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Italy's Famous Catholic Convert From Islam Leaves the Catholic Church Comments

Whatever his frustrations with the public stance of the Church on issues that affect Italy's national interests, matters upon which the faithful can legitimately argue since they largely involve areas of political prudence, it seems that Magdi Allam has traded in his Catholic heritage for a mess of Italian right-wing, nationalistic porridge.  Continue Reading

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  1. Andrew M. Greenwell
    1 year ago

    Don't misunderstand the point of this article. As any of my readers know, I have taken strong public stands against traditional Islam in articles on Catholic online, stands that are based upon the foundational documents of Islam, as Muslims traditionally have understood them. Au fond, I find Islam and its supposed prophet irrational or unreasonable, and against the natural moral law in numerous particulars. Islam is a deeply anti-Christian religion spirited by anti-Trinitarianism and anti-Christ. Islam--in its traditional expression, perhaps not in its "liberal" manifestations, most of which are considered heretical by fundamentalists who steer the Islamic ship--suffers from what Benedict XVI identified as a "pathology of religion." I think those involved in dialogue with Islam have to have a "come to Jesus" experience, not to save Italian society or promote Italian nationalism, but to save souls, the souls of Christians who happen to be Italian or German or whatever nationality, to save the souls of Muslims, and to save the souls of unbelievers. Honoring a fundamentally anti-Christian religion is not, in my mind, the way to save souls and be true to the Lord. This is why, I think, Allam uses the unusual word "physiological," suggesting that perhaps those involved in dialogue with Islam on behalf of the Church are thinking too much about "physis"--natural goods--and not enough about "pneuma"--supernatural or spiritual goods. But for all that, to leave the Church? What spiritual good can self-excommunication yield to Allam? What benefit is there to preserve not even the whole world--but only a tiny sliver of it, namely Italian nationalism--and lose your soul in the process?

  2. Josue Gonzalez
    1 year ago

    The problem with us catholics...and I begin with myself is the we forget that ETERNITY has already began it always has and always is. The Church is on that timeline. The problem is that we get stuck on just the issues of our time which our time on this earth is but a single grain of sand in comparison to ETERNITY. Jesus already made the decree...the gates of hell will not preavail. During his time the Gates of Hell did seem to prevail...he was crucified...but NO...they didn't he destroyed DEATH....and PASSOVER reminds us not to get stuck in this life...LOOK at his Church...the one HE leads and Established...becasue only the Father know the begining and the end of our lives individually and Humanity's life on earth as a whole...THAT WHY POPE FRANCIS TELLS TO RELY ON PATIENCE.

  3. Theresa Kennedy
    1 year ago

    This story got much deeper and more complicated than I expected.
    I can understand how this man is offended by seeing the Church seemingly make friends with the very thing he rejected. He is young in his Faith so it was fragile. I don't understand the reasoning of the Church here myself but I will defer to thier rich experience and knowledge...
    God works in mysterious ways..

  4. Eleyesha
    1 year ago

    Unless I'm mistaken, it appears Mr. Allam wants the Church to be more bigoted. To see herself in a more hostile position to Muslims during a time of terrorism. Jesus won people over with love more than any other reason. God's unconditional love being so vast that nations in turn listen to His truth.

    Italy is wonderful and well appreciated in the world. But Italy itself is not what speaks out to the people in the world about morality and ethics. God's gathering His children to himself through the Vatican is what speaks out to God's people. The Vatican is not Italy nor is Italy the Vatican. No more than our first Pope Peter was Itallian. He was Hebrew. You can not blame the church for reaching out to the world. Of course they do not scare the secular lambs away but rather gather them and teach them the Lord's ways.

    No, the church does not embrace secular sin. However it does embrace the sinner as God tells us to do. Catholic means "universal" It most definately is God's universal church. Keep that in mind when attacking the universal nature of the church.

    Most importantly, the Pope is God's vicar. If God's spokesman kisses the Quran. Then bless him for doing so as that is most definately God telling the other half of His world that He loves them too. Blessed is The Lord.

    Embrace your neighbor and love them as you love yourself.

  5. Sam
    1 year ago

    I am afraid Mr. Allam is spot on when it comes to Islam, Islam is an evil ideology that requires all non Muslims to oppose it and expose it.
    Its a shame our churchmen have abandoned our Lords words to "Let your words be yes yes: no no) as admitting that Islam is a valid religion is to admit that Jesus is not God.
    The Bible tells us what Islam and its false prophet are, antichrists.
    To acknowledge this truth does not make us bigots, as this is a plain and simple fact.
    For any christian to entertain any fantasy about reaching agreements with muslims is living in a fantasy world, if you do not believe me, just go and read history. Too lazy to read history, just watch the news about Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and most other countries where muslims are a majority. Still don't like to read/hear the news, just take a vacation to Saudi Arabia and try to take in any non muslim religious item with you and see what happens, or, try to evangelize a local and see how long you can manage to stay out of jail or better still, try to visit Mecca and let them find out you're a non muslim and watch your head fly off your body (seriously).

  6. Andrew M. Greenwell
    1 year ago

    @JeanJean: I used the term "right wing" to describe Allam's political affiliations based upon Italian politics. Personally, I understand the values that Allam advocates, and I can understand also the frustration at what appears to be the public position of the Church which seems to check Italian nationalism. But I dare say that as difficult a problem as Islamic immigration is, it is not what killed Italian society. What killed Italian society is artificial contraception and abortion and anti-family policies which gave "birth" to an impossible and unsustainable fertility rate of 1.23 children per woman, one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, and an aging population where now one in five Italians is over the age of 65.

  7. scottr
    1 year ago

    I have to say that many of his points are poorly thought out. But his points on Islam are 100% correct. A watered down gospel is no gospel. Islam is a religion born and spread in violence. It is the scourge of Christianity throughtout the world. It is truly the good versus evil stance that must be made.

  8. Missy
    1 year ago

    He is right. But Christ said He would never abandon His church. If it is going through growing pains, then so be it. People can see the error in embracing the Muslim religion while still going to church to receive the Body of Christ. When my priest talks about the "great" religion of Islam, I ignore him & start praying. Our sufferings as Christians today in post-modern times include having to suffer through those in authority (and everyone else) who ignore Christ's command to "go & sin no more," then suffer through their rants about how we aren't allowed to judge others. I can see why a 5 yr old Catholic would leave. I'm a 45 year old Catholic & am having trouble embracing this cross.

  9. Joe
    1 year ago

    I think many of us share the same views. Allam said he stil believes in Christ, that makes him a true Christian to me. He also wants a more harsh approach to Islam, again, many of us would like that same. At the risk of many being killed, the Church must be very carefull and let the Holy Spirit guide us. Very good article, Thank you.

  10. KATHY
    1 year ago

    Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out things that are wrong. I agree with some of his points. I am not going to leave the church that easy though.

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