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Snow in the spring? Growing ice in Antarctica? Yep, blame global warming Comments

Are you freezing in the middle of spring? Thank global warming. Ugh, not again, right? According to climatologists, two counter-intuitive phenomenon, the expansion of sea ice in the Antarctic and a cold snap in the United States could be blamed on global warming, however the conclusions still require additional peer review to confirm. Continue Reading

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  1. Lonny D'Agostini
    1 year ago

    An Addendum: People receive on a daily basis the wisdom of the world through the various means. We consult the experts for knowledge on weather, health, finance, etc which is all based upon typical patterns and norms. While such consultation is good, today it has become a form of idolatry. All this human expertise has replaced the wisdom and power of God. And so God is going confound man with unexpected and unanticipated phenomena. Our human wisdom is going to fail us, (1 Corinthians 3:19) "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written: I will catch the wise in their own craftiness." Indeed, things are going to get so erratic and unpredictable that people won't know what to believe or who to trust. Through this confusion God is going to show us that He alone is the sure Being in which we can put our hope and trust in. He alone is the Creator of the world.

    (Libro di Cielo) "I will do all sorts of things to make them surrender; I will make their arms fall off; I will do things unexpected and unforeseen in order to confound them and make them comprehend the instability of human things and of themselves - to make them comprehend that God alone is the stable Being from whom they can hope for every good..."

  2. Lonny D'Agostini
    1 year ago

    On global warming

    There can be no doubt that severe earth changes are taking place but we need to understand what is really causing them. There are three basic types of causes:

    I) human pollution, II) post-flood recovery and III) sin.

    First, human pollution. While there is certainly more toxic waste in the world today then there was 100 years ago this cannot explain the rapid surge in seismic, meteorological and astronomical chaos. Second, post-flood recovery. The scientific community is alarmed because glacial ice is melting. But why exactly is that a problem? Those glaciers were never meant to be permanent global features. Part of what we are seeing today is the earth recovering from its post-Deluvian cataclysm. Third, sin. This unfortunately is the preeminent cause of cosmic instability. For man in committing moral evils generates twice as much physical evils - in the form of wars and natural disasters.

    As was said before, human pollution - while not insignificant - cannot account for the dramatic increase in global volatility. Blaming geological, solar or extra-solar activity for these evils is equally flawed. If they are responsible, it is only as secondary natural causes - with the primary cause being due to human sin. Granted, while some of these calamities may be the result of human technological meddling (i.e. H.A.A.R.P.) the majority of them are not.

    For this reason we should not concern ourselves too much with solar flares or plate tectonic movements, etc. - with these secondary physical causes. We should only be interested in the primary cause of natural disasters, which is sin. Yet how many scientists try and reassure us that these global changes are just natural cyclical events. But there is nothing natural or cyclical about them. If anything is cyclical it is man's evil behavior and its subsequent punishment by God. Yet people mistakenly think they're fighting against nature, when they're really fighting against themselves. We need to teach our children that whatever we do to ourselves we do to creation. The external physical world serving as a mirror in which man can see his interior spiritual state

    As St. Hildegard explains, "The elements absorb every human characteristic, just as a man appropriates the elements. For that reason it stands written that heaven and earth complain about mankind. For the restless, warlike behavior of mankind often puts the very elements into powerful agitation...In the same way, mankind also brings the elements into motion..."

    "Whenever these elements, by God's decree, release their terror in a chaotic way, they bring many dangers to the world and to men. Then, fire like a lance, air like a sword, water like a shield, and earth like a javelin are summoned as a judgment on men…when men degenerate into fighting, terrible deeds, hate, envy, and sinful exchanges, then the elements transform themselves into an opposing and corrective force..."

    Six hundred years later, the Blessed Virgin Mary would repeat this wisdom, (La Salette) "Twenty-five years of plentiful harvests will make [people] forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles on this earth."

    As long as scientists continue to distract the masses with their mechanistic natural explanations there will be little hope of changing things. Man has to stop rationalizing away his sin - the sooner he does the faster God will stay His Justice. O foolish people, how bad will it have to get before you wake up from your deadly slumber?

