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Italy's Famous Catholic Convert From Islam Leaves the Catholic Church Comments

Whatever his frustrations with the public stance of the Church on issues that affect Italy's national interests, matters upon which the faithful can legitimately argue since they largely involve areas of political prudence, it seems that Magdi Allam has traded in his Catholic heritage for a mess of Italian right-wing, nationalistic porridge.  Continue Reading

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  1. Ben
    1 year ago

    I am in complete agreement with majority of what Allam said, especially about the extent to the latitude islam has been, and still being tolerated, by the Church and by extension the Western World. I can't imagine a Moslem imam kissing the Bible in the secrecy of his house in the presence of his children with those children not shopping him to his community that eventually will kill him outrightly. But this is the story of popes handling the Quran or kissing the Quaran, what a pity. I came out of the Marble Arch underground station in Central London some four or five years ago to Oxford Street, the busiest street I can think of in London, only to see a young man who looks like a Middle Easterner wearing a white singlet shirt, at the back of which it was boldly written "Jesus is a C..t". I was very agitated, but helplessly, I or anyone in that tumultuous crowd of shoppers couldn't do anything, for if anyone does, he will face the wrath of the police, dubbed a religion intolerant, and end up in jail. Can anyone dare write such a thing about Mohammed and walk free, without molestation in Iran or Saudi Arabia, without being lynched on the spot? Such is the liberty the Church and the Western World governments have given the moslems, to continue insulting our religion and going scot-free, a situation that if not confronted squarely and defended on time shall in the future islamize the whole world, just as it had been done in most of today's moslem countries that were Christians of old.

  2. Clem Pinto
    1 year ago

    I think Mr Allam should have remained in the Church and expressed his views in person or in writing to the Church authorities to help bring some of the changes he desires. I do sympathise with some of his views such as [1] the Church-rule made (not Christ made) unnatural compulsory celibacy for priests. The church could encourage celibacy for priests but make it optional, for instance. The Anglican priests for example do marry and carry on their Church duties/responsibilities/functions quite efficiently nevertheless. [2] While maintaining dialogue with the leaders of other religions, including the Muslims is wise and desirable, there is no need to transgress into somewhat sacrileges gestures such as kissing the Quaran etc. This sort of behaviour from the popes disturbs ne and simply confuses the issue to the catholic fathful I think......Cheers and a very happy blessed Easter to you all. Let us offer a prayer to Mr Allam to seek and attain the truth.

  3. Jorge
    1 year ago

    Prelates who kiss qurans, bow down and respect a false and evil religion-islam-, that has been exterminating christianity and all other non-islamic religions, since its inception, clearly shows how submissive, clueless, currupt and lost we are. We need good resolute prelates, incurruptible leaders that stand out for the truth.Every time a catholic kow tows to islamic supremacism, lies, intimidation,violence, Christ bleeds...We should immitate Christ and not run away from the cross if muslims, nazis, communists, or any other satanic monsters threathen or brutalise us.This is clear as water! Right now christians keep being exterminated all over the muslim world-nigeria, iraq, iran,somalia, egypt, kazakhistan, sauda barbaria and elsewhere..-- did the "dialogue" with muslims avoided this genocide? did it achieved anything positive at all? is a disgrace this tragedy is ongoing and no one, not even our most important catholic leaders dare to do anything about it.Denial, appeasal will not save christianity from certain extermination by the hands of islam..its already happenign even in Europe and the media is silent, numbed and dumbed by moral relativism,magdi allam is trying to save the church with this desperate mesure...even if many catholics refuse to see it as such.

  4. Jennifer
    1 year ago

    Well, at least he is not lukewarm in his faith. Faith demands constant conversion, and that means listening to the voice of integrity. I imagine that many people compromise integrity in return for staying in the Church without conversion. Just imagine if St. Augustine was paralyzed- too fearful to consider heresy, too afraid to acknowledge his thoughts, and too lazy to pray to find out the truth.
    Continue to pray for him. He must be on fire for love of Christ.

  5. Hornblower
    1 year ago

    As an orthodox christian from the middle east who has great respect for the catholic church and its achievements, I find Mr. Allam's views regarding islam very true and should be seriously considered, not by those in the Vatican only, but by all Christians in the west and by the western governments too, if not for religious reasons, then for the sake of self preservation, before it is too late.

    The comments regarding accommodating immigrant moslems discourage me to the point of despair, even though I am almost sure that they are made by naive westerners.

    With regards to marriage of the clergy, it is a practice that would not eradicate temptation altogether, but would definitely minimize it. Mr. Allam is not wrong in this matter. I am not sure if it would be a breach of Christ's teachings.
    However, with regards to divorce the teachings of Christ in the gospel are very clear.
    Abortion in certain cases: not clear.

