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Paging 'Peter the Roman': Debunking the Prophecy of St. Malachy Comments

We can rest assured that the cardinal-electors won't be giving these so-called "prophecies" as much as a fleeting thought in their deliberations. This forgery didn't sway the conclave in 1595, and it won't be a factor in 2013, either. I'd even be willing to wager on that - if it were not an excommunicable offense. Continue Reading

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  1. Ken
    1 year ago

    Got news for you.

    "Peter the Roman" does fit Pope Frances. Historical records bear out that the original saint Frances passed on the torch of leading his Franciscan Order to a best friend named...Peter Catanio. In other words, the first historical successor to Frances was Peter and also this pope is the first successor of Frances through the regnal use of his name.

    I don't believe that Malachy was a prophet of God but a psychic of Satan much like Nostradamus and the devil manipulated history to bring about many fulfillments of Malachy's list of popes.

  2. k phil
    1 year ago


    Francis of Assisi name is Giovanni Pietro which is Italian for Peter; Francis 1 is also the name of another historical figure who was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and he was called King of the Romans. So there is your Petrus Romanus; Pietro King of the Romans AKA Peter the Roman. Frances 1 was a great name choice after all. the Catholic Church seems to forget that no man knows the day nor the hour Matthew 25, while they try to fulfill his prophecy. what's up with the Catholic Church? Which Francis 1 was he really named after.

    I hope by their obvious attempt to fill prophecy that they can pull it off, The devil locked away for a 1000 years and a 1000 years of piece on earth sounds good to me, I already know whose side I'm own.....Team Jesus...Let's roll.

  3. rod
    1 year ago

    ok so you’re an expert on the Mayan Calendar, so the Mayan didn’t accurately map out the Precession of the Equinoxes my friend don’t be so quick to disregard something you know nothing about, people are so quick to disregard something before they have the full picture maybe the Irish bishop Prophecy is a load of rubbish who knows ? I can never compare it to the Mayan calendar


  4. Cephas
    2 years ago

    To Mike and all those well meaning souls who have contributed to this page, might I suggest that you take time to read "The Life of the Blessed Virgin"by Anne Catherine Emmerich, more especially the chapter dealing with her death and funeral and note those that attended. We have spent time on Malachi and some probably reading Nostradamus in the hope that somewhere there they might find the answer to the Church established by Christ and headed by, at his appointment, Peter the Rock. Gospel authors M,M,L, & J. wrote from their association with Christ and value must be attached to this association. But there is another writer one who can be seen in the writings too have been in conflict with Peter especially. It is with this in mind that I make the suggestion one reads the writings of Anne.
    I have visited both the tomb of St. John and Marys house at Izmir, as have many others including three Popes. It is an amazing experience to stand where John took Mary for safety and become aware that this seer had never been to Izmir, but two priests, from her writings, chose to explore the possibility of the houses existence and in doing so were rewarded by their find.
    Here truly is Holy Ground and is revered by both Christians and Muslims.
    In closing I will leave you with the question why was one in particular absent from the funeral of Mary? You can form your own opinion but there could well be an answer to Christs address to Peter... " I say to you, when you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go.” Some suggest that this was the forecast of Peters death? Or the death of the Church??? To Rome... Peter was a Jew, only one other that I know of was both a Jew and a Roman, so who would be the logical one to set their sight on Rome????????

  5. Barry
    2 years ago

    Gerald, are you in fact a Christian journalist? (1) The Mayans predicted the beginning of a new era, nothing more, and the date of 21 December 2012 is a modern day guess. Yet, if Francis is the Roman, they were right.(2) Two lightning strikes on St. Peters Basilica the day Benedict announced he was stepping down, was tremendous, especially given that Catholics believe (right or wrong) that St. Peter was buried in the original Basilica, exactly where Assisi lived in Rome. (3) Francis taking Assisi's name was tremendous. Read Assisi's prophesy about the Roman. He talks about the schism that the Roman will cause, and it looks like that is happening already. (4) Finally, the third letter of Fatima was not written on four pages in the form of a manuscript, but as a short one page letter. The Vatican has concealed this secret, which is why they did not reveal the secret in 1960 as they promised they would, but waited until 2000. The third secret is about the last Pope and the fall of the Catholic church.

  6. Brian
    2 years ago

    Good Day to you all,

    I am surprised how easily the focus goes from Christ Jesus to a pope in the blink of an eye. Ladies and gentleman does it really matter! I do agree we should always be watchful but are we going to change HIS plan? I support that if you plan on living 100 years, but work like today is your last, talking to God, praying for His guidance, reading the word, witnessing, and professing His name giving glory to HIM all would be good. Sadly, myself included, we all fail to do this, even the pope. If we knew today at 1700 was it, we all would change our focus wouldn’t we? But we don’t know the time and as it was pointed out, Jesus did not either only the “Father in heaven”. Myself I put my soul at His foot throne, and pray that I fill His purpose for His Glory daily!

  7. Louis gonzales
    2 years ago

    Wow, God forgive me, but there are some really dumb people on this comment section. Overall, no serious 'real' scholar gives any type of credence to these prophecies. None at all!

  8. Chris Roberts
    2 years ago

    Just a quick note, it is believed on the Internet that for Pope John Paul II, the clue "From the labor of the sun" refers to the fact that he was born on the same day of a partial solar eclipse - May 18th, 1920. Although I don't think it could be seen where he was born, it happened and that is the belief.

  9. roseo64
    2 years ago

    can't remember the exact place in the Scriptures or the exact words.............
    when Jesus says..."the last shall be first..............and the first last"
    can somone help me out with the exact passage.
    sounds like st. malachy was "right on" with this pope also!!

  10. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Martha: You are right. Jesus told us no one knows the time but the Father. Jesus also told us to watch, be alert and know the signs. God bless.

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