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Why the Left Will Do All They Can to Hurt the New Pope Comments

Faithful Catholics knew from the moment Francis walked out on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, it was the beginning of his cross. The silent prayer he asked for, and during which he bowed, I believe was prayer that he could bear that cross with joy and fortitude, and that his ability to bear it would be provided by the prayers of his people.  Continue Reading

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  1. Carlos
    1 year ago

    Jck McDermot -understand your being upset due to artical being about you -
    also the left cannot harm the pope as much as he has by allowing scandelous
    pols pelosi and biden to blasphomously receive holy communion.
    If the pope won't follow cannon law concerning scandal and communion
    denial to those who publicly triumph the death of innocents and other satanic laws who wil!?!

  2. Jack McDermott
    1 year ago

    Would Jesus support the "right" wing positions on the death penalty (of which He suffered), the over taxing of the poor but not the rich, the drone bombing of innocent women and children to supposedly exterminate one untried terrorist, the decimation of the environment by greedy individuals and corporations? These are all supported by the right, and yes, we "know who you are". You could easily say: Why does the right hate Jesus so much and manipulate His teachings?"
    Your editors are really alienanting some true believers by allowing articles like this to be posted under the guise of being "Catholic". Articles such as this will only weaken our Church. There are those of us who do consider themselves "Progressive" that also do not support abortion, but do understand that a woman has to make peace with herself and the Lord when making a decision about her own body. Publishing hateful articles about the "Left" only supports more division and hatred.This author needs to do some real soul searching and the editors need to open up their minds before publishing such divisive and untrue rubbish that we "Left" Catholics wish to destroy the Church.

  3. Marga
    1 year ago

    Los primeros articulos de este tipo despues de la eleccion del nuevo Papa me hicieron reir pero ya empiezan a molestar. Nosotros (la izquierda) no necesitamos que la derecha hable por nosotros de nuestros supuestos sentimientos y opiniones sobre el nuevo Papa. Nosotros esperabamos este nombramiento porque la iglesia esta pasando por la situacion mas dificil desde el Concilio de Trento. Desde que 'el acepto el nombramiento de Cardenal sabiamos como seguiria y por que. El esta ahi para hacer lo que tiene que hacer y la izquierda le va a apoyar. Y sabemos que el no va a cambiar Dogma, solo Pragma. Asi que como catolicos le apoyaremos en la medida en que podamos, a nuestro estilo que es "a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando". Y estamos muy, muy felices de que este ahi aunque sentimos dolor de que fuera necesario. Que Dios perdone a quienes hicieron necesario que el fuera elegido. y rezo tambien por Benedicto XVI y su sacrificio por la Iglesia. Y como ya dije,estos articulos empiezan a no hacer gracia.

  4. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    To Tom McGuire!
    Yes, the Holy Father is to serve everyone, for Christ died for everyone. But, how do you serve someone who rejects you, rejects your teaching, rejects your advice, rejects your love? Yes, love the sinner but hate the sin!
    And here is the crux of the whole 'Love thy neighbor as you love yourself." We are children of one God, all of us, but not all of us will follow Him, love Him - and here we part.
    Let's not fall into the trap of political correctness and destroy our souls.

  5. youkokun
    1 year ago

    Praise God, hatred can be cured. I sometimes say chaplets of Divine Mercy for obstinate members of the left to let their hearts be softened. As a convert I know what it's like to be surrounded by untruth--I always felt, "what am I doing here?" In highschool it was the same. I joined the Gay and Straight Alliance because of my friends and thought, "What am I doing here?" I think far-Lefts idolize sensation--I know Protestants do--but throughout history people have converted because they have it all and want something more. Please pray for them and be kind as a witness, without compromising the truth! Pope Francis just charged us with becoming protectors. I think that also applies to those of the Left. God wants them to turn to Him, and the best we can do is to defend our faith so that they see Truth.

  6. DLL
    1 year ago

    Christianity is neither right or left as it is a way of life. What Catholics are protecting is a way of life. Opinions of the author are his agree or not. Right and left factions are at war with each other and trying to nullify one another so that in a coalition they can fight as a secular force against the teachings of Christians. Christianity was or is to a degree an obstacle to the new wave politically relative thinking politic of these days be they democrat or republican. Soon the republicans will,be exactly like the democrats in their party platform. It is a matter of getting votes. For Christians there will be no one to represent them politically so it will actually become immoral for them to vote. That will be the real persecution in the end when Christians feel that to vote will be a sin against God and His Holy Church. That day is fast coming and the poltiical forces that be want it this way. If Christians fail to have representation enough to feel that to vote is a fair process than the devil wins. The devil is no bargain for anyone right,left,secular or Chistian,for that matter any other religion,as the devil always guarantees a perpetual curse on everyone. Yes the devil is an equal opportunity employer. The devil is the "hateful" one. All may receive a curse. The only real blessing ever,comes from God.

  7. Jack McDermott
    1 year ago

    I am deeply disappointed that Catholic On lIne is not publishing all the comments to this hateful article. If the author can not take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen. You allow him to attack the truly faithful, and you shield him from citicism? How sad...

  8. Thomas Joseph
    1 year ago

    Your article has needed to be said for along time now. There is much more to this "leftist" movement then we can see.
    Please take a look at this link a friend sent me. If I am overly concerned please let me know. I am open minded
    Yours in Christ ... Prayers for Pope Francis
    Thomas Joseph

  9. DLL
    1 year ago

    As far as sexual abuse is concerned the left approves,of every imaginable form of sexual,expression as "free speech" and of coarse sex has nothing to do with free speech. The graphic sex that is a part of all forms of entertainment these days is abuse of minors much more so than any other form,of sexual abuse. People are trained by the media to be sexually explicit,therefore they become a users of others purity. Today we can't even get the point across that marriage is meant to be between 1 man and 1 woman for a lifetime so that they can love each other enough to procreate,and raise families,they can do this because they are sexually different. How Confused are those that can't see that simple point of view. I say that those that can't are the already sexually abused. Obama and Ms.Clinton now proclaim same sex marriage. In so doing they become a part of the confusion that is causing the sexual abuse in the first place. Homosexual sex has caused the problems straight across the board. All the Popes know this including the newly elected one. No Pope in good conscience condone same sex marriage because the scandal in the church was created by perverse sexual behavior in the first place. To overcome sexual abuse the church must teach the antidote and that is purity and chastity as well as to endorse the Holy sacrement of marriage as between a man and a woman. Gay,lesbian,transsexual,bisexual even random sexual heterosexual activity,are activities that are all opposed to heterosexual purity and chastity and The Holy Marriage Sacrement. Of coarse the church will take a hit in they oppose same sex marriage but it won't matter because if they don't stand against it than by supporting it,the church will still be considered perverse because the sexual abuse scandal in the church,was a source of all this confusion these days anyway. Either way the Catholic Church will be damned by the left who is hell bent on destroying the church Of Jesus Christ. The church always stood for purity and chastity and it must always do so or choose to cease to exist. The church is the only voice of faith and reason in the world today. Holiness of its members depend on it as chastity and purity of mind and body is the way to God,in Christ,thought the power of the Holy Spirit.

  10. Robert
    1 year ago

    "Blessed are you when then persecute you because of Me."

    The persecution in the United States has all ready begun.

    It is good to have Pope Francis to lead us through this time. May we stand with Jesus.

    May the Lord give us strength and give strength to the Bishops who will need to lead us through this time.

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