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Editorial: Will the Republican Party Compromise on the Moral Basis of a Free Society? Comments

As a Nation we have lost our moral compass. As a direct result, we are losing real, genuine freedom. The idea that we can separate moral issues from fiscal or international issues is wrong. There is a moral basis to every political and social concern - that includes economics and foreign policy. Making this claim is not reserved to the religious.It acknowledges a Natural Moral Law which can be known by all men and women ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    1 year ago

    Our local churches need to encourage an encounter with Christ. Only then will folks have their eyes opened to see what is going on around them.

    But because so much of the moralty of the day has been hijacked by politics, people have tuned out. They are listening anymore. They need Jesus badly. So much more than being told how bad things are or what you should or shouldn't be doing.

    Or is Christianity solely about morality in this country?

  2. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    VANCE: "These were the backers of Mitt Romney to oust Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich."

    Vance, my man, YOU were a backer of Romney... and when I called him out for the fraud he is, you called me everything from an atheist to a communist. reality check, brother...

  3. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    The real question is when will catholics realize we're being USED, and that the Republican Party doesn't really care about us AT ALL?

  4. vance
    1 year ago

    PASCHAL, The Bishops of Cameroon need to talk to the Bishops of America. Perhaps the American Bishops can learn something.

  5. vance
    1 year ago

    "Will the GOP cave into Liberalism and forsake morality?" The Belt Way Establishment GOP ( RINO's ) would love nothing more. These were the backers of Mitt Romney to oust Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. The desired outcome happened which was the re-election of Barack Obama. We lose every time when we abandon morality. We lose every time when 52% of Catholics vote for Marxist Democrats. We lose every time when Bishops and priests refuse to stand up and rebuke the evils of our society.

    1 year ago

    Well any nation has got it;s own problems to deal with.Cameroon my country is a signatory to the Maputo accord which legalises abortion by some degree. The Bishops of Cameroon had a meeting before lent and issued a Pastoral letter as their Lenten message which they caption it the respect of human life and family, in the letter they condemned abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, and incest. They went further to build up a prayer for the respect of human life and family to be said in all the catholic churches in Cameroon through out lent. So see this is a serious issue. thanks for the wonderful editorial.

  7. Kasoy
    1 year ago

    Time to set up a truly "Christian Democrat" Party that adheres to the Catholic Moral Teachings, obedient to the Catholic Magisterium, and Catholic Social Doctrine. This party should be Pro-Life (anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-euthanasia, anti-war, anti-capital punishment), Pro-family (anti-divorce, anti-same-sex-marriage), Pro-poor/needy (compassion for poor, jobless, orphans, widows/widowers, elderly, and migrants - compassion for the least, lost and last in society), and Pro-subsidiarity (small government).

    Two issues about having a 3rd party. (1) difficulty in winning major elections (esp. presidential, senatorial, congressional), and (2) being a very minority party supported by a minority of truly faithful Christians can hardly accomplish anything significant.

    Why waste my vote on someone who has no chance of winning?

    When Pontius Pilate asked for the crowd to vote on Jesus and Barabbas, shouting "Set Jesus free!" was always the right choice even knowing that you will not be heard among the unanimous popular choice of the crowd to "Crucify Jesus!". Voting for the good person who will promote what is truly good is always a winning move regardless of the outcome of the election. Your vote is never wasted as far as God is concerned. Remember Jesus was on the "losing" side when he was crucified on the cross. That "Loss" was the source of the greatest victory - the salvation of man.

    Why not become just a "wing" of a major party (Democrats or GOP) and be open to compromise (horse trading) to accomplish some of our goals?

    When a crowd led by some Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus, Jesus knew that the most popular - politically correct - position was to stone her to death as prescribed by the Mosaic Law. He didn't try to compromise with the crowd by saying: "Yes, adultery is evil. I agree she should be punished. But let us agree midway and just give her 10 lashes, give her a warning that next time she's caught she'll be stoned to death." No, Jesus simply stood up for the Truth and what is good.

    Lesson: Jesus always stood on the side of Truth and good. He never compromised with evil. We don't have to be a majority party in order to do good. Jesus had only a handful of faithful followers in the beginning. A political party whose platform is based on true moral values can become an effective vehicle to evangelize people who have lost their "moral compass" esp among the young. Who knows if our "Christian Democrat" party becomes a major political party in the future. Nothing is impossible with God.

  8. Michael
    1 year ago

    The local Churches need to start preaching about the immoral issues such as Abortion and Homosexuality. I know they are constantly talking about love, which is good, but they do not talk about the sins and why these are wrong. The children today are brought up in an environment where they are taught in the public forum that a lot of the sins we were taught are ok which brings about a battle between Parents and children. The Church needs to start publicly teaching the reasons these things are wrong along with loving your neighbor.

  9. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    It seems to me that we lost our way when we began taking more pride in our politics than we did in our country and concerned more for our individual freedom than the sake of the nations independence. Some of us have lived long enough to see the change.

    We Christian Americans are dedicated to living our spiritual lives by the events and history of two thousand years ago in Israel. But we seem to have lost all memory and knowledge of what was done and occurred just 80 years ago in our own country.
    A world weary of war had recently fought a bloody battle which at the finish they called the war to end all wars. That of course was more false hope than anything close to reality. As America was trying to recover from the Great Depression the evil in the hearts of power hungry men in control of the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan were overrunning their weaker neighbors in Europe and Asia with unspeakable savagery and ethnic cleansing in extermination camps to expand Hitler's Master Arian Race and Japanese Imperialism. The sudden onslaught of superior military forces caught tiny and unprepared nations off guard and helpless. Even France was no match for Hitler and the British were being besieged by daily aerial bombings. Burma and China were under the ruthless swords of swarming Japanese armies. There seemed to be no way the Axis powers could be stopped from dominating over half of the globe. That is until the God fearing nation with God given rights guided by Divine providence and Trust in the power of the Almighty had seen enough. Yes, America, the nation of immigrants who built their government on Judea-Christian values and the desire for liberty for all men would rise to the occasion going to the ends of the earth shedding the blood of their patriots in every land to subdue the Evil and establish peace once more standing alone as the greatest force for good in the world, even helping to rebuilding the nations we defeated.

    We still are that nation but are we still those people?

  10. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    I will leave the GOP at the next election if it abandons God's laws re: either 1) the killing of children in their mom's womb (or, as Obama supports-killing kids outside of their mom's womb after surviving an abortion); or 2) calling "marriage" what God calls an abomination, i.e. sodomy.

    Hearing some Catholic "spokesmen" in the US acting ashamed of God's laws re: sexuality, I am also getting as concerned about the American Church abandoning God to avoid offending those who engage in sexual perversion. One can argue the Catholic Church in the US has not been "welcoming" towards heterosexual men who desire more than one female partner or who desire their adult daughters as a wife. Remember these examples all involve consenting adults who are "being true to their feelings". I thought as Christians we were supposed to learn at age 4 or 5 that we cannot have something just because we want it. The homosexual activists and their allies who call themselves "Christian" have not learned this.

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