  3. Copie
    1 year ago

    One would have to be very stupid to believe that record cold weather is really global warming!

  4. Nuclear Transport
    1 year ago

    Richard Lindzen
    Atmospheric scientist
    Check him out!

  5. Nuclear Transport Equation
    1 year ago

    So many "experts"!
    Try LIndzer from MIT.
    He is a SCIENTIST!

  6. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marshall: "Maybe I'm wrong, but something IS happening. "

    Really? how profound. it would only be news worthy if something were NOT happening on planet Earth at all times and in all places. Planet Earth has had a continuously changing environment and changing climate for its entire multi-billion history as far as anyone can determine.

    " are not a PhD holding, published, peer-reviewed climatologist."

    Oh, I see, now the appellation "climatologist" is mandatory in order for anyone to have true credibility on this issue according to your ever-narrowing requirements test for a worthy interview. Maybe you cannot find anyone to meet your interview criteria because everytime someone is brought to your attention , your criteria narrows yet again.

    Why don't you call this guy:

    or this guy:

    or this guy:

    or this guy:

    or some of these guys:

    or this guy:
    who even though he is a global warming propagandist still managed to develop a list of 98 top-qualified "climatologists" that fall into the "skeptics" category.

    or maybe call Weather Channel's Heidi Cullen who wants to destroy the career of anyone skeptical about global warming. She must have a few individuals in mind who she wants targeted for career destruction:

    These are just a few suggestions based on a couple quick Googles of "climatologist credentials". I am sure someone who is serious about getting to the true facts of the issue, as opposed to just writing sensational headlines with no facts behind them, can find many more than these.

    In my now-exposed-as-insufficiently-credentialed humble opinion, science does not depend on how many so-called experts have a certain opinion on an issue. Few shared Newton's opinion on the his laws of physics before he published them, few shared Einstein's opinion on the theory of relativity before he published it, etc. etc. All that matters is fact and evidence and all the evidence is that the current global temperature measurements are in no way believable enough or changing enough to remotely suggest that the earth's climate is doing anything other than what it always has done.

  7. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    J. Bob, thank you, I will contact Dr. Spencer.

  8. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    I thought these items on the 2012 summer Greenland ice melt might be of interest to you

    Summary is, their feeling was it was a natural & periodic presence of thin clouds that did it. And that it occurs about every 150 years.

  9. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    Here is one you can start with, Dr. Roy Spencer:

    He has done a lot of work in satellite global temp measurements.

  10. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    Jerry: Really? This is descending into "My well-qualified, published, peer-reviewed, credentialed, PhD wielding, climate change expert can beat up your well-qualified, published, peer-reviewed credentialed, PhD wielding, climate change expert."

    So you measure things. I get that. I also understand that (with all due respect) you are not a PhD holding, published, peer-reviewed climatologist. And while you may have friends who have earned their PhD, that does not mean they're climatologists. There are a lot of degrees, and a lot of self-proclaimed experts, but I want to find the one who went into the field, did the original research and said "no." I already have plenty who say "yes."

    That guy doesn't seem to exist, which is absurd because there's a Nobel prize just waiting for him or her. I want to find that person so I can get my Pulitzer! (Why are you laughing?)

    Well anyway, you will be pleased to know that I am already communicating with a contributor, although not the one you linked to, regarding the other side of the issue. I will probably be interviewing him next week in an effort to explore your side further.

    As for finding a scientist, the link you provided was pretty interesting, but it contains no leads to actual scientists, since the survey results were not specific with regards to who participated beyond people in a particular class. We'll assume the sample was significant.

    I'm going to keep looking anyway. In the meantime, there is one thing we all have to look long and hard at. The melting ice in the Arctic, which has lost 40 percent of its summertime coverage, and the thinning ice in the Antarctic. The sheets are melting, that is beyond dispute. The proof is visual and needs no interpretation beyond looking at it.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but something IS happening. What is it and what should we do about it remains to be answered.

    I have an interview with an actual climatologist I am submitting tomorrow. Next week, the skeptic.

    I'll see you over there.

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