    I cannot ignore the bragging in one of the comments: "As John XXIII succeeded in collecting many converts from the Greek Orthodox church through love even before his Papacy". This means equating non-catholic Christians with moslems, buddists, etc. St. Paul's epistles stress the importance of focusing on Jesus Christ and avoiding petty rivalries, which were the main cause for the fragmentation of the Church.

    Finally, I urge all Christians to awaken to the danger of islam. The middle east was the first region to be lost fourteen centuries ago through the non cooperation of the catholic and orthodox churches.

  6. Monique D'Auteuil
    1 year ago

    It seems to me that Mr. Allam converted to Catholicism prematurely, without having full understanding. I also feel that he was expecting The Roman Catholic Church to have a "bigger stick" than Islam. If the Catholic Church speaks out against Islam in such a way that it incites violence, it will accomplish nothing. This was seen in Holland during Nazi occupation. People were slaughtered in retaliation for the bishop's public denouncement of Nazism. This has to be handled with discretion and by the guidance of The Holy Spirit. Perhaps Allam is projecting his own issues on the Church. Judas and others wanted Jesus to be an earthly king who would destroy the Romans. They crucified Jesus for not being who they wanted him to be. Mr. Allam is making a public spectacle denouncing the Church because the Church is not doing what he wants it to do. Hmmmmm, just in time for Holy Week, Mr. Allam.

    I had prayed for his safety when he converted. I am renewing my prayers for him because he is under attack from an enemy far worse than Islam.

  7. Aran Rafael
    1 year ago

    Women and Law:

    There is nothing sadder than a woman defending Islam. This is where the horror of Stockholm syndrome shows itself most chillingly. Because the Koran is perfectly clear on these points:

    Men are better than women:

    “(Women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them.” Sura 2:228

    Men can have many wives:

    “Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four.” Sura 4:3

    Women are worth half a man:

    “To the male the equivalent of the portion of two females, and if there be women more than two, then theirs is two-thirds of the inheritance, and if there be one (only) then the half.” Sura 4:11

    “Unto the male is the equivalent of the share of two females.” Sura 4:176

    Women’s sexuality is wrong and needs to be suppressed:

    “As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death take them.” Sura 4:15

    Selling a wife is perfectly ok:

    “And if ye wish to exchange one wife for another and ye have given unto one of them a sum of money (however great), take nothing from it.” Sura 40:20

  8. K.D'souza
    1 year ago

    I am a committed Catholic. What Mr.Allam has done is very radical and at the same time very good. Relativism within the Catholic Church is becoming very compromising and in a way may also be diabolical. Let the theologians of the Catholic Church open up their eyes to this and lets not make mistakes which Pope John Paul and Benedict the XVI have made in showing reverence to a book which denies that Jesus is Christ, Jesus is the Son of God. While we love and respect the faith of people, we don't need to give importance to their religions, which contain only the semblance of Truth. May God Bless and protect our Catholic Church from such compromises and relativism.

  9. Jorge
    1 year ago

    I regret Magdi has left our church. However I do respect his decision, specially in what the relation between christianity and islam is concerned. He is right when he says our prelates are currupt and sbmissive to islam. He is right that kissing qurans, bowing down to islamic principles, entering mosks and respecting a evil religion the way our priests, bishops and even popes have done in recent years IS a betrayal to God, to Jesus. There is absolutely no justification to bow down to islam in any way, for whatever reason. It is a demonstration of hypocrisy, it is a deadly sin that betrays Christ and wounds his heath and spirit. Our new pope has already said he want to "dialogue" with muslims..?!? This is unaceptable..we should all CONVERT the muslims, with firm determination, not by engaging in useless dialogues that bring and produce nothing. we are being relativists when we kow tow to islam and to muslims.Magdi is right about this.Christians are being exterminated right now in all muslims countries..what did the "dialogue" with muslims brought? more PERSECUTION!would Christ kiss qurans, enter mosks, respect muhammad, his lies, his jihad, his sharia satanism?? Of course not. So why do our prelates act like that? This is unaceptable!! magdis decision is a wake up call for mall of us and specially for our prelates to wake up and act as christians, not as hipocrits and islamic dhimmie currupt cowards!

  10. Liz
    1 year ago

    I understand his views and how he must have suffered and I too share his concerns. I am not abandoning the Church but I can't say that I have not been disappointed. I am trying to stay focused on Jesus and give this Pope a chance. I just ask of Pope Francis to please consider that we have had enough confusion in the Church since Vatican II. We need clarity and dignity so that our young people can respect authority not superstars. And please Pope Francis: Can you explain that Buenos Aires is not India and Mother Teresa was the true symbol of humility. She never made it a point on how she got to work or where she slept for she was too busy. I understand that you took the bus to work and the point that you are trying to make but the media is using it to make Pope Benedict look less "humble". Please helps us by remaining true to what Benedict has done with the liturgy for I fear that we might all become confused again.

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