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Ten Years after the Second Iraq War Began: Was it Just? What have we Learned? Comments

Before the intervention on March 19, 2003, I disturbed some colleagues and friends by publicly opposing intervention in what came to be called Iraq II. I had supported the first intervention in Iraq, after the Kuwaitis requested our assistance against an unjust aggressor named Saddam Hussein.  However, in light of the teaching of the Catholic Church, and based upon my own efforts to inform my conscience by it, I opposed the Second Iraq ... Continue Reading

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  1. mgm.
    2 years ago

    Bob Hugelmeyer.It's seems you know what your talking about,so tell us just what has our ally Israel done to assist it's ally the U.S. in it's last two wars in the middle-east ,air-support ,troops ,naval units?were any Israeli army units covering a flank of the U.S.Army's in Iraq?In WW2 if we lost 5000 men in one battle you could count that the "valiant"British,Canadians,French,Poles ,were dying down the line too.

  2. Bob Hugelmeyer
    2 years ago

    The first war with Iraq was never completed. Saddam Hussein was in violation of the agreement to permit inspections. All of the intelligence led to Iraq having weapons of mass destruction including nuclear. He already used lethal gas against the Kurds. The treat to the United States by Iraq was mininmal, however, if Hussein were to bully his neighbors into joining with the rest of the Muslim radicals in annihilating Israel it would be foolish to sit back a wait for our ally's demise.Hussein was killing hundreds of thousands of his own people, the people who opposed his dictatorship. No one wants war. Given the information at the time and the approval of the senate to engage Iraq if he does not comply along with his threat to the region and the world, one could argue it was the right and morale thing to do at he time. In WWII we lost 5000 men in one battle in one day for the cost of freedom for our valiant allies.

  3. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Great article! Think of what could have been done with all those resources lost io war. My hope is that Pope Francis will call all people of good will to take a new look at how the preferential option for the poor can change priorities.

    We are coming on the anniversary of the murder of Bishop Oscar Romero on March 24th. I hope we will hear from you about his heroic stand for the reign of God in face of government repression and revolutionary violence. The United States Government played a part in the violence in El Salvador by supporting those who committed genocide.

    Also the trial of the former President de Monte (sp?) now under way in Guatemala deserves an article. So much of the violence against the indigenous people came at the hands of people who called themselves christian and with much United States Government support.

  4. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan
    2 years ago

    Deacon Keith - recently my thoughts are turning towards the question - why do we have to do all the fighting and all the saving of muslim countries. Why do we have to always be the ones to rescue the victims of these conflicts? What are the hugely wealthy arab countries doing to help their own? And then it seems to me a section of these countries then turn on us and call us infidels and blame us - Rene

  5. George Ronald Adkisson
    2 years ago

    There is more than one type calling...exampled by any peaceful or religious one without a weapon or bad word, and the others that kill our children.That puts everyone in danger of losing their lives or limbs.
    God never required the death of one single child, woman or man.I'll never ask a government to declare war for my sake, or I would have been willing myself to take the place of the children.
    Needless to say...all wars will end as only a man's.
    "It's their let"...or the recurrence with an unfounded unproven conclusion.
    Christians are mistakenly known today as hoarders of of money or valued objects, typically ones that are secret or carefully guarded.And we should recognize why.
    It's not hard to see why people do not trust each other...they are policed by individuals armed to the teeth.
    Hopefully someone will stop all the nonsense...
    The ways and means for living here upon Earth is the responsibility humans that are here...not gold, oil, or supply and demand economies that starve billions per year.(unnecessary added requirements)
    All people have the inalienable right to live, which requires individual freedom from someone and at the very same moment a dependence on all that surrounds you.
    A cabal is in progress...there in Iraq.One influenced by the NSC and others in the same camp.
    The Catholic are not the guilty ones.

  6. Lou Soileau
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Deacon Fournier. I entered a discussion on this subject regarding a WSJ editorial in favor of President Bush's decision to initiate Iraq II. My position is much the same as yours particularly since I have seen no data supporting the presence of WMD's other than those meager weapons used in the Iran-Iraq War in which the US supported Saddam Hussein, I believe. Your editorial gives me hope that more than just a few people would oppose war in cases like Iraq II.

  7. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    War does not need to be waged in self defense. That is a gigantic misunderstanding of the just war theory. Also not the differences between the just war theory originally proposed by Thomas Aquinas and that taught at the School of Salamanca, and the one dreamt up by the USCCB post Vatican II.

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