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The Papal Conclave, Day 2: What's Wrong With Fox's Shepard Smith? Comments

If Fox News wants to keep its Catholic viewership, which we believe is substantial, it's time for those in charge to make a change. A required month-long retreat and absence from Fox News for Shepard Smith would be a good beginning -- to discourage him and others from sneering at the Church beloved by millions. Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    1 year ago

    The Church does not exist to attract people to it. The Church exists to worship God. People are moved to worship God. The Church is a vehicle for such worship because the Church is the Body of Christ. It is Christ that invites all to worship. We either accept the invitation or choose to refuse the invitation. By our own free will we choose. Christ welcomes all through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the gift of faith. Amen

  2. judy gray
    1 year ago

    It is sad that so much has been made of his lack of decency. I agree with those that say let Fox take care of him. As for us let us take the advice of our new pope. Pray and follow the lead of Christ in our lives. This is over, and we are on our way. I stand with the pope our traditions. God bless you all.

  3. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    Rara Avis: If you say you are a "recovering Catholic", that only tells us that you were NEVER a true Catholic to begin with. Nothing, I mean nothing, would ever give a true Catholic a reason to leave our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. "Where the Catholic Church is, there also is Jesus Christ." St. Ignatius of Antioch 107AD. St. Ignatius is also (in his letter to the Smyrnans in 107AD) was the first to call the Church Jesus established, Catholic. I prayerfully invite you to return home. Why settle for the "menu" when you can have the "meal." God bless.

  4. Ray
    1 year ago

    As a regular Fox viewer, I, too, was very surprised -- and even offended -- by Smith's behavior while reporting from the Vatican this week. It actually began, in my opinion, with the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI.

    Smith's demeanor by the time of the "Habemus Papam" proclamation yesterday afternoon seemed to be moderated a bit from that of the earlier portion of the week, but it was still aggressively critical and somewhat bullying in its overall tone.

    However, this is not at all out of character for this guy. In both his 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. daily news shows on FNC, he tends to be quite (personally) editorial in his presentation of the news. Added to that is a regularly snarky, sarcastic and often disrespectful tone to whatever he reports and then discusses with other "talking heads" or so-called experts. Now, perhaps the intent of the show's producers is that Smith actually is not to be so much a "reporter" of straightforward news as he is a "commentator" on or "analyst" of the day's newsworthy developments.

    My own private analysis of Smith's attitude from the beginning of the abdication and Conclave coverages was based on my own opinion that Smith is rather typical of the average non-Catholic -- and even some baptized "Catholics" -- in that he totally lacks any real knowledge or understanding of the Church, its theology, doctrines, traditions, history and protocols.

    Given that he most likely went through some personal process of preparation for his abdication and Conclave assignments on those fronts, one is left, nonetheless, with the impression that he is incapable of overcoming his own personal prejudices and biases when it comes to Catholicism and translating all of that information in his broadcast appearances. He also seems incapable of controlling or changing that demeanor of the wisecracking, snarky and sarcastic hypercritic.

    The bottom line here was that Shep Smith came across as one who disrespects the Church, holds Her in total contempt, and dismisses Her importance in the world. Like almost all media news types, he seemed eager to mock Catholic belief and to portray the Church in a completely negative light.

    My own reaction all week was to write a letter or send an e-mail message to Roger Ailes at FNC (the CEO) and ask him if he was similarly offended by his own anchor's behavior. I'm still wondering if I'd be wasting my valuable time in doing so. But, if we all continue to hold our silence in situations like this one, the larger world and its news media become more convinced that Christians are weak, afraid and uncommitted.

  5. Fr Bill
    1 year ago

    The inventor of Sociology (Compte) was quite taken with the theory of evolution, and applied it to society as well as physical things. He was wrong. Society does not evolve.

  6. John Wolfe
    1 year ago

    @ Aaron Friedman: The church is the body of Christ, therefore he is indeed attacking Jesus Christ himself with his attitude.

  7. Laura
    1 year ago

    Just came across this as I was looking up info. for my 1 Corinthians bible study. Let's remember, that Jesus was mocked and scorned by many and was the recipient of "atrocious behavior, ...dripping sarcasm, and tones of disapproval." Don't allow Satan to pull you in to the trap of anger and hatred towards someone who scorns you (us, the church). God told us it would happen and we need to persevere. We should be praying for Shepard because God loves him just as much as the rest of us and Jesus died for him, too, Shepard just doesn't know it and understand the joy that comes with living the truth of God as the church teaches.

  8. Steve
    1 year ago

    I ditto Stanley S. We watched EWTN during the whole Papal Conclave. You get the truth there and that is all we seek. I used to respect Shepherd Smith but those days are gone.
    Gonna spread the word unfortunately. He needs to apologize to Catholic viewers.

  9. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    It sounds as though many would like to throw out the baby (Fox News), with the bath water (Smith).

    Having said that, we do watch Fox News, more then the others, including PBS. Because, in our opinion, they seem to have the most objective news channel our there And at least bring strong commentators together with different views, including our favorite, Charles .Krauthammer.

  10. CF
    1 year ago

    More stunts like this might finally wake up Catholics that NEITHER network is their friend, maybe even teh scandal ridden Mr. Hudson, himself a GOP water carrier.....I see he has a new group to lead...

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