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Archbishop Dolan explains why 60 percent of American Catholics are out of touch with the Church Comments

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, 60 percent of American Catholics feel the Church is "out of touch" with their views. George Stephanopoulos asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan about these numbers, and Dolan explained his feelings on the issue. Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph
    1 year ago

    I can't understand, no matter how hard I try, why the Church is in bed with the Democratic Party. Biden and the rest of the so-called "catholic" Democrats slap the Church in the face evry chance they get. They are in desperate need of some Cathechism instruction.

  2. Rob
    1 year ago

    Personally I think this is a matter of faith and witness. So many young catholics observe the adults in their church consuming and living just like those who profess no faith. If you grow up with that witness, then why on earth would we expect them to live any differently. So many men have sacrificed their family for a paycheck and a lifestyle that in no way mirrors anything taught by the church. I know that our church does not condemn material wealth and I don't mean to here, but when we are living and acquiring the same as our non-believing brothers and sisters, it's no wonder we find ourselves where we are.

    I think people have generally stopped believing. They do not believe in God's providence so they contracept. They contracept because if we have one more child then how on earth will we afford this lifestyle we have? Or I barely make it now so how on earth can I trust God to care for me? And why do they question, because our pastors & bishops would rather play spiritual politics than form disciples.

    We should pay close attention to the readings in Acts over the next several weeks. They tell us exactly what we should be doing. And at some point we who call ourselves Christians need to really ask ourselves if the way I am livng MY life resembles that of Jesus. Or am I just like everyone else save a mass attendence here and there?

    If we continue to embrace the ways fo the world, and I'm not just talking about gay marriage and contraception, then we will reap the fruits of the world....death.

  3. judy gray
    1 year ago

    Our former pastor, Father Oliver, would constantly remind us that "the crew is human, the Ship Divine". As a former DRE and CCD teacher I found that we had to teach and reach the parents as well as the children. If people are dissatisfied or feel disconnected it is because they never were instructed in what the Church is and where the Church stands on almost everything. My own children attended Catholic school for at least 4 years (high school). They came away with what we taught at home and a few screwy ideas. They are adults and married now, and are slowly coming back to the Catholic Church. They do not like what they see around them, and want the change that the world cannot give. We must be sure what is taught in CCD is not a watered down, hippy version of our Faith. I found wonderful teaching/learning materials through Ignatius Press. I had parents tell me that they were learning along with their children. We cannot constantly throw rocks at our leaders if we are not trying to do something ourselves. I think it would be great if all of us looked to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, EWTN, and all kinds of materials from Ignatius Press. I know there are other companies out there, but they are watering our Faith down. Step up and lead with strong convictions, tell your neighbors that complain, offer them guidance. Thank you and God bless all of you.

  4. Warren Hart
    1 year ago

    First I would like to chide Joe, Dave Lyons, Bill Sr, and Darth J for not sticking to the topic. Then I would like to praise them for seeing the real problem.
    Too many of the upper level (but not only them) of our clergy hobnob with the nobility and then compromise when the nobility go astray. It would take people of stiffer stock than our American Cardinals to influence the nobility and not be influenced by the nobility. Back in European history, so many of the clergy wanted to be part of the nobility and the results still persist with titles like "My Lord" (Monsignor), most reverend, right reverend, very reverend, excellence, eminence....
    Before the conclave there was talk of an American Pope. Thank God the Holy Spirit prevailed, went to the ends of the earth, and brought back another Italian.

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    Christianity is a family in a community of spirit,where all must be obedient or God and in one mind through the mind of Christ,who was in compliance with and always obedient to God the Father. That is the basic message. The Church must teach how to do this and through the Catechism of the Catholic Church it successfully teaches fundamental Christian concepts. Before the writting of the current edition of the Catechism,I could not tell anyone where to go to find sound Christian teachings. The Bible is the most misunderstood of any book because people want to read into it whatever they personally choose to believe in,from it. All need a fundamental instruction as far as the true meaning of scripture is concerned. Today we have the computer in all of its various forms. The computer confirms people in whatever they choose to believe in. Evil or good it is all fine as far as computer information is concerned. Write like a saint or the worst of sinners and it is all printed and published for free and without analysis as to the content of the message. When this is the norm than no one can relate because fundamental concepts,espescially religious ones are see as restrictive and today even hateful. No one wants to be told how to live their lives anymore. Christianity is broken in that it is Catholic,Orthodox and Protestant. Understanding Christ should be simple but it has been made to be complicated. When one says God loves you,I think many people honestly think to themselves,HOW? When I read the Catechism of the Carholic Church,more than any book outside of scripture,than I,for one,have my personal answer. God is Love! love never dies! As far as learning about love from the Internet? Forget it!

  6. Kathy
    1 year ago

    We are being forced in every aspect of our lives to "tolerate" all kinds of behavior. Being totally tolerant of lifestyles that one disagrees is dangerous. Toleration leads to acceptance. It is important to let people know that we disagree. The term "hater" is thrown around so much, that we feel intimadated. We certianly do not want someone to think that we are a "hater"! We have to move past that thinking. We can love, and disagree. We have to be strong in our beliefs. We have to lead by example.

  7. abey
    1 year ago

    When demands do not meet the expectations then it becomes called as sour grapes, 'cause man thinks & judges by the flesh knowing nothing about the Spirit which is to the Eternal, incidentally is the basis of life by the only Faith, not understanding that the purpose of this life is to the redemption by Jesus or Yeshua, the Covenant of God, to the very definition of salvation.

  8. Joe
    1 year ago

    Please keep in mind that nearly 50% of Catholics voted for President Obama. There were not many Bishops or Cardinals who warned their flock about their grave act. Remember the public wanted Christ put the the cross 2000 years ago. The media wants us to put Him to death today in the name of change. The bishops and cardinals must stand up for our faith, pray and let the Holy Spirit guide them.

  9. Bob
    1 year ago

    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    I think you meant eschatological defined as the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind. As a Catholic layman I believe that most Catholics have very little understanding of the Church and Jesus's sacrifice to free man from slavery to sin. The Mass is a bloodless re-presentation or reenactment of His death and resurrection. Jesus gave us His Body and Blood, the Eucharist, to nourish our souls with grace so we are able to surrender our lives, pick up our crosses, and serve one another in love. We don't go to Mass to "get somehting out of it" but to bring our brokeness to the Lord so that he can heal us. In turn we can believe the unbelievable, love the unlovable, hope is hopeing for the hopeless. As Catholics we must continue to educate ourselves in what it means to be a Catholic Christian and pray for the courage to live out our Faith journey.

  10. Dave Lyons
    1 year ago

    I have found Cardinal Dolan to be too soft on sin and too 'politically correct', just like some of the other leaders in the Catholic Church.
    Our Church used to set itself apart from the rest. It used to have 'stricter rules' that people might object to, but that held a higher standard than other Christian churches or other religions, period. Our leadership used to take stands against people's actions that weren't in union with our teachings. It used to condemn killings, inhumane treatments, blasphemies, heresies and heretics, and those that attack the Church by defending itself.
    I find that our beloved Church is fraught with weak leaders who are trying to be welcoming to all, loving all, overlooking weaknesses and sins, and withholding opinions on downright evil actions (i.e. abortions).
    I also see greed prevalent in our leaders - greed for power, prestige, acceptance, worldly trappings, and being liked.
    This is why I was so looking forward to a change of Catholic Church leadership. I want to see our Church again be envied by others for staying true to Christ. True to Him who founded this Church to bring others closer to God our Father. True to the guidance of the Holy Spirit who strengthens those who turn to Him for direction and help. And true to what God has deemed as normal, good and wholesome.
    Of course we all have to live in this troubled world, but we don't have to be negatively impacted by it. Since Pope Francis' election, I have been praying for him to not only set the direction for Catholics everywhere by his humility and humble actions, but also to be firm in his actions to help "clean up" and strengthen our Church leaders in the way that the Holy Spirit wants.

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