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So I asked the Vatican about global warming... Special Report Comments

Recently, I wrote an article for Catholic Online about global warming. The comments from so many readers, obviously intelligent, gave me pause and I took it upon myself to conduct further research, specifically into the Church's teachings on the subject. I pledged in advance to accept what I would discover, no matter what my personal opinions were, after all, I am Catholic and I have faith in my Church. Surprisingly, I soon found the Church has ... Continue Reading

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  1. Ed
    1 year ago

    After reading the article and reviewing the data and video at the links, it is a very persuasive argument. But I have one last question? In my lifetime during the 70's in particular, I remember the big hoopla about Global Cooling and how in my lifetime, Florida would start to resemble the state of Maine climate wise. Instead of freezing, over that last decade or two I have been told that I will instead broil to death, yet, I haven't heard what became of the Global Freeze. Nor just how the heck it turned from freezing to warming?
    In fact a little informal research will also show that over the last 100 years or so there has been this swaying back and forth by scientists and other experts (motivated by what I don't claim to know) that the earth was freezing, then warming, then freezing, then warming, etc., etc. What is up with that? Are you going to tell me that it was the same motivating factors of today back in the late 1800’s?
    Therefore, the only conclusion I draw is that this is either an elaborate plot stretching for decades (nearly a century), or the fact is that Scientist really don't know. That instead every few decades scientist find indicators that support one theory or the other and off they go with it, but in reality, the scope of it all is so large and their understanding of it all so limited, that at best it is an educated guess based on the facts at hand at the moment. I am not going to deny that human beings have an impact, in fact I firmly believe all living creatures in this biosphere contribute. I just question how much, and how much is really out of our control. While we should always take measures to respect and properly husband the resources given to us by God, let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot either, through a lack of judiciousness.

  2. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    J Bob: "my point was while they track (correlate) to one another, as ice core data shows..."

    Some ice core data may show such a correlation, but extrapolating temperature and CO2 concentration measurements from ice core samples is not precise science and leaves lots of room for measurement error. The possible error is much greater than the observed changes, thus the data must be viewed with a rather large dose of NaCl. That was my point.

    I agree with you that the recent satellite temperature measurements made by NASA are the only ones that may have some connection to reality. You are correct in stating those measurements have been made only since the 1970s, having started to be acquired in 1977 or 78 I think. Unfortunately, once a satellite has been placed in orbit it is not easy to service or maintain it indefinitely, so if we run out of funds to launch new satellites, these measurements could be disrupted, and a consistent, reliable trend will never be established. Even if new satellites are available, it may take 40 or 50 more years before anyone can draw any statistically sound conclusions about global warming or cooling from them. I have perused the published NASA satellite data several times, and the only conclusion I can draw from it is that there is no clear trend that can be established. The data can be used to show either slight warming or cooling trends exist, depending on which geographic and atmospheric altitude locations one chooses to analyze. .

  3. Steve
    1 year ago

    "Stewardship to our environment" as pope John Paul II stated in 1990, can take on different meanings for each person. When I was much younger, it meant recycling cans, cleaning up the roadsides, not polluting the water, no littering, etc. All of which involved taking care of our environment.
    Now, we discuss "carbon footprints" , damage to the ozone, gas emissons, etc.
    I agree totally with the statements of the Catholic Church mentioned in this article about global warming. Did the author happen to ask, how the problem could be solved. It is always easy to make a statement on any issue, but offering a solution is what we need to hear. While this is most definitely a political issue, is demands well thought-out solutions. Is the Catholic Church ready to do that?

  4. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    We have been having global warming/climate change since the begining of time. I'm going to ask a simple common sense question. What was the cause of the ice ages and the melting away of that ice since humans were not on the planet at that time? Global warming/climate change, whatever you want to call the "natural" evolution of this planet, we need to remember that God is in charge of all things. This earth will go on evolving according to God's will, and yes, humans are the stewards but I can hardly believe that we are responsible for what has been happening to this earth since its creation. Global warming is a scam by the "progressive communist elites" to control population and our lives. It is one of the methods of "redistribution", stealing of our money and the downsizing of the population Why do you think they push abortion, sterilization, etc.. I refer you to the United Nations report, " Agenda 21." Read it and be very afraid. If we don't get back to Godly morals, principals and values and elect people with those same values, we are in for a very bumpy, ugly ride and this country will never see freedom again. We are on the road to complete submission to the United Nations and its laws for "globalization." Unfortunately,
    since all of humanity is sinful, Satan has found his way, yes, even into the Vatican. There are some communist socialists working against the Church from the inside, just as America has enemies on the inside also. Pope Francis I and all of the clergy there desperately need our prayers. And, most importantly, we must trust in God. God bless.

