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The Papal Conclave, Day 2: What's Wrong With Fox's Shepard Smith? Comments

If Fox News wants to keep its Catholic viewership, which we believe is substantial, it's time for those in charge to make a change. A required month-long retreat and absence from Fox News for Shepard Smith would be a good beginning -- to discourage him and others from sneering at the Church beloved by millions. Continue Reading

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  1. Nicole
    1 year ago

    I am a Christian, I am a Catholic, and I am a woman. I am saddened by so much ignorance as why the church the Catholic Church does not change it's stance. I believe in the everlasting heirarchy of our church. I believe in the truths which have been revealed. I believe in the bible. It is the ignorance or our society that does not recognize that a woman's place is not in the front. God created man and then woman as the helpmate. We as women have a place in the church, in the family, and society. But these liberal women have stripped our men of their dignity. They rule with hardened hearts. That is not what God created us to be. Women by natural order of law are nurturers. There is nothing that says we cannot be all that men are, but last time I checked, I am first a child of God. God loves us and he does not reject any of us if we turn to him. Laws are laws for reasons - The sooner we look back to a time when ladies acted like ladies and didn't sell themselves or their bodies because they have a "right to" how much we as women have allowed ourselves to be cheapened by society. So in that "woman's rights" to gain power, we have lost our gentleness, kindness, and DIGNITY. For those of you who may think I am from an older generation I am not even 40 yet. May God help us and have Mercy.

  2. Ronald Riccitelli
    1 year ago

    It is appalling to read about the sarcastic tone of Shepard Smith. who is he to pass judgement on the Church, Priests, or anyone else. Is not Fox's motto "fair and balanced"? They had better edit these type of broadcasts if they wish to keep Catholic viewership. Personally, I always felt Mr. Smith to be sarcastic and very opinionated outside the realm of what I believed was the Fox network style of broadcasting. May God have mercy on his soul.. we need to pray for him.

  3. Bob
    1 year ago

    Rara Avis: Like many Catholics baptized in the last 40 to 50 years, you were obviously very poorly catechized in your faith......the real tragedy in the Catholic Church post-Vatican II.

  4. james in colorado
    1 year ago

    In regard to Dennis's comment abour Catholic Online being too far to the right, politically, I find myself leaning more to the right lately, if only because of the agressivness of the Left. The Liberals in power (the Media in particular) have become emboldened to the point of becoming political "bullies". And the fact is that the Democratic Party is a party that fully supports the "culture of Death". At this point you need to refer to the Catechism to see the difference between abortion and capital punishment. As practicing Catholics we can have a difference of opinion on capital punishment and the necessity of war, but the crime of Abortion can never be justified.

  5. Larry
    1 year ago

    "Catholic Democrats"

    Wow, they still have those?

    I officially left the Democrat party years ago, when I could no longer, in good conscience, be part of the Culture of Death.

    I joined the Republican party for a while, but became disillusioned with them also (but not as much as the Democrats - I consider them to be just over the top).

    I have come to consider myself as a Catholic who happens to be American, rather than an American who happens to be Catholic.

    Very patriotic, with a firm love for this country and the values on which we were founded - but with an eye "laser beamed" on what my faith teaches me and what the Lord wants me to be.

  6. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    Judging from the comments I'm wondering if I was watching a different show.

    The fact that Smith had Fr. Morris on, is a testament of picking a strong Catholic priest who is not afraid of taking tough questions.

    Unlike some of the other news outlets, who pick those who cannot even separate doctrine from ritual..

  7. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    You have basically made two points in your comment:
    One: Republicans are too weak on the death penalty and the right to life.
    They are too strong on the military and going to war.
    They are less compassionate than Democrats
    Two: COL disrespects Democrats

    I would say that COL has an agenda but it is apolitical. They are a very watchful eye for us and do their best to inform Catholics and all Christians on the issues in our society which have an influence on how we live our faith in this modern and rapidly changing world. When any of us attempt to speak on behalf of our faith we must remember that as members of the One Body of Christ we are in this world but NOT a part of it. We are part of the Kingdom of God as announced by Christ when were baptized into His Church. We are thus pledged to one single platform, the Truth. Politics has no place in our faith. We do have principles which we must follow to the Truth. COL, I believe, is doing an excellent job of helping concerned and devout Christians of all denominations examine their consciences before making decisions regarding their perspective on the political debates of the day which affect the lives of ALL our citizens. While reporting or editorializing on the various political issues it is necessary to identify the differences in the national parties approach to and solutions for each of the problems our nation faces and COL has and must point out which policies or agenda most closely guides us to the Truth we hold as paramount to our faith regardless of party affiliations, conclusions fall where they may.

