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The Papal Conclave, Day 2: What's Wrong With Fox's Shepard Smith? Comments

If Fox News wants to keep its Catholic viewership, which we believe is substantial, it's time for those in charge to make a change. A required month-long retreat and absence from Fox News for Shepard Smith would be a good beginning -- to discourage him and others from sneering at the Church beloved by millions. Continue Reading

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  1. Ken Cosentino
    2 years ago

    It seems media everywhere jumps at any opportunity to bash Fox. I'm Catholic and found no problem with Smith's comments. The Catholic Church is in trouble because of their own decisions of cover-up and out of touch policies that desparately need addressed.

  2. JAvier
    2 years ago

    Shep is not conservative , he is a liberal. If you think this is outrageous you have to investigate and write a article about Univision's Jorge Ramos and their news networks that is behond me why 74% of hispanic catholics continue to watch their garbage when they did worst of what Shep did.

  3. Bro John Bsp
    2 years ago

    The Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to become Priest because the Church views Priest as Apostles of Christ. So simply said, "Jesus Christ" the Son of God only relied on Males to be His Apostles, so the Roman Catholic Church is simply following Jesus Christ example of using only men to be Priest of the Roman Catholic Church. We have many Sisters or Nuns that are Catholic Order Sisters that have in the convents in which they live or Community of which they live a leader called "Mother Sister" who is considered the leader of that community of Catholic Sisters. Many follow the "Virgin Mother Mary" as well as Her earthly Son Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church do not allow Priest to marry either because when they take their final Vows, they Consecrate their "entire life" to God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Meaning a Roman Catholic Priest is on call as a steady Priest 24/7 every day of the years they are Priest. Hence there is no room for a personal family as the family of a Priest is the Parish he commits his life too. Marriage and complete commitment of a Priest to his community of the Parish he is assigned to by the Bishop of the Diocese he is assigned to as well. Priest are often called in the early hours of the morning to come and give the Sacraments of the Sick when a Catholic is near death. Either in a Hospital or in the middle of a highway where one is dying from a wreck. It's formal name is the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Christ prior to their Souls leaving their earthly body's.

  4. Bart Arioso
    2 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a regular viewer of Fox News, I was appalled and extremely disappointed by the behavior and blatant disrespect "Shep" displayed during the conclave. He visibly made Father Morris more than uncomfortable by his unrelenting and open attempt to indict the Catholic Church and its teachings. This was an obvious, more than just obnoxious disregard for the "FAIR AND BALANCED" approach Fox News adheres to in its programming. I will continue to watch Megyn Kelly, Neil Cavuto, Bill O'Reilly and all my other favorites. As for Shepard Smith? No longer on my list. Maybe it's time for the "shepard" to be put out to pasture.

  5. Becca
    2 years ago

    Shep has behaved like this before when he was interviewing Rick Santorum. It was the same day that Alan Colmes had claimed that Mr and Mrs Santorum took their dead baby home to "play with the other children" and he attacked the way they chose to hold what was essentially a funeral for him. Shep, like the rest of the liberal media, is obsessed with same sex "marriage" (he is gay) and reports as if everyone is in agreement with him on the issue. I noticed that during the Conclave, there was almost a suggestion that the Church would change it's beliefs on social issues depending on who the new Pope was. They can't seem to get it through their heads that the Church is our rock where we can always know that the familiar sense of being at home will never go away. Even though we may wander, the Church is always there to welcome us back with open arms.

  6. Pope Zicola
    2 years ago

    Shepherd Smith - I'm only guessing, but there must be many highly trained journalists who are languishing on the dole in the USA who would sell their kidneys for his job - and would do a far better job of it for half the price!

    Shepherd Smith was seriously lacking in even the most rudimentary journalistic skills for his coverage of the papal conclave. It was so apparent, it horrified and disgusted me.

    Unprofessional, lackadaisical, pathetic.

    By the way, I live in the United Kingdom and we have the BBC!

  7. steven brien
    2 years ago

    May the peace and charity of the Lord temper our thoughts and feelings, give patience before our judgements, and love to fill our hearts in His name. Remember, you were loved before you were born.

    Lets take this time to say the Lords Prayer for our friends, our foe, the good, the bad, and ask for the light of the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and prayers.

    Your Servant in Prayer

  8. Brenda Pierson
    2 years ago

    After having lived in Arkansas and Tennessee in the last couple of years, I've found there is much animosity against Catholics and we are looked down on as a minority because of our beliefs. It doesn't surprise me that Shep Smith would speak like that based on the part of the country he comes from. I was told of Catholic churches that come out of Mass to find papers tucked under windshield wipers telling them they need to be saved because they're going to hell.

    Honestly, I BECAME Catholic BECAUSE of the fact that the church has stuck to it's long held beliefs instead of back and forth to what society wants such as I've seen in most other churches. Women DO have a place in the church. Not as priests or as deacons but in the many other roles in the church. Allowing priests to marry isn't going to take care of problems like sex abuse. And if you think the Catholic church is the only place THAT happens, they need to look again in their own houses

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    Honestly, who cares? We give these talking heads way too much time and too large of a platform. But I guess occassionally its nice to know who is on your side and who is not.

    I think he is the highest paid anchor at Fox......

  10. Conrad
    2 years ago

    I believe our Catholic Church does treat women as second class citizens and the errant behaviour of many priests has done more damage to the reputation of the church than Shepard Smith could ever do! Grow up and look at the facts!

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