your institutionalized faith. I don't expect you to be able to read this, but GODS (plural) as my witness I hope you do.

  10. Pagan Priest
    1 year ago

    This probably won't be posted as I am against Christianity in general and abhor some of the teachings of the Catholic church but I would like someone to show me where in the Bible, the Commandments, the Teachings of Jesus, the Philosophies of St. Paul, and every other religious script it says that abortion is a sin. Christian's call out for equality and peace and love, yet under the banner of "God" you have the highest body count of Pagans, Jews, and Muslims than any abortion clinic will ever have of "murder". As for this bastard, I hope the fry him, bring him back, give him a lethal injection, bring him back, then hang him just on principle! The way he killed BORN AND LIVING children is abhorent and I hope what is left of his life is misery, pain, and suffering.

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