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Paging 'Peter the Roman': Debunking the Prophecy of St. Malachy Comments

We can rest assured that the cardinal-electors won't be giving these so-called "prophecies" as much as a fleeting thought in their deliberations. This forgery didn't sway the conclave in 1595, and it won't be a factor in 2013, either. I'd even be willing to wager on that - if it were not an excommunicable offense. Continue Reading

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  1. John Boyle
    1 year ago

    While all prophecy is speculative for certain, one thing is for certain. Your utter lack of scholarship in preparing this article;

    Pastor and Mariner. JOHN XXIII. 1958-1963. " Pastor et Nauta" or "Pastor and sailor". John was a pastor to the world, much beloved, and the Patriarch of Venice. The connection to "mariner" is thus remarkable. According Peter Bander in The Prophecies of Malachy (TAN Books and Publisher, 1969) during the conclave which was to elect John XXIII in 1958, a certain Cardinal from the United States, (Cardinal Spellman of New York) evidently having taken Malachy's forecast that the next pope would be "pastor and mariner" literally, rented a boat, filled it with sheep and sailed up and down the Tiber.

    The Labor of the Sun. "De Medietate Lunae" JOHN PAUL II. 1978-2005
    Amazingly, Pope John Paul II was the only pope who was both born the day of an eclipse of the sun, and entombed the day the sun was eclipsed.

    Pope Benedict XVI (16th) was not a Benedictine priest, yet he chose the name of Benedict, the founder of the Order of Saint Benedict, which also is known as the Olivetans.

    The list is endless....

  2. Ron McBride
    1 year ago

    Afraid Mr. Korson's article and "evidences" does little to throw away Malichy's prophecies. "Leaving out legitimate popes in favor of anti-popes" would not seem sufficient to throw out the baby with the bathwater here. Apparently the anti-popes were accurately named. "The relative accuracy (?) of the popes named..." did he mean IN-accuracy? The "phrases" he sights, "flower of flowers", "of the half moon", "the glory of the olive" seem pretty interesting to contemplate rather than the quick discounting Korson throws down. Yes, Benedict XVI was "never a benedictine", but St. Benedict was, and the title is "glory of the olive" (Olivetans) and Benedict XVI's choice after his liking of the XV of the same name is in its way "glorifying" the Benedictines or in this case the Olivetans! And his "fact" that "a monk" (why not just say "some monk"?) coming up with this 447 years after Malichy died, is not really much to stand on. Maybe the monk discovered the writings 4 centuries plus later. Mr. Korson's "research" seems to gloss over some things as irrelevant due to a probable pre-disposition to discount such prophecies in the first place. Please...the fact he writes about it at all shows many are concerned that the first conclave and the first Pope to be elected in this way, following a "step down" 600 years after the last one did so, is at least an eyebrow-raising thing to contemplate.

  3. abey
    1 year ago

    This author in his urgency to "debunk" seems to be in the Ignorance of the Faith. First, by comparing St. Malachy with the Mayans, Second the core of the Prophecy was to a reassurance by Christ through St. Malachy(who incidentally died in the arms of St. Bernard, prophesied about himself before hand) to the gravely troubled Pope & The Catholic Church at that time, reassurance to the words of Jesus "I am with you", proved through the Prophecy to the continuation of the Church by the Popes until this day, Thirdly, The Prophecy does not say the city of seven hills is Rome or Vaitcan for that matter & to this St John's Biblical Prophecy does state the city on seven mountains described in the same revelations Ch 18, as the harlot, which parameters are to a port city influencing across the seven continents & does not fit the authors "remarks" about Rome meaning the Vatican, to the general belief, which generally is against the Catholic Church. Alas it seems there is more Politics than Faith going around, to the lack of belief, which is to become contrary to truth of our Lord Jesus Christ,

  4. paul
    1 year ago

    the peter the roman part is already fulfilled. the head of the state of vatican and the figurehead while sede vacante is cardinal bertone, who is a pietro and from romano canavese, thus peter the roman. the prophecy tells us when the reign of peter the roman is finished, that is when there is a new pope elected, "city of seven hills will be destroyed and jesus/somewhere will judge the world."

  5. Francisco
    1 year ago

    Some real Catholic End Times Prophecies and Catholic resources:

  6. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago




  7. Martin
    1 year ago

    Gerald, you must be aware that Peter the Roman (Tarcisio Pietro Bertone) is currently running the day to day operations of the Vatican. I'm sure you wish it wasn't the case, but it's clear that the Church is headed for its final downfall and will be brought to justice for it's anti-Christian practices and sinister manipulation of the Word of God for material gain and earthly power. Peace

  8. mike
    1 year ago

    hahahha! I guess they won't even pay attention to St. Paul, or St John that the Gospel was handed to us "in these the last of the ages." ...of course they are paying attention to St. Malachy prophecy, at least out of the corner of their eyes. And btw, JERUSALEM is also known as the City of The Seven Hills, not just Rome. Jesus' own prophecy of His death, the destruction of the Temple, the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world is also something to pay attention to, as they are all related, along with the signs in the sky, and the tribulations and persecutions of the Church. His return is definitely closer. Holy Saturday the Shroud of Turin will be on exposition...just wait until you see a moving 3-D holograph of Jesus!!
    you'll KNOW His return is near. World leaders are playing into it big time...Obama - that apostate Muslim we have as Commander of Armed Forces - will be visiting the Dome of The Rock the day after the new Pope is elected, and if that is not "the Abomination of Desoltation standing where it ought not" then I will wait for something even more perverse to appear, which may well happen SOON too. So, sorry brother, just even WRITING about the Malachy Prophecy is evidence of its current significance. But, you cannot elect a Pope based on it, because it is only valid AFTER the Pope is elected, in hindsight. But that doesn't mean the new Pope himself doesn't pay attention to it...I think Benedict XVI did when selecting his name, and if the new guy chooses: PETER II...I am retiring to a hermitage!

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