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Doubters of Darwin, here's your evidence Comments

Doubters of Darwin, here's your evidence. According to researchers from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, swallows are evolving before our eyes, developing shorter wings to help them maneuver and avoid cars. Continue Reading

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  1. Bob Allen
    1 year ago

    It is evident that Marshall Connolly is not up on his science. Natural selection is not evolution, but merely allows diversity within the taxonomic family. Credible scientists know that Darwin's finches were merely demonstrating adaptive variations that were already in the genes of the first finches to get to the island and that all the offspring that came from them were still all finches. Different species within a family are merely variations of the original, not a new kind of creature as evolution requires.

    This is further demonstrated in the attempts to create a new species with the fruit fly. Jeremy Rifkin wrote: “The fruit fly has long been the favorite object of mutation experiments because of its fast gestation period (twelve days). X rays have been used to increase the mutation rate in the fruit fly by 15,000 percent. All in all, scientists have been able to ‘catalyze the fruit fly evolutionary process such that what has been seen to occur in Drosophila (fruit fly) is the equivalent of many millions of years of normal mutations and evolution.’ Even with this tremendous speedup of mutations, scientists have never been able to come up with anything other than another fruit fly.” Science has done all it can to make evolution purposefully happen without success, yet many insist that all this has happened by sheer accident.

    The biggest tragedy to compromising with evolution is its effect on Christianity. Thomas, Lewis, “On the Uncertainty of Science,” says this. “And the creationists have also shown irrefutably that those liberal and neo-orthodox Christians who regard the creation stories as myths or allegories are undermining the rest of Scripture, for if there was no Adam, there was no fall; and if there was no fall there was no hell; and if there was no hell, there was no need of Jesus as Second Adam and Incarnate Savior, crucified and risen. As a result, the whole biblical system of salvation collapses.

    Evolution thus becomes the most potent weapon for destroying the Christian faith.”

    I encourage you to learn the difference between "observational" and "historical" science. That understanding will bring doubts about evolution and millions of years into proper perspective.

  2. Paul
    1 year ago

    I am not a Catholic, but a protestant, pseudo fundamentalist. I completely concur with the Pope's statement about evolution in "Human Generis," that Adam was "God Breathed." His name may not have been Adam, only his name represented him as something different than what was before, just as Eve became the "mother," of all living humans and a helpmate for Adam - to propagate the human species and join God in creation. God would have to keep on creating if He did not use mankind to propagate humans. By doing this we join with God in the creation of humanity and a special species that can praise and worship God with free will and joy. This is the true purpose of humanity. Evolution degrades the role of mankind and thus is not a very Christian perspective on the role of mankind in the universe. God has a plan and that includes mankind in propagating people who will worship Him forever, evolution completely misses the point by trying to teach science by looking at behaviour or genetics today, and say this proves something. IF God is God, we cannot judge or tell how God acted in history or in prehistory or in the Garden of Eden. We cannot know how God created the heavens and the earth. Did he create it in a sudden flash of creativity or did He do it over millions of years? We don't really know, we can surmise, or deduce, or hope that we know, but ultimately, only God knows how and when He created the heavens and the earth. Scientists and the writer of this story ponitificate their supposed arguments and deduce the past based on the present and the supposed story they read in geology, physics and astronomy. This is not real science, it is all conjecture and even if correct, does not tell us the mind of God - as the bible says" for we know in part, and prophecy in part, now we see through a glass darkly, but then we shall see Him face to face and we shall know Him as we ourselves are known."
    This article is nothing more than conjecture and posturing. It is not science but opinion. If some of my offspring were killed because they could run out on the road and take a chance because they thought they could outrun traffic, then their shorter legged brothers would survive to have children with shorter legs. This is nothing more than survival not of the fittest but those that have shorter legs. Then more and more children would be born with shorter legs. There is, of course, genetic variation within types and species, this is how God created us. To say that this is evolution is simplistic to say the least. Adaptation is another word for God's creativity in creation. God knows how to create mankind to survive on this planet. He made mankind to survive because He wanted to show forth His glorious power and wisdom and might.
    Shame on this site for spreading such false information and a loosely researched article on evolution. This article is junk science and not even a good representation of evolution - not even atheists today would agree with this article.

