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Ignore the Tiny Corpses: America's Powerful Conceal the Monster Comments

Taking a cue from Edmund Burke, all that's necessary for the unthinkable to be accepted is for people to find candor and confrontation of evil more unthinkable. I'm not talking about pronouncing judgment on anyone's soul or limiting God's mercy, but about tolerating evil. Not just tolerating it, but disguising it, concealing it, feeding it. Continue Reading

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  1. AJ
    1 year ago

    Agreed, nobody can defend these actions - they are contrary to God and it will be contrary to them that anybody who has ever committed them will get to heaven.

    Certainly for anyone to get to heaven after committing these heinous crimes, they will have to repent and do penance. Unrepentant murderers go to hell.

  2. Joanne
    1 year ago

    Absolutely no one can defend in any way, what is done to innocents who simply cant say a word in their own defense. Perfect victims, really. And oh-- the big push to keep this bloody, violent slaughter going- only because of so much money involved. Cowards. They all know the truth about abortion, the money matters more and thats the bottom line. Ask around, they will tell you that themselves.

    By the way, quoting Catholic doctrine should be checked for accuracy first.

  3. Joe Donnelly
    1 year ago

    I don't understand what you mean by: "May God let these Doctors of Death spend their Eternal Life, IN HELL,as they deserve".

    That is what I meant........ Joe Donnelly

  4. Pat Loren Peltier
    1 year ago

    As a Devoted Catholic, & Conservative, I am confused by some other "Catholics"
    who attend my church, who are Open Democrats, and support all the Democrats
    do--Including Abortion. While our Priests condemn Abortion, their hands are tied,
    and they are actually threatened through the mail & phone, if they lean Republican.
    I believe that One cannot be a Catholic, and a Democrat at the same time. Maybe
    in the 1960's it would have worked. Prayers need to be back in the classroom.
    Locally, the Democrats who (vocally) support Abortion...............Never attend Mass,
    and are basically Atheists.

  5. AJ
    1 year ago

    Joe Donnelly,

    I don't understand what you mean by: "May God let these Doctors of Death spend their Eternal Life as they deserve".

  6. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    The Obama administration is totally committed to abortions upon demand, and insists that taxpayers pay for them upon demand. This is the Obama policy. Because of this, the "liberal media" stays as far away from any of this as possible and tends to report nothing of any substance about the deaths in the abortion clinics. They simply ignore it!

  7. Jimbo
    1 year ago

    I'm Mormon, not Catholic, however, this absolute horror story should repulse every decent person, religious or not. No matter how much a person wants to believe that the "fetus" is not a baby, at some point in time before birth every person knows that it is a baby. So a "fetus" taken a few weeks before delivery must be considered a baby by everyone who will consider the situation. I don't know what will happen to our country, we certainly will not be blessed by God by allowing abortion (especially late term) to continue.

  8. SCW
    1 year ago

    Pagan priest? If you have such contempt for the Catholic Church, and Catholicism, what on earth are you doing on a clearly Catholic website?

  9. Joe Donnelly
    1 year ago

    I wrote this poem because, as father of seven grownup children, I detested the fact that so many wee babys were not given the chance to grow up. Now, after reading about this unholy murderer in your newspaper, I decided to let other people read what I think of such crimes.
    May God let these Doctors of Death spend their Eternal Life as they deserve..... Joe Donnelly

    Our unborn Dead

    Concieved to be murdered, our unborn dead,
    Eyes unable to see their plight,
    Little souls for whom His Dear Heart bled,
    Now wander in a Heavenly Light.

    Little bodies carved with heathen skill,
    Their blood flows into unknown canals,
    Nerves still protesting, twitching still,
    Never to be named in the Earth's Annals.

    Millions of Angels, made here on Earth,
    Millions of voices in a Heavenly Choir,
    Praise the Lord who gave them birth,
    And sing about His Majestic Power.

    Whilst here below, an unwanted soul,
    Is placed in a heedless surgeons hand,
    A bloody scalpel takes it's toll,
    And severs silent, the maternal band.

    Another Angel soars on high,
    Brings a prayer from a planet of heavenly blue,
    From the next whose end is nigh,
    Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Joe Donnelly 2002

  10. AJ
    1 year ago

    X X X X X X X

    This is case is utterly reprehensible. Still, it is what some people are pushing for - abortion after birth.

    As for pagans - for as much as we respect human beings made in the image and likeness of Christ, there is no reason to defend false religions. For starters there is no singular 'pagan religion'. For example there are plenty that consider murder righteous and good - take for instance the Mayan pagans who thought it apt to bounce sacrifice victims' heads down the steps of pyramids.

    To be pagan simply means to be infidel, that is to worship false gods who are ultimately the devil (see the first commandment)! These people are poor deceived victims who Christ came to liberate...not tell to remain in their false idols!

    Certainly there are many natural goods found in the religion and culture of pagans, but non-the-less you will find no super natural good (sanctifying grace). The same can be said of all those religions outside the Catholic Church. None of them will lead a person to heaven, rather it will be in spite of them that anyone will get to heaven. There is 'no salvation outside the Catholic Church' to quote a dogma of the Catholic Faith.

    Nowadays one could be forgiven for not knowing what Catholic even is when looking at the popes who themselves commit objectively evil actions in their part-taking of pagan rituals. Many Catholic saints have died rather than do this. Many Catholics (then referred to as Christians since there was no ambiguity) were martyred for not giving credence to the Roman gods. Now we have Catholic clergy who mock God and consequently the dignity given by God to mankind by saying it is OK for pagans to remain pagan. Ironically these same clergy still acknowledge the saints of old who died precisely in contradiction to these preachings.

    Certainly one must be kind to all peoples, especially to pagans who are amongst the most unfortunate. I have met many who put Catholics to shame with the way they apply themselves, however we can do them and God no greater insult and dishonour than to tell them that they have the true religion. If indeed anyone gets to heaven it is through Christ dying on the cross and through his divine bridegroom Mother Church (Mystical Body of Christ - the Catholic Church) - for pagans it will be in spite of their unwitting worship of devils if they make it to heaven.

    The greatest error of our times is to be diplomatic - many saints effected the conversion of pagans by being firm and direct identifying the Catholic Church as the one True Church. Nowadays many will end up in hell thanks to Catholic clergy and laypeople who erroneously tell them the opposite - such Catholics will have a great deal to answer for when they stand before the one true God for leading His peoples away from His Church.

    You can give a pagan and all those outside the Catholic Church no greater gift than to tell them that their religion will only lead them to eternal damnation. Likewise nowadays you can also add that the true Catholic faith is seldom found in the churches since the destruction with Vatican II and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Mass. Obviously in so doing, you wont make many friends, but Jesus did precisely this and ask yourself just how many friends did he have in the end? He was hated by most and abandoned by his disciples!

    Until the Catholic Clergy and faithful fully restore themselves in Christ these terrors such as this man killing babies will continue to become more common and not before long we will find ourselves again in yet another pagan Roman Empire - this time the USA. Hope we are ready for Martyrdom!

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