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Archbishop Dolan explains why 60 percent of American Catholics are out of touch with the Church Comments

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, 60 percent of American Catholics feel the Church is "out of touch" with their views. George Stephanopoulos asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan about these numbers, and Dolan explained his feelings on the issue. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    1 year ago

    60% of Catholics are out of touch with the church. For decades, we have seen the Public School student performance in a steady decline. Why? Poor teachers and bad learning environments. An analytical comparison can be said of the Catholic clergy. The Teachers of the classrooms don't teach. The priest at the pulpit doesn't teach. The students want knowledge while the faithful want truth. Neither are receiving what they need. The students fail and drop out of school. The faithful are disillusioned by the church and drop out.

  2. Spiritofallages
    1 year ago

    Thank you Cardinal Dolan for citing the foremost problem with all groups of people on the earth today; wanting what I want. Seeing the Face of Jesus in all requires an attempt at KNOWING God through the Scriptures. God does not require the same output for everyone but one that is commensurate with their Gifts, including free-time. The pressures of material life, when allowed to take all our day, each day, exclude the very WAY to Knowledge of God. Some peoples days are that busy. Some people are too egotistical ( the source of "I"), too engulfed in the pleasures of the flesh, too contrary for its' own sake to actually hear the Word when spoken and listen for its' meaning. None of us, of any group of people on earth, are perfect, yet in my observation, it is when an individual is "perfect in some manner" for a task, that the task gets done right. This is a human prospective. I thank God or all who Proclaim The Word with the perfection that come from Humility and Love

  3. Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    1 year ago

    I agree with Archbishop Dolan that " Individualism" is the core of the moral evil affecting the individual, national and eclesial life. However, his exhortation to the Church to be " concerned with this worldly", rather than " other worldly" should be seen with a " redemptive dimension". If the Church can go down to the level of the existing social realities like " individualism:" and " homosexuality" only but to " raise them up to a substantial happiness level". In other words, the scatological values of hope for the better should elevate the base values practiced in the society. Otherwise, the sympathy and empathy towards the " homosexuals" as " they too are sons of Abraham" only would encourage to justify themselves, while demanding more and more of their rights in the church and society. We need to take the same attitude of Jesus " loving sinners" is only but to enable them to " hate sin". " sin no more" is his often repeated verse as a pre- condition for a renewed life. If the whole catholic clerics, Religious and faithful " together make a drive to enter their lives, it might produce some fruit.
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem

  4. Joe
    1 year ago

    Cardinal Dolan needs to stand up for he Church. Continuing to allow Biden and Nancy to recieve communion is an insult against God. Actions speak louder than words. Cardinal Dolan and others, please stand up for our church, I pray.

  5. Akihiro Nakai
    1 year ago

    The Catholic Church had lost some enthusiasm for the evangelize quite long time. And the rapture of Good News has been lost its taste for the developed countries' people. Because, they are satisfied in materials, no hunger, no thirst, and secured life by insurance, educational plan, even memorial plan up to under the tomb.
    The evidences are catholic population is increasing in the development countries such as Latin America, Asia, in contrast with losing population in so called Christian countries, especially in Europe which was exporting Christianity to the world.
    We as Catholic, universal church member should scrutinize ourselves, do we showing Living Christ to the others or not in a way of our living? To believe, the first step is listen, the second step is see Living God in other members to confirm "Christ is risen from the dead"...we have serious responsibilities for the evangelize to the people...

  6. shizukaniwa
    1 year ago

    Thank you dear Cardinal Dolan

  7. David Switalski
    1 year ago

    Cardinal Dolan strikes the perfect balance. It's tough love. Yes, we love gays as our brothers and sisters, but that doesn't mean we have to agree that the homosexual lifestyle is moral. I, for one, look to Cardinal Dolan not only as a voice of truth in this mtter, but one of reason as well.

  8. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    It is so customary and common for the Church hierarchy, with few exceptions, to respond during interviews with the mainstream media to core concerns the faithful have with or deteriorating society in a way that does not take the opportunity to expose the evil in liberal political policy but rather apologizes for any of the faithful who the media might think have over reacted to the pressure those policies have put on us to become more relevant to the secular society the media promotes. This is one more of those moments.
    What the Cardinal could have said something like this.

    A Federal Judge once said "Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals"”
    Truthfully you could only believe this statement to be accurate if you do not accept the precept that "marriage" under our creator's law is a union with a "purpose". And that sacred purpose was granted as the benevolent gift of procreation. There quite simply was no other reason to have made the humans "unlike" the other yet equally "human".
    The purposeful "bonding" of two humans to be considered "sanctified" and in this case become a "oneness" and recognized as united in "Holy Matrimony" is the only bonding we could ever consider as a Marriage.
    Any other similar arrangement is simply a State sponsored and/or granted legal bonding for (hopefully) unrelated individuals to co-habitat as a single unit. We say hopefully because if the radical activists for same sex unions have their way there could be no reason to exclude two same sex relatives from getting "married" to each other which is now prohibited in Marriage.
    You may choose not to call this union perverse but you can not deny that any attempt to consider it equally Holy or sanctified as marriage has been for thousands of years in civilized society is certainly a "perversion" of our language.
    Bill Sr.

  9. DarthJ
    1 year ago

    Dolan needs to prevent men like Biden from receiving the Eucharist, rather than teach this "Catholic-lite" stuff...

  10. pooben
    1 year ago

    The church and Lord Jesus confronted the challenge of his day against the moneychangers and philistines not by calling on the bethren to conform to false values of Rome and the Philistines but stood for Gods law necessary for liberation of Man.
    Should that not be our response now with modern challenges?

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