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Italy's Famous Catholic Convert From Islam Leaves the Catholic Church Comments

Whatever his frustrations with the public stance of the Church on issues that affect Italy's national interests, matters upon which the faithful can legitimately argue since they largely involve areas of political prudence, it seems that Magdi Allam has traded in his Catholic heritage for a mess of Italian right-wing, nationalistic porridge.  Continue Reading

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    1 year ago

    Mr.Allam tries to create his own religion.
    Whatever the religion,there people suffering and becoming resistent to any force directed towards them.
    Terrorism is a name given by west
    Terrorism doesnt force to leave religion.
    Allam was not a child at the time when he contrast,he must have studied the religion before converting.
    I hope he is mentally unstable.

  2. Hani Yasin
    1 year ago

    It seems Mr Allam was not seeking inner peace or true faith , it seems he was mistakenly thinking the church would feed his inner rage and hatred.
    Mr Allam, please allow me to tell you that we humans are tolerant and kind as a default, hatred and rage is an exception and disease that needs a cure, what ever the religion is.

  3. Pitbull
    1 year ago

    Allam the great should understand that the mosque is standing in Rome coz Catholics know the meaning of respect. After vomiting rubbish, he should have been questioned about what were his contribution to the church in the few years of his Catholic life.

    As Catholics we must not expect any kind of returns from the church, here contribution has several meanings. It could be the time given to the church (individual approach), questioning the actions of the Clerics to clear doubts, suggesting and sponsoring ideas, it's not all about money what most Catholics think. We don't come together to create a corporation society, but to help one another and to live in peace.

    Allam's point of view against Catholicism could have been generated due to the Euro crisis, so that he can be accepted back to the Middle East.

  4. Joe
    1 year ago

    "No one, howsoever much almsgiving he has done, even if he sheds
    his blood for Christ, can be saved, unless he remains in the bosom and
    unity of the Catholic Church." [26] - The Council of Florence, 1442.

    This does not apply to those who are ignorant of Christ's Church through no fault of their own, or those not in full communion with her who do not fully understand the importance of obedience to the Catholic Church in the plan of salvation (see CCC # 847). But to knowingly reject the one Church in such an arrogant, individualistic way is dangerous. We need to pray for his soul.

  5. Jorge
    1 year ago

    kissing qurans and muslims feet is wrong..doesn't matter what ever lies and twistings any one comes up with to try to deffend the undeffensible that is islam itself..

  6. srena
    1 year ago

    Certain comments about Islam by Mr Allam which I do agree, But, POPE kissing Quran is maybe because no choice or because he respect.So nothing wrong. Mr Allam cannot just see the negative side of Catholic, but also see the possitive side... But the most important thing is...Christians teach us to Love each other..Christians should consider all od the comment by Mr Allam. We do not want it to be happened anywhere else like in middle east. Pray for Middle east also

  7. Aqua
    1 year ago

    I believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they want as it is our gift from God.. we have the gift of choice and opinions, however, in my perspective, Mr. Allam may have only likened to the Catholic Church because of the glitz and glamour and did not fully comprehend the life of a true Catholic... he considered the churches approach to worldly situations and facts, science and all that stuff, did he even pray the Rosary?????? i think he is looking for enlightenment, my suggestion, pray the Rosary and give yourself to God and submit to the needs of the Church

  8. mathew
    1 year ago

    In Islam related issues Mr Allam is 100% right . Muslims use their their power of unity for their growth for good or bad they protect their interest. in Saudi Arabia every friday we can hear hate speech from mosques, every bad event in non-Muslim including natural calamities they project it as the failure of the religious faith in that country. They extract each and every possibility to bring more people to their religion for this they use money, power and tactics. whereas our clergy alwys trying to extract maximum from the belivers if we go for batism they ask money, to change name from pne parish to other they need money, to bless our home they demand money. Pope john paul 2 nd kiss Quran but bible is prohibited in most of the Islamic countries and if they saw bible in Saudi arabian airports they will tore it into pieces and through in to waste box, Christians does not have freedom of worship in many islamic countries and our pope pray in Mosque according to their traditions and confirm that they are right ( you can see in youtube pope convert to islam).

  9. rachel de Bouillon
    1 year ago

    "Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated". What they represent is why our God said this. We love totally the muslim people but hate the ideology and the fact that what they teach seems to be the anti Christ. Because the Bible states emphatically that those who do not say that Jesus is Lord and God are anti Christs. And it said that whosoever comes along saying a different gospel, not to hear them.
    St Anthony of the desert would agree with much of what is said by this man. He gave up what he lived , a cruel and rabid like ideology that mixed people up because they taught a little bit of truth and a lot so much that is not of God. And you can not have a meaningful dialogue because they are taught they must not listen and must hate you and you must die if you are not them. But they hurt and kill their own.
    All they do practically is not of God. To confuse and ideology for a true religion is rediculous. And if they teach that our Lord and Saviour is just a prophet and lower than that Mohammad who himself felt he was demon possessed, that we turn our backs upon Jesus and he says that whoever turns his back on Him , he too will turn his back on them
    There are many who died rather than do one act of false religion and that these popes did this is to cry and rend our clothes in abject sorrow. Evey where you look , the muslim ideology threatens us, says they will klll us if we dont obey them
    I will always remain in the true church, but I will pray day and night that Truth and Dignity and Love come back, that all wolves in sheeps clothing will be cast out and all liars and those who would have the True Church in flames.
    Jesus said "I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. The hellish would try, win many battles, but ultimately win the war.
    Pray for Truth and only Truth my brothers and sisters. no matter how the enemy seems persuasive and truthful.
    And God who overlooks his church will come thru. Pray to St. Joseph who is the protector of
    the church and St Nichlas who lost not one to false interpretations.

  10. Clesh
    1 year ago

    Irrespective of wat every1 thinks i think the church is right, The SUREST WAY TO WIN anyone to CHRIST is thru the greatest comandment LOVE. Theres no beta way 2du that than what the church is doing, having in mind that God cöntinues to pour out his wisdom over the church overtym to be a worthy body in the present times. May Gods will be done in the church, the pope, our muslim brothers and throughout the world. Be blesd.

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