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Snow in the spring? Growing ice in Antarctica? Yep, blame global warming Comments

Are you freezing in the middle of spring? Thank global warming. Ugh, not again, right? According to climatologists, two counter-intuitive phenomenon, the expansion of sea ice in the Antarctic and a cold snap in the United States could be blamed on global warming, however the conclusions still require additional peer review to confirm. Continue Reading

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  1. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marshall: "I am very interested in interviewing a global warming skeptic...I have no leads."

    if you have no leads you are not looking for any. There are peer-reviewed scientists galore who agree with me that man-caused global warming is pure, unadulterated hogwash. To pretend that there are not is just another bald-face lie to add to your growing collection of bald-faced lies.

    I recommend you start with the 64% majority of peer-reviewed, published and credentialed scientists, identified in this article (that took all of one quick Google search to find), and work your way forward from here:

    I am a well-qualified, peer-reviewed, published and credentialed expert in the area of scientific data measurement and computer-based data analysis. You don't need to "interview" me to learn my well-qualified, peer-reviewed, published and credentialed expert opinion that man-made global warming is a bogus scam that has little basis in credible scientific measurement-based fact. I have numerous PhD and well-published colleagues who agree with my assessment of the scam you continue to peddle.

  2. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    given the very limited data we have, & realizing the data is a measured estimate with associated errors (~ 6-14%, greater in the early 70 & 80's) in it & looking at different sources:

    One can say with some reasonable certainty that:
    1-Total polar ice levels are about the same
    2 - S pole ice level have slightly increased
    3 - N pole max ice has had greater swings ( is this unusual, or a natural occurrence?)
    4 - While the lows have been lower, there is a upward trend in the max.
    5-35 years of data is a mili-blink in climate time.
    6- With the advent of the CRYOSAT satellite, better ice volumes can be values, instead of estimates based on models.

    Until there is a longer data trail, the projections are based on models which are yet to be proved.

    Anyway, still over a foot of snow on the ground, & well into spring, We're more then ready for some warming..

  3. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    Jerry N., thank you for pointing out an error that was missed. I have corrected the piece to show that freshwater freezes more easily than saltwater. It should make a little more sense now. That mistake was mine.

    I was able to conduct an interview yesterday with a scientist at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I will share that piece late this week or early next.

    I am very interested in interviewing a global warming skeptic who is also a peer-reviewed, published scientist. As of yet, I have no leads. If anyone out there knows of someone, I'd appreciate the tip. So far the only people I find speaking against global warming are non-scientists or psuedo-scientists, who are not published in a peer reviewed journal, but do keep pretty strident blogs. In other words, all I find in opposition to the science are bloggers.

    Still waiting for a scientist to interview.

    I'm happy to interview anyone on any subject related to science, however the person needs to be a qualified expert on whatever the subject may be.

  4. Jim T
    1 year ago

    Good article, a few points to calrify, but the author is attempting to honestly convey what we (mankind) are learning about the impacts of burning fossil fuel and thus increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (as well as land use changes and other contributing factors).
    One important distinction for the Antarctic sea ice: while the "surface area" of the ice over water may increase, the TOTAL MASS of Antarctic sea ice is decreasing. This is presented in a peer reviewed article in Andrew Shepherd et al., "A Reconciled Estimate of Ice-Sheet Mass Balance" Science 338, 1183 (2012).
    Also, a good visualization of the ACTUAL changes in the minimum Arctic (north pole) sea ice extent can be viewed at

  5. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Global warming zealot Marshall Connolly strikes Catholic On-line again. This guy is getting to be the website court jester.

    "Freshwater melts more easily than saltwater, and therefore we observe an expansion of the ice. " Huh? If it melts "more easily", which is nonsense, should that not decrease the amount of ice, not increase it?

    "counter-intuitive phenomenon" and "conclusions (that) still require additional peer review to confirm" are all these global warming worshipers have left in their ludicrous bag of nonsensical scare tactics. The jig is up and your green religion has been exposed for the pure socialist propaganda that it is, Marshall.

  6. Paul
    1 year ago

    J. Bob, There is a rather large difference between surface area and total mass. What you are referring to is the surface area of annual sea ice. What we have lost is the 80% of the total mass of multi-year arctic ice. This article may help clarify:

  7. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    J. Bob, how would you interpret these charts from your own source?
    This chart shows a significant drop.

    Look at the minimums, 5.2 in 1979 to 2.2 in 2013. This shows a steady trend downwards of sea ice area of at least 40+ percent.

    While 40 percent isn't 80 percent, we're still looking at a tremendous, weather-influencing difference. Also we have to be aware that the data we're discussing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is raw whereas the data in the Dutch study has been processed by the researchers.

    You don't have to believe me, the data, or the conclusions of the research. I also made clear in the article the Dutch study needs further review. You will also find the same numbers reported widely across the internet from a variety of major news outlets including Reuters, and the AP.

    Here's another quote that actually mentions 80 percent loss. Perhaps an actual expert in the field will be more credible than me.

    So what's the issue regarding the validity of content on the site? Even if we assume I'm a left-wing nutjob (I'm not), it doesn't mean the rest of the outstanding content on this site is somehow tainted.

    Anyway, I believe I'll contact the university and get their take on the data.

    Thanks for the lead.

  8. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    The author states that "Arctic ice has already lost 80 percent of its cover and the entire Arctic is expected to be entirely ice-free during the summer in 2020, just seven years from now. ".

    One has the choice to laugh or cry at such a statement. Going to the polar data site:

    & looking at the arctic area alone, peak ice this winter was down ~7% from it's maximum peak, 30+ years ago.

    Unfortunately items with this much inaccuracies would make one wonder about validity of other items in this site.

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