    Your analysis of Republican failings appears typical of the born and raised Catholic whose ancestral political credo was Democrats are for the common everyday poor working man and his labor union and Republicans are rich business men who are getting rich off of their labor. I, and many others, grew up in similar lit households sixty, seventy, or eighty years ago. Fortunately over the years some of us found our way out into the daylight of reality when we realized that the party of our childhood had been high jacked and deceitfully used to not only fight for the little man against big business but eventually and more treacherously to use social justice pretence and progressive liberalism to erode the social values which Truth and our faith had purposely installed in our founding documents and replace them with utopian Marxist socialism for the masses by a lock step elitist ruling class.
    I pray it is not too late for those who still do not realize this.

  8. ninov
    1 year ago


    Dennis, you need to read your catechism. Abortion is an intrinsic evil which means it can NEVER be supported and we can NEVER vote for a pro-abortion candidate when there is a prolife alternative. The Death Penalty is ALLOWED by the church and is considered a prudential judgment. I am an NRA instructor and carry a concealed gun with me AT ALL TIMES, YET, I am against the death penalty. I have heard many prison wardens talk about how even putting a harden criminal in solitary, they someone are still able to manipulate a crime ring from a dark cell and have heard Catholic wardens say in some cases, it is needed. I get that. Search Al Krestas show archives and you will find some shows on this. They will make you think. I personally want people to have the option to repent up until the last minute and our justice and trial system is not always accurate, thus vote against these types of situations. We are free as Catholics to be on either side of that, but we are not free to be on either side of abortion. They are not moral equivalents. Please educate yourself as you are false in your Catholic thinking and not in line with Holy Mother Church.

    Here you go....

    CCC2267 Assuming that the guilty partys identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.

  9. Rara Avis
    1 year ago

    Allow me to prick the bubble for you, my friends, Mr. Hudson and Mr. Fournier:

    Shepard Smith's views correspond with the majority's much more than yours do. You've got some gall to request a suspension for the only journalist in that network worth that word's weight. And for calling it right, to boot...!

    It doesn't matter that you, or the church you so poorly champion, refuse to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee; the coffee is still percolating under your noses. Clergy in general, and Catholic priests in particular (and I should know, I was educated by them at every stage) tend to live in a fantasy world, which becomes ever more poisonous as humankind at large revises the clerics', by now, atavistic moral codes.

    The billions that pay attention to the conclave watch it mainly because of curiosity, or a superficial fascination (like mine) with an ancestral ritual. We are infatuated with the pompous settings, the costuming, the music, the smell of incense (which we can almost feel wafting from our TV screens), and the carefully preserved, rehearsed and executed rites, dating from the early middle ages. We are not so infatuated, though, with thought processes that became calcified at around the same period of time, when the last great church philosophers posed themselves questions still today unsatisfactorily resolved.

    Faith in your dogmas, which every day look more and more as old-husbands' tales, is yet another endangered fuel in this modern world, and it is running awfully low even within your brethren. However, Reason, Justice and liberation from oppression, which could have come to replace faith as religious motivators, seem to have taken a back seat in your clergy's agenda. Instead, your priests have reverted to Hocus Pocus. And oppressive behavior. Ordain the women, allow your priests to marry, remove objections to contraception from your precepts, embrace the homosexuals. Become worthy of the label Ecclesia: Congregate, do not segregate! Do it, or become irrelevant...

    Yours (actually ex-yours, since I'm a recovering Catholic, praise Goddess!)

    Rara Avis

  10. Dee
    1 year ago

    He apparently has been sarcastic both yesterday and this morning according to my mother who has been watching and keeping me up to date. Some of his little asides are very disturbing. Steve Doocy, a faithful Catholic, was trying to by-pass him to get a question to Father Jonathan, but Smith had something nasty to say. I was peeking at various coverages yesterday and many were asking the typical hard-hitting questions you'd expect, but Smith was beyond the pale.

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