  5. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    you might well heed the words of Galileo's friend, Cardinal Baronius who wrote "[The Bible teaches] how one goes to Heaven, not how the heavens go."

    Jerry N,
    my point was while they track (correlate) to one another, as ice core data shows, the mechanism of how they are related has yet to be found. It may be, they are both reacting to a primary source, ( i.e. solar irradiance ), but at this time there is still much to learn.

    In following your comments on calibrated temperature measurements, prior to 1850 there were very few temperature readings beyond Europe & parts of the US. In additions as you pointed out, most were not calibrated. In addition the largest area of the earth, the oceans, had few if any readings which now days would be considered accurate.

    In my opinion, about the best way to get an estimate, and that it what it is, of global temperature, is to use the satellite (beginning in late 1970's) data from the U of AL, & Remote Sensing Systems, correlated with land & sea station historical data.

  6. Clothcap
    1 year ago

    Ocean surface layer temperature increases, atmospheric CO2 volume rises. End of story. Comparing the CO2 religion to the Catholic version it is the equivalent of saying man created God. Vatican scientists are no better than the false prophets at Real Climate.
    For Vatican propaganda directors research free masonry's P2.
    Btw the Vatican officially embraces luciferian freemasonry and zionism.
    CO2 emission may be the only substantial good thing humans do for nature and the reason why trees created us....

  7. Ronald Hartman
    1 year ago

    Copernicus, Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, weren't all these thinker's encouraged in their studies by the Church. What no ! Oh well I guess this time is different., But if it's OK with you all I will accept infallibility only in the matters of Faith.

  8. Mark
    1 year ago

    I've been following this issue since the days of Kyoto and I can tell you, it's NOT about global warming (or climate change). It's about slowing down population growth, it's about redistributing the wealth amassed by the west from colonization, it's about Americans being too free, and it's about a fair per-capita use of Earth's natural resources because in the views of these policy-makers, the West (especially the US) uses too many natural resources for a wasteful lifestyle.

  9. windy
    1 year ago

    Your citations are poor. IPCC 1996 is old data and there is much newer data being collected by newer satellites and ocean buoys. Anyone who examines data for themselves in a scientific manner recognizes problems with the theory as was presented in 1996 by the IPCC. All your sources are activists Plait, Goldberg, etc. I have no faith in them as you do because I have discovered serious errors in their views in the past. You ignore the increase in food production with the miniscule warming we have experienced thus far. Aerosols are at least 27% of the recent warming contributing about 33%. The heating of the ocean is not occurring at the pace that the scientists told us t would and there is definitely a 'missing heat' issue which no climate scientist can deny. You need to either look at the data for yourself and calculate the Earth's radiation budget + look at reduction of atmospheric water vapor data + look at cloud data or you need to find unbiased sources of information. Spend time reading information from physicists like here so that you can learn how to download climate center data for yourself and see that there has been a great deal of exaggeration as more evidence is collected.

    You also make no mention of solar physicist expectations that the Sun is going quite and may be entering a new extended solar minimum like the Dalton event. There is also evidence in the Paleoclimate data that the Arctic was ice free in summers for thousands of years in the Early Holocene 11,000 years ago and that Greenland warming of 14.4 degreesF occurred in the Eemian period.

    While warming from man made GHGs has occurred it hasn't happened at the rate predicted by the theory and that is still an issue needing more data and greater local and regional resolution.

  10. TRAD DAD
    1 year ago

    Specific gravity of air = 1.0000 , specific gravity of CO2 = 1.5189 - so how does CO2 rise into the atmosphere ? CO2 remains close to the surface of the planet , the well established phenomenon of Limnic Eruptions demonstrates this beyond argument .
    Pax et bonum .
    From Our Lady`s Land of the Southern Cross .

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