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Pope Francis begins spring cleaning at the Vatican, starting with the bank Comments

With Holy Week duties behind him, Pope Francis prepares to tackle some of the Church's major problems. First up, the Vatican Bank, which has been accused of laundering money. Pope Francis is starting with the bank as he plans to reform the Church into a model of austerity and honesty. Continue Reading

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  1. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    Good for Our Holy Father, Pope Francis I, quickly taking on some of the issues of our Church that has cost us great credibility in the eyes not only of the faithful, but of many worldwide!

  2. Rob
    1 year ago

    Washing a woman's feet has people in an uproar? A liturgical abuse??? Seriously???

  3. Jose Thomas
    1 year ago

    I am neither a traditionalist or experimentalist. I am a mere Catholic. My opinion is that many traditions including the infallibility of the Pope has a right reason behind it. It is better to understand the reason and stand by it. It is a moral sin to confuse the faithful, particularly in a world that is scientifically questioning the existence of God. Church as an institution should first start respecting the faithful before going for respecting other religions and other sects. When we read the Bible our habit is that we will forget the first chapter while we are reading the second chapter. Actually this is the basic problem.

  4. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    ...seriously? People are worried about who's washing who's feet, where the women are, and other such nonsense when his Holiness is going about rooting out the financial and sexual scandals that have made our Church appear like a whore to the rest of the world? For real? you'd put "tradition" above human beings, you'd castigate a man for demonstrating his humility? Perhaps you missed the point of his example. In point of fact, when a woman took it upon herself to wash Christ's feet, the objector- based on his understanding of tradition- was none other than Judas Iscariot. When Jesus changed other traditions based on the principle that "the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath," and demonstrated that the SPIRIT of the law is ALWAYS more important that strict observance of the LETTER of the law, his vocal critics were the Pharisees, and the Saducees.
    You suit yourself, but I choose to stand with His holiness next to Christ. anyone who chooses to stand over there on the side of blind observance to tradition- with the Pharisees and good old Judas... well, you might want to think about what the Pope's actions actually MEAN before you put yourself in the position of being his judge. Follow his example. Viva Papa!!

  5. michael
    1 year ago

    In the video above, one individual states that Pope Francis has turned the Church "upside down." Not really, I say, but rather returned us to the volatile and groovy times of the late 1960s and 1970s. May the good Lord help us. I know that people speak about people being able to compartmentalize, but how could a pope really clean up the human elements of the Divinely Instituted Church, when He has participated in Pinocchio Masses in Argentina? The video of that Mass is beyond a scandal, but verges on abomination.

  6. Mary Frias
    1 year ago

    I am praying for our Holy Father. God has chosen him to do His work. If the Vatican needs cleansing, then the Vatican will be cleansed. If there need to be changes, then so be it! GOD'S will be done! I support Pope Francis and I pray that our bishops and priests and we, the laity, will follow God's plan and obey! God is loving and merciful, but He will judge us--are we doing His will or not?

  7. Adele
    1 year ago

    I think theis whoe argumen or speculations or things some are saying regarding the traditionalist angle is a bit saddening to me. IMy parish, those sisters helping me in my journey to postulancy and the Missions think this was a long time coming and that the stepping down of Pope Benedict as shocking as it was and the election of this 'outsider' was all God's plan.

    Many things have gone against the grain before and have had people in an uproar only to be wholely accepted now.

    WHO are WE to say all this? Yes, there is doctrine and dogma. But how are many of these Cardinals, Arch Bishops, etc even LIVING in the humble way our Lord lived? They have often lived lavishly. Comfortable living arrangements and clothing of such richness ...richness that could very well go to help those the Church is in charge of helping.

    Returning to a life of simplicity is what is needed. As for washing the feet of a woman. I have been reading, for days now, the issue revolving around that. And so much of it comes from HUMAN changes to law and in times of corrution. We believe the Pope is Blessed with the ability to know, or come to a conclusion of the Lord's wishes. Who are we to question what messages HE may be getting. How do we know that he was not blessed with Divine knowledge that the washing of her feet was what he was MEANT to do.

    Many should stop this judging..."JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED" and saying that Pope Francis should step aside and just, oh, Hey, let the former Pope back?? I believe his election has been a work of the Holy Spirit

    Are we so arrogant and dismissive of the way our Lord may be working here to think this is wrong? How do WE know what God is planning???

  8. Sean L. Tobin
    1 year ago

    I think it is unfair to lump all traditionalists into one big package. I am considered and consider myself to be a "conservative" traditionalist but I am in no way upset or foaming at the mouth because the Holy Father is beginning to make changes in the Church. Blessed John Paul II the Great had his style; the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had his way of doing things and now it's Francis's turn to do things the way he wants and the way it works for him. To all those who got upset over his washing of women's feet, my advice is "to get over it" and the Holy Father said, women were the first at the tomb and I never say the reason why the washing of the feet ceremony was exclusive to men. Women from the very first day of the Church have been part and parcel of the Church and the Holy Father, in this most simple of acts, recognized that.

  9. Joe
    1 year ago

    Why would you post an attack video like this that makes repeated claims about hypothetical traditionalists' concerns about the pope without producing one person to corroborate the claim?

  10. Eithena
    1 year ago

    You go Papa everyone needs a spring clean cause when the LIGHT OF CHRIST SHINES ON YOU IT SHOWS YOUR BAD BITS {SIN}

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