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Why the Left Will Do All They Can to Hurt the New Pope Comments

Faithful Catholics knew from the moment Francis walked out on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, it was the beginning of his cross. The silent prayer he asked for, and during which he bowed, I believe was prayer that he could bear that cross with joy and fortitude, and that his ability to bear it would be provided by the prayers of his people.  Continue Reading

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  1. Barbara Logan
    1 year ago

    Indeed the left, the neo-pagans of our age, would hate a man of chastity, charity, moral beauty and true freedom. The Romans and other old pagans hated the early Church and butchered Christians in the most horrendous ways, including feeding them to wild beasts. Emperor Nero went a step further and used them as human candles (shades of Nazi Germany?). And, these supposedly enlightened 'moderns' (for their time) practiced a lifestyle very similar to that of our modern 'enlightened' lefties - one of circuses, unbridled cruelty, gross immorality and perversion of every kind, and creating their own gods in their own images and for their own purposes (read Romans chapter one for a good description of these lost souls). It is a 'non sequitur' that God-haters who are self worshippers would be eager lackeys of the enemy of our souls.
    We should not be surprised therefore that they would hate our beloved Francis I and all he stands for. Equally, we should not be unduly concerned about them for God is still on His throne and these haters of good will find that His patience with evil is not unending. Let us love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and pray fervently for our dear Francis and also Benedict - the one leading and doing and the other supporting him in prayer - and for the poor souls trapped in the devil's web of deceit and lies.

  2. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    When the surroundings you live in are chaotic...humans, although their physical and psychic make-up are basically the same...will be led to the argumentative state, by those empowered financially or by decree around you...or everyone is sleep walking.
    The chaos also becomes financially profitable for the government and not for any religious institution.
    At this very moment the Pope of Rome is a threat to the uS government...even if the elected uS government officials are Catholic.The uS government manages domestic affairs using a currency or token coin...which has a huge amount of added requirements (causal and effectual) the Pope of Rome will never be responsible for...the uS government will be...the treasury is not in the Church.
    Seriously, I am supportive of anyone that supports the Catholic's nice to have people that bring increase to morals and not the proverbial "snake" that slips up on you in the form of a loaded gun or added tax.I would not worry about the articles in the news...rather, I have found the Pope has no enemies...but then I do not associate with Democrats and Republicans...I associate with human beings.(from this Earth)

  3. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis is there to serve all, yes even those you call the "left". Jesus came to save all; the Good News is for all, even the "left". God's image is in all creation and in every human person. Where in this article do you recognize the image of God in those you call the "left"?

  4. Frederick Liewehr
    1 year ago

    The Holy Father, and the Church, need all of our prayers in this trying time.

  5. Lou Soileau
    1 year ago

    May we all implore the Holy Spirit daily, constantly to give Pope Francis the courage, the health, the strength, the consolation, the words, and the Divine Love to carry out his mission! Because, when he does not accomplish what the world will expect him to accomplish, he will be crucified and branded a failure. Would that we were all perfect and could achieve everyone's expectations! Bless him, Lord!

  6. CF
    1 year ago

    Not jus the "left", which is a meaningless term nowadays, unless one is a former GOP Outreach to Catholics writer. Th "right" will likely not like Pope Francis I when he speaks on the Just War DOCTRINE nor on just economicas (ie, Distributism) and third world debt and the rights of workers, alien to the "right" enamored with economic theories of protestant theorists.

  7. Edju
    1 year ago

    This is a popular website with many followers. Maybe instead of sowing fear and paranoia in your readers, you could try cultivating confidence and charity vis-a-vis the larger culture. It might be a lot more effective. Just a thought.

  8. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    Of course this is nothing new!

    In Our Blessed Lords own words - "If they hate you, remember they hated me before you" - John 15:18.

    Some time ago I came across this anecdote which sums up where we are at this time:
    A former military chaplain priest who travels the world giving hard hitting talks on Church moral issues told me his attitude towards such criticism. He said, "we learned in the military that when you get a lot of flack, you know you are over the target".

    How true! The devil singles out the One True Roman Catholic Church for ALL the flack because it is ONLY the Church that speaks the TRUTH in season and out of season. The Catholic Church is the last bastion of sanity left in this confused world and the powers of hell with all their petty minions on earth will do all they can to silence this witness to Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    All the more then that we should proclaim the Gospels from the rooftops!


  9. abey
    1 year ago

    Turn to The Bible to the truth of Zechariah Ch.5. The source of these oppositions to the rebellion against God, if it can be called such, coming against the Apostolic Faith, is already Prophesied.

  10. Steve
    1 year ago

    This article is nonsensical. Mr. Hudson never defines who the big, bad, scary Left is. Instead, he says, "The Left, and we know who they are, hate the Church." Actually, we don't.

    I happen to be Catholic and I also tend to vote Democratic. Not always, but I usually do -- as do roughly 50% of American Catholics. I've also voted Republican. Am I part of "The Left" or "The Right?" Is Deal Hudson, PhD, lumping me in with his giant leftist conspiracy or do I get a pass because I occasionally vote Republican?

    Right now, I would think that the representatives of the Church would be more interested in EXPANDING their membership, rather than trying to alienate the membership they have. as I said before, lots of Catholics vote Democrat. Is Mr. Hudson okay with this? Do we have his permission to still attend church?

    There are plenty of us Catholics who are less interested in judging others and more interested in spreading Christ's message of love. I'm just not sure Mr. Hudson is one of them.

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