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Italy's Famous Catholic Convert From Islam Leaves the Catholic Church Comments

Whatever his frustrations with the public stance of the Church on issues that affect Italy's national interests, matters upon which the faithful can legitimately argue since they largely involve areas of political prudence, it seems that Magdi Allam has traded in his Catholic heritage for a mess of Italian right-wing, nationalistic porridge.  Continue Reading

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  1. skai
    1 year ago

    Sam. " I am afraid Mr.Allam is spot on when it comes to Islam. slam is an evil ideology that requires all non muslims to oppose it and expose it " I agree with you , but how are we going to do that when majority of non-muslims [ Catholic and Christians ] are ignorant about the evils of Islam?
    " It is shame our Churches have abandoned our Lords Words [ Let your work be , yes, yes, no ,no,] as admitted that Jesus is not God.That is what Quran says. Jesus is just another Messiah and also not son of God.
    " The Bible tells us what ISLAM and its false prophets are Antichrist " I have not read Bible and I would be surprise if any thing in particular like ''Islam '' is mentioned in it.
    " For any Christian to entertain any fantasy about reaching agreement with muslims is living in a fantasy world " You are right. FromMuslim's Quran Sura 5:51 "O'Believers take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors, for they are friends and protectors of one another.Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their numbers .Allah does not guide the wrong doers " Quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians, ie non believers.[ infidels/kafurs] like you and I. If you Christians and Catolicas don't wake up , that will be the end of you, Remember what happened to Byzantine Empire,Christendom[ To-day Turkey] ?

  2. skai
    1 year ago

    I came across this website by accident and listening to Allam and then to read comments here.I just could not believe that there are so many stupid, ignorant, naive Catholics and Christians around ,is there any wonder you lot are killed raped, and burnt day-in day-out in muslim countries around the world. Just see .Those who believe islam is competitive with other religions have to have their heads examined. Sorry if I sound too blunt to you all. I suggest you lot to read more about Islam and its history.I suggest you read a book by Bat Ye'or " The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam " I'm neither Catholic nor Christian,but reading this book brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Catholic Defender
    1 year ago

    Allam's conversion is superficial. It anchors to the pernality of the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI which should not be. He should have anchored his faith to JESUS CHRIST alone and not on anyone on earth. The Pope may be an instrument to assent Faith. JESUS is the SOLE reason for every conversion... let him go but the Church will remain for Christ will remain to his Church. God bless him.

  4. Edwin Reffell
    1 year ago

    It is sad that Mr. Allam leave the only Church founded by Jesus Christ with the unity Christ prayed for, probably to join one of the over 36,000 denominations founded after the reformation that do not have that unity. Surely his rejection of the Church's moral teaching is the result of the relativism deplored in the West where mankind's God-given sexuality is encouraged to dominate the individual instead of mankind being in harmony and control of it in accordance with God's will. The Holy Spirit will never fail Christ's Church and Christianity will always exist in Italy and in the rest of the world no matter what Islam succeeds in doing. Muslims believe there is only one God, that Jesus is the Word and the Messiah and that Mary is the greatest woman ever to have lived, even greater than the mother of Mohammed. How can we love Muslims as Christ commanded, if we deny them the right to immigrate, and to worshio in mosques here, even though we do not share their disbelief in the Holy Trinity, the divinity of Jesus Christ and in His crucifixion and death on the cross and resurrection from the dead for the salvation of the world? It is by loving as Christ commanded that we best spread the truth of the Catholic faith, I believe. I hope Mr Allam will one day be led back to the true Church by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  5. Mwilu Stephen
    1 year ago

    It calls for humility and patience to hear and listen to the voice of God. God' direction is constructive rather than destructive. Allam's idea of public self ex-communication is destructive to himself and non constructive as far as the Church is concerned. Let us pray that Jesus speaks to him and that He may give him the proper direction and way back just as He did to Saul -the one who converted to Paul.

  6. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    Not all Catholic teaching is infallible.

    But leaving the Church is always fallible.

  7. Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    1 year ago

    sad to hear the plight of Mr.Allam from the Catholic Church, though he didn't desert Christ. It is nice for all to realize the fallacy of saying I believe in Christ, not in Church as the very Church is the 'mystical body of Christ". If I am right, he had a lot of " threat from the Muslim radicals" before he joined the Catholic Church. The rationalistic approach to realities of the world around propounded by Pope Benedict further fascinated him to the Catholic Church. Probably, he expected the Church to " fight tooth and nail" to present Islam as an " incarnation of evil" at the backdrop of " crusade". Although the Church is well aware as Andrew M Greenwel depicted Islam, we are told to " love the enemy". The Church is always on a path of " renewal within and without". When the Church enters into dialogue, it is not a matter of " accommodation with evil or the negation of relative moral ism', rather is an effort to " contain the weed and seed", only but to " purify and weed out" to bring to perfection, as they too are " sons of Abraham". As an "intellectual, Alam too has a responsibility" to " convert the Islam". unlike Islam, we can't afford " eye for eye and tooth for a tooth" and hence, ;gradual reformation without " rebellion" is the best course left. Ideological warfare through dialogue and education is the substratum of transformation rather than strategic warfare, destroying resources, human life and ecology. I wish Mr. Alam realizes the " core of Christ's teaching" of " loving and praying for the enemy".
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem

  8. elcid
    1 year ago

    While I do believe Mr. Allam has some valid points, he should not leave the faith, I do think there has been some false or misunderstood ecumenism that came after Vatican II (however you want to define it), I had a problem with the last two Popes praying with people of other faiths, especially JPII kissing the koran, this ecumenism after VII is what resulted in various tenets/practices of other religions inter mixing with Catholicism, and people wonder why some catholics do not practice their faith correctly or have an unorthodox view of it, the fact is before VII it was taught there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church, just read the past Popes, Saints, etc, after VII this discourse the question is did the holy spirit turn a 360 on the church? is true love for people of other faiths entail that we deny them the truth of Jesus Christ? and speaking of islam it is a false religion...supposedly according to mohammed the archangel Gabriel appeared to him and pretty much told him to start a new religion and to deny the divinity of Jesus, this is the same angel who appeared to Mary and told her she would give birth to the son of this is a contrary correct? they can't both be true.
    And since everyone is bringing up St Francis now...even he went to Syria and tried to convert the sultan and muslims there, my advice to some people responding on this blog is learn the history of your faith before VII.

  9. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Christ did not come to destroy other religions. He came to bring salvation to all. To follow Christ is not to adhere to an ideology. Perhaps in the catechesis of Mr Allam there was more ideology than there was kerygma. That happens sometimes in where the people of power engage with the people of God.

  10. Ben Gillmore
    1 year ago

    We should always stay in line with the Pope. Allam should have discussed his opinion with the Bishops, before he publicly denounced his faith. As John XXIII succeeded in collecting many converts from the Greek Orthodox church through love even before his Papacy. This includes the Byzantine Rite. It sounds shocking but Francis of Assisi stated himself "Spread the gospel at all times, if necessary use words.". He was referring to loving others in actions to set an example. If we simply throw fire at a fire it will not go out. Do not act violent against the Violent. Love them continually. Luckily for Mr. Magdi Allam he is a convert and not a Doctor in Theology. He will have more chances to reconcile. Unlike Luther he may have the Humility to come back to our faith. Thank you Mr. Andrew Greenwell.

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