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Why the Left Will Do All They Can to Hurt the New Pope Comments

Faithful Catholics knew from the moment Francis walked out on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, it was the beginning of his cross. The silent prayer he asked for, and during which he bowed, I believe was prayer that he could bear that cross with joy and fortitude, and that his ability to bear it would be provided by the prayers of his people.  Continue Reading

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  1. Jack
    1 year ago

    @John, well John... I got my Catechism out and did not find anything that you state as supporting your position except Liberalism is "wrong". Yes, that was there. Thank you. I guess you missed the chapter when Jesus said to follow Him and His Word, not those that are hateful and deceptive. I will go on listening to Jesus and His Word and not take what you say for gospel. Perhaps you on the "Right" are correct, this Church now belongs to those that interpret the Bible for their own political gains. How sad.

  2. John
    1 year ago

    @Jack McDermott, your at odds with Catholic Teaching. The "social justice" argument that your liberal wing uses is utterly wrong, and all you need to do is get yourself out of Protestant Sola Scriptura (What would Jesus do - Self interpretive Bible Reading) and See what the Church says on all of your Liberal issues. Abortion - WRONG. Contraception - WRONG. Homosexual "Marriage" - WRONG, Liberalism - WRONG, "Greater Good" Social Justice" - WRONG, ProAbortion Catholics Receiving Communion - WRONG.

    We cannot even begin to talk about war, workers rights and other "Social Justice Issues" until the above "Non Negotiables" are in-check, especially regarding the most innocent - Human Life of the Unborn in the false name of "Reproductive Choice".

    I recommend that you get a copy of the Catechism and read it

  3. John
    1 year ago

    Unfortunately, the aging liberals and leftists are actually throughout the Church.... And they are killing it. It hurts me to read about all of the horrors that have come upon Her since Vatican II (I'm too young). The idea of Pro-abortion Catholics is CRAZY!? Pro-Homosexual Catholics, Catholic-Vote getting Barack Obama re-elected??!! Nancy Pelosi reciecving Communion, while Bishops ignore Canon Law 915? What is going on with our Church, when we sit in the pews and listen to hippie folk songs being strummed by aging hippie women, Alter girls, instead of Gregorian chants, and a Masculine Sacrifice (which is what the Mass should be) - I think its obvious what the problem is. Vatican II, and its rush to try to appease Protestants (and some say to remove "Catholicism, all-together) has killed the Church since it's inception.

    Is it time that the Church Leaders totally scrap Vatican II, which has shown to kill not only the number of laity, but SERIOUSLY kill the numbers of strong male priests?? (see CDl. Mahoney)?

  4. wicket
    1 year ago

    The author seems to disdain the "left" just as much as he describes their disdain for the church.

  5. Michael
    1 year ago

    This is a good article. However, it's not just 'The Left' who are anti-Catholic, people across the political spectrum attack God, believers and the Bible. It's a spiritual battle.

  6. Lazaro Alvarez, Jr
    1 year ago

    It is incomprehensible for me to understand an article like this. It lacks Chrisian love and it confuses politics and Christianity.

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    Do not think in terms of being to the right or to the left,rather think in terms of being obedient to God as Christ was obedient,even to his suffering of death on a cross. To love is to obey God. " Not my will but Gods will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"! What is Heaven? To be in Heaven is where all are obedient to God,all there have Become Christlike! Easter is to be alive in a Holy Spirit that has united itself to Christ. The real Resurrection for all,is to live a Christlike existence. Fortunately all can do that now on earth. Heaven is eternal harmony. God loves all without exception,no favorites,but to love God is to obey God. We must all open our hearts to God. God is love! Let the love for God enter each human heart. Amen! In Christ all have become free to conquer all sin. Sin is the obstacle. Impediment is to resist God and that is what creates the extremes of the right or the left viewpoints. God is a moderator whose goal is for all to find loving solutions that none would ever choose to deny. The perfect solution is a Holy choice that guarantees perfect freedom. To obey God is perfect freedom for all.

  8. Max
    1 year ago

    The article above describe the feelings of some of the more traditionalist (as more attuned to XIX century pietism, and rigorist point of view, more of Augustine than of Aquinas) among us Catholics, they feel somewhat threatened by a Latin American Pope, not in tune with their traditions more anchored in North European and Irish traditions, than Spanish (and particularly Spanish American) or Italian traditions, but the predominance of the European (including anglo catholics in the United States) outlook for the Church is at its end, because most catholics are no longer in Europe, most are in Latin American, which together with the Hispanics in the U.S.,and the catholics in Africa now constitute the absolute majority in the Church... More guitars and drums at Mass..., an option for the poor (as stated by the Latin American bishops many years ago).
    As the Liberation theology, I think people have to take into consideration 2 documents of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued during "beato" John Paul II, (and Benedict XVI, as Prefect Ratzinger, at the time):
    "Some aspects of the Liberation Theology" which contained censure for "some aspects" (Some of the Liberation theologians were subject to specific sanction by said Congregation).
    And "Freedom and Liberation" which acknowledged the compatibility of the Liberation Theology, cleansed of Marxist encroachments, with the theological tradition of the Church, in all is diversity. And this second reading of the Liberation Theology IS NOT ALIEN to HH Pope Francis.
    Peace and good

  9. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    It is not simply left or right that is causing our problems, it is EVIL and we can't seem to recognize it to same our souls even when it is staring us in the face.

    I have come to accept that it is not so much that men are guilty of doubting the existence of a loving God and the goodness of mankind which is causing all the worlds problems. Like it or not we are not simply wandering evolutionary inhabitants of an isolated planet. Our accomplishments prove we are the exceptional creatures on this earth and we also have a nature or free will "spirit" unlike all the others here in that we are conscience of our being endowed with that exception and know its source and how it came to be.
    We are and forever have been adrift and unstable because we did not and do not allow our conscience the full and absolute understanding and acknowledgment that spirits of evil also exist here with the active desire to corrupt mankind and the world in order to destroy our Creators plan by capturing and holding hostage as many of us who dare submit to the temptation to ignore their existence or intentions.
    We need to realize that conditions in our world are for the most part routinely determined by and through the activities of mankind based on the decisions we make with the use of our innate intellect guided by the spiritual consciousness we develop and maintain as a part of our natural and individual perspective of mankind's Creator and his plan for us.
    Those who do not integrate this "trinity of truth" into their conscience have little hope of forming an effective base for sound judgment or decision making in their daily lives and particularly in the spiritual awareness aspect of their thought and analysis.
    It is not at all unreasonable then to say that denying the presence and power of that creature from the garden of Eden and his many evil forces working 24/7 to divert our thoughts and attention from the tender love and gentle guidance of the Creator which all Christians have acknowledged could be the single most devastating threat to our individual happiness and society in general.
    An awakening of our conscience to this presence is an urgent but necessary call for spiritual awareness. We must acknowledge the Evil enemy present often within the hearts of those governing us or attempting to set the moral concepts and values of our society who roam the earth day and night to capture and/or destroy those who fail to recognize him or admit his existence.

  10. Helen
    1 year ago

    Please pray my husbands SSI comes in very soon, his health improves so he may have his quad by pass soon with success, and we can get moved and settled into our own home. All is possible in Christ name. Amen

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