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Marriage Liberation Movement: Marches in Paris, Washington, DC Defend Marriage Comments

Hundreds of thousands of French citizens marched along the Champs-Elysees Avenue toward the Presidential palace of Francois Hollande. Their purpose was to defend marriage and the family and society founded upon it against those who oppose marriage and seek to restructure civil society by legislative or judicial fiat.  They faced tear gas and clubs from the riot police representing the French Socialist regime. They were courageous and ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bob Y
    1 year ago

    We need to face reality. I have fought and will continue to fight secular relativism as it infects our daily lives. But in the end this court battle will have changed nothing except the pirating of one word. Homosexuals will continue to seek acceptance for immoral activity that will never be natural or productive. Heterosexuals, on the other hand, will continue to divorce about 50% of the time after committing for life. Human language is quite limiting, but admittedly it is all we have. For me, the words of St. Paul reminding us that while we are in the world we are not of the world are consoling. Our battle must continue but it needs to take the offense. Let's start by renewing our vows to our spouses (not partners), teaching our children the definition of "Holy" Matrimony, not the generic version, and asking the bishops of our church to reform the whole procedure of obtaining annulments.

  2. Monika Barbara
    1 year ago

    I am writing to each of the Justices who sit on the US Supreme Court to let them know that I do not support homosexual marriage. I encourage all of you to do the same. Its only a few hours and a few bucks worth of postage, and I am not going to sit around and watch my country go down the drain without doing something.

    The address is below. Apparently, they don't have official email addresses:

    Justice (or Chief Justice) (Justice's Full Name)
    Supreme Court of the United States
    One First Street N.E.
    Washington, DC 20543

  3. Paul-Emile Leray
    1 year ago

    The 3 P's, in the words of a great Jesuit: the Press, Politicians, the Police. Public opinion is formed somehow, then promoted, then enforced by the police power of the state.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  4. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    Changing Words and Language make differences look the same.
    "Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage; marriage under law is a union of equals" Federal Judge
    Truthfully you could only believe this statement to be accurate if you do not accept the precept that "marriage" under our creator's law is a union with a "purpose". And that sacred purpose was granted as the benevolent gift of procreation. There quite simply was no other reason to have made the humans "unlike" the other yet equally human.
    The purposeful bonding of two humans to be considered "sanctified" and in this case become a "oneness" and recognized as united in "Holy Matrimony" is the only bonding we could ever consider as a Marriage.
    Any other similar arrangement is simply a State sponsored and/or granted legal bonding for (hopefully) unrelated individuals to co-habitat as a single unit. We say hopefully because if the radical activists for same sex unions have their way there could be no reason to exclude two same sex relatives for getting "married" to each other which is now prohibited in Marriage.
    You may choose not to call this union perverse but you can not deny that any attempt to consider it equally Holy or sanctified as marriage has been for thousands of years in civilized society is certainly a "perversion" of our language.

  5. Sum Nemo
    1 year ago

    At some point in the debate, we need to decide whether we really want a secular government "by the people". As long as we have secular government that is utilitarian in practice, coupled with the Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment, things like "natural law" or "natural rights" are actually irrelevant to the final decision on lawmaking because of notions, such as "the will of the people" and "majority rule", that we, as a nation, hold up as sacred as the Bible itself. To all of this, add our current notions of freedom defined as the ability to do whatever we please, and the current situation really does not surprise me a bit.

    Of course, it is easy for me to point to the obvious problems, as so many others at this site appear very good at doing, and quite another to solve them. For me, our concept of freedom needs to be re-defined. Freedom needs to be more than the ability to carry a military firearm, shout expletives at one another or marry whomever or whatever we chose. Shouting each other down is not freedom of expression, and neither is pornography. The ability to carry a firearm is not freedom. Freedom cannot be simply the ability to do what we choose, rendering it simply an excuse for vice. We need to change the definition of freedom and our concepts of good government and we need to use sound argument, not sanctimonious platitudes. And cooler heads must make the argument.

  6. Clinton C Somerton
    1 year ago

    The human race will never overcome this evil until it recognizes that abortion, sexual anarchy, and euthanasia are three heads of the same anti-human, anti-Christ dragon. We must flatly reject these evils, not try to compromise with or rehabilitate them.

    Thanks to all those who are working, praying, and sacrificing to fight the Father of Lies and to serve our Lord Jesus Christ!

    In the love of the Holy Family,


  7. Pete Brady
    1 year ago

    Gay rights are not rights. They are political demands. If they were indeed "natural rights" they would have been observed as a "norm" within society, across the diversity of world cultures, for the thousands upon thousands of years of recorded history. Their absence indeed says it all. The "natural right" is for one man to marry one woman, a "right" that is exercisable by any gay or lesbian person just as much as it is for anyone not of their persuasion however problematic it would be to their chosen lifestyle.

  8. Christian Adams
    1 year ago

    I commend their efforts. Let us never forget that no matter what our governments do, no law is above Natural Law and God's Law. Let us never cease to pray in these dark times.

  9. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    Our Pope has put it best. Calling what 2 men or 2 women do to each other "marriage" is a creation of the Father of Lies. Opponents of God's definition of marriage ask "What's so sacred about 1 man-1 woman?" It is sacred because God says so. If 1 man-1 woman is not sacred, then what is so sacred about the number 2? So we should now also allow 1 man-six woman, as wells as 3 men-5 women or 7 men-3 women. We should also allow a father to marry his high school senior daughter (age 18 or older). My thanks again to Catholic democrats for voting for a candidate who calls "marriage" what God calls an abomination.

  10. abey
    1 year ago

    If there to any light coming out from the west sold out to darkness(with its liberal media no longer looking through its eyes but through its backsides), then it is from France, even though dim.

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