  3. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marshall: "An adaptation is a behavioral change, whereas evolution is a genetic change. "

    Marshall first makes it obvious that he has no understanding of the theory of evolution or the adaptation of species, and then goes on from there with an incoherent diatribe on why Catholics are too ignorant or stupid to challenge atheism's false interpretations of science. Sorry, Marshall, but you are wrong on almost every point you attempt to make. An adaptation, in the scientific sense that I and others have been using it, is an inherited genetic change that is not drastic enough to constitute a new species, but can sometimes better "adapt" an organism to its environment, like shorter bird wings. When a collie breeds with a retriever and produces a mutt, the mutt has been adapted, perhaps favorably, perhaps not. Behavioral changes are not genetically inherited and thus have nothing to do with adaptation or evolution.

    Marshall: "When you repudiate established scientific fact with classical, Protestant fundamentalist, evangelical, anti-science rhetoric..."

    What you, "militant atheists", leftists, homosexuals, enviro-fascists, socialists, and other sundry ne'er-do-wells may call "classical, Protestant fundamentalist, evangelical, anti-science rhetoric", I call truth and fact because that's what it is. Truth, by its definition and the definition of the word "science", cannot correctly be termed "anti-science".

    You have, again, presented either no facts or false "facts", and are using these to make a propaganda-filled argument for those of us armed with the real truth and the real facts to sit down and shut up. I, for one, am not about to sit down and shut up. I simply use provable truth and well-established scientific facts to make my arguments to atheists or anyone else. The truth cannot be silenced by spurious arguments, and will always win out in the end.

    Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the scientific explanations of the simple contradictions in the theory of evolution that I noted in my previous posted comment.

  4. CesarFSToll
    1 year ago

    Evolution will be a matter of controversy because the focus given which is on controversy.
    But the real conclusion with or without evolution is that God must be behind every aspect of His creation because evolution as described many times and many different shapes and forms, is nothing without God's intervention.
    There cannot be any order, more precisely, natural order, without God and His creation. Things do not just appear and start offering some behavior, be it a bill rock in the middle of nowhere, as some theories, let's repeat that, theories; express or a big explosion or a cyclical oscillation, or whatever it be, the natural order of things is what make these phenomena real and useful for God's creation.
    Is the most ignorant he/she who knows nothing or is he/she who things to know everything, or said differently, who things the end of knowledge has been reached.
    Humans have an understanding, knowledge, wisdom, council, strength, science, piety and fear of God, because these are gifts from the Holy Spirit, even if some out there still 'think' it cannot be, because they feel then less 'important'.
    Nothing has or ever will be 'created' by humans nor by evolution, only change with what is already created. Human inventive is nothing but the use of what is available to everyone to be useful for everyone. Discoveries of course are nothing but awareness of what was already there. Nothing has been created by laboratories or more generically by science, modern or not.
    God is the creator of heaven and earth, of the whole universe, and that includes everything within.
    Micro-evolution will always amaze by its wonderful adapting to circumstance, whatever they are or however they happen, but God will always be behind the process, because it is His creation.
    Us humans should focus more on using the wonderful immensity of God's creation to respond to what Jesus taught us, to love, God first with all the intensity of our hearts and then our neighbor as ourselves and to live in the truth, the absolute truth He is and He created with humility and forgiveness, because we are creatures of love to love and to be loved.
    Too many egos out there try and keep trying to remove that unavoidable truth which is creation and the universe God placed before us and at our service to fulfill that essence in each and every one of us which is loving, giving not expecting anything in return.
    How difficult could that 'grasp' to get?

  5. Marshall Connolly
    1 year ago

    I am going to reply here one more time before I depart this thread for my other projects.

    Please understand that THIS IS NOT an adaptation. An adaptation is a behavioral change, whereas evolution is a genetic change. The wingspans of these birds are shorter as a result of genetic mutations which are favored by the environment. The birds are behaving no differently, i.e., they're not adapting, they're evolving because of natural selective forces (cars, premature death).

    To say this is an adaptation is the equivalent of saying that your height is a behavioral adaptation too. It isn't. Your height, and other inherent physical traits are all determined by genetics. A bird's wingspan is the same.

    That genetic change IS evolution.

    This needs to be taken seriously. Although you may not be concerned about your faith, for you are set in your ways (that's excellent!) you are an example to others who could be more...pliable.

    The new militant atheists out there are well versed and very aggressive. They have taken pages out of the playbooks of the homosexual eqivelancy movement and anti-life movements.

    Their numbers are growing because they know how to prey upon your children and grandchildren. You should show concern for them.

    When you repudiate established scientific fact with classical, Protestant fundamentalist, evangelical, anti-science rhetoric, you model this for those about you.

    The atheists are ready for that and know precisely how to answer. You may be immune, but what about those about you?

    Science should be at the service of the faith. It is a tool that you too can use to grow closer to God and to refute secular, atheistic falsehoods. For the sake of those around you, I hope you will consider picking up the tool. What is good enough for you may not serve your children and grandchildren so well.

    The modern, scientifically literate, Catholic Church has already reviewed these topics for us. We need only to familiarize ourselves with present teaching of the Church on matters of science.

    Despite what you think, the threat is much different this time. We live in a dangerous new world, much different than you grew in. Ten minutes of the nightly news, or a moment of nostalgia for more faithful times in our country, should be enough to convince you of that.

    Roughly 1/3 of the U.S. youth population (18-29) now self identifies atheist or "unaffiliated," a dramatic increase from 1990. Even if you disagree with that, the trend alone is telling.

    We're doing something wrong.

  6. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marshall: "Making old remarks such as "adaptation is not evolution" and "evolution is just a theory" doesn't cut it any more. These are swiftly refuted..."

    So the truth doesn't "cut it" and is now "swiftly refuted", eh? Methinks Marshall may be the author of this useless article on variable bird wing spans. It bears his arrogant stamp of "here's the scientific evidence for you stupid deniers" in the title, followed up with an article containing no scientific evidence whatsoever. His comment also bears this same signature - claims of having all the latest insights, and knowledge of why conservative Catholics are too stupid to see it, but not a scrap of proof offered up to support these sanctimonious claims.

    Now in his comments, Marshall insists that we Catholics should not restate the same truthful arguments to the same old leftist lies. In Marshall's world, all the tired, old, discredited left-wing false propaganda is "new" and "scientific", but the solidly proven truth that discredits the old lies is "old" and "reflexive" and needs to stop. How about just stop with the lies in the first place?

    Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for a "scientific" explanation of how dinosaurs evolved into birds over millions of years whilst also being forced into extinction in a matter of a few years. After that, maybe someone can also explain why there have been so few transitional fossils ever found, when Darwin himself wrote that the discovery of transitional fossils in droves, which never happened, was the evidence he expected would prove his theory true.

  7. Stephanie
    1 year ago

    This is not the kind of evolution that the Protestant Fundamentalists are doubting. None of them have a problem with wolves and dogs sharing a common ancestor, or lions and house cats. The problem they have is when something evolves into something completely different. Shorter wingspans is the same as different breeds of dogs.

  8. Courtney Scharfe
    1 year ago

    Let me know when it becomes a giraffe.

  9. DarthJ
    1 year ago

    That animals adapt is not in contest- that animals evolve, or change completely over a period of time, is. This is an old evolutionist trick whereby they try to take what they call "evolution," which really isn't evolution is a true sense, and use it to "prove" molecules-to-man evolution.

    Check out the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation for truths concerning the Church and evolution.

  10. celso
    1 year ago

    Articles like this should not be given space especially if facts are important for its validity. This is not even evolution but instead adaptation. Evolution is very much different from adaptation. In this case, there are two different type of swallows. One with shorter wings and one with longer wings. The shorter wing swallow adapted well in that environment so its numbers increased. The longer wing sparrow decreased in numbers as it was not suitable in that environment. The fact is no evolution